Golden retriever

Golden retriever

Golden Retriever Golden Retriever

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 4
  • Training: 9
  • Size: 7
  • Mind: 9
  • Security: 7
  • Relations with children: 10
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Shedding: 5


The Golden Retriever was bred in the 1800s and it is something in between between the Irish Setter, Labrador, Irish Water Dog and Newfoundland. It is also believed that collie in this pedigree dogs. This breed is not only an excellent swimmer and hunting dog, but also a wonderful companion. She is often confused with a Labrador. retriever. This breed is exceptionally good for hunting, tracking, protection, as well as dexterity and obedience. Given the right training, this breed can excel in many sports, and also become a wonderful family companion.


Small, strong, slender, athletic dog. She has a wide, flat skull, long, trapezoid muzzle with large brown or black nose (color depending on the coat). Middle eyes size, almond-shaped, dark. The ears are small and high. The tail is medium sized, straight and held high. The color may be golden, light red, dark red.

  • Beware of any breeders who advertise yellow retriever.
  • Golden Retriever is a highly energetic dog that It takes about 90 minutes of exercise per day. They are excellent Companions for jogging.
  • Golden Retriever enjoys human touch and will become destructive if it does not receive due attention and if will often remain alone.
  • Golden retriever is not recommended for apartments.
  • Training is compulsory with this breed.
  • Use positive teaching methods, such as praise, games, and food rewards. Have fun learning and interesting. With tough and rigorous training, a golden retriever can become stubborn or stop responding at all.
  • Although he is very affectionate, the golden retriever is not the best. the choice for a home with young children or frail elderly. They do not know about their strength and can harm people with their leaps and running.
  • The Golden Retriever will bark when he feels the danger and alarming, but they are not guard dogs.
  • Golden Retriever is considered a healthy breed in relation to other breeds but they have a high level of cancer diseases.


The Golden Retriever is very playful and devoted family favorite. This breed craves human attention and feels very good in large families, where he can be in the spotlight. The Golden Retriever is very obedient. Dog requires training and socialization. Temperament Smart, a balanced, friendly dog, she does not bark much, is active and she likes working for her master. The Golden Retriever has very funny person. He gets along well with everyone, including the little ones. children and other dogs The breed is very smart and strives for everyone like, but requires something in return, human communication and affection.


The dog is easy enough to train, because quite quickly realizes what her master wants. Training should be consistent and diverse, made gentle and friendly in a voice.

A haircut

The coat of this dog should be brushed regularly. Excess the hair between the paw pads and the ears must be removed.


The dog has a fairly high level of activity, so it physical and mental exercises are needed every day. Before total, the dog loves hunting, as well as dog sports, especially everything related to swimming. The dog needs training and socialization.

Common diseases

Golden Retriever is prone to such diseases:

  • hip dysplasia;
  • malignant histiocytosis;
  • lymphosarcoma;
  • angiosarcoma;
  • osteosarcoma;
  • dislocation of the patella;
  • volvulus.


A good hunting dog on the plain and in the forest, as well as nice companion.

Interesting Facts 1. Golden Retriever Holds two Guinness World Records – one as the loudest barking (113.1 decibel), the second is the number of tennis balls held in the mouth a dog (5 balls). 2. Oprah Winfrey, Jackie Chan, Adam Levine, Jimmy Fallon, Nick Jonas, and Emma Stone – all of them keep this wonderful breed dogs. 3. Golden Retriever is the third most popular among 194 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). 4. Golden retrievers were featured in commercials for such brands like Subaru and Budweiser. 5. Golden retriever often used in field trials, hunting competitions and in as guide dogs for the blind. 6. Breed Golden Retriever is one of the best therapeutic dogs in the world. 7. They are alone of the smartest dogs in the world.

Did you know? During administration President Ford, the Golden Retriever lived in the White House.

Breed Information

A country England
Life span 11-14 years old
Height Males: 59-62 cm Bitches: 56-59 cm
Weight Males: 27-36 kg Bitches: 25-32 kg
Long wool longhair
Colour golden, light red, dark red
Group for children, hunting
Price 600 – 1250 $

Breed photo

Golden Golden Golden Golden

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