Giskan – 5 for dogs

Not a single dog is safe from dangerous infections because viruses can watch the animal anywhere: for a walk and at home, in a veterinary clinic and in motor vehicles. And no wonder that owners often puzzle how to secure, and if necessary и вылечить своих питомцев.Giskan - 5 for dogsКакому препарату отдать предпочтение:domestic or foreign, expensive or acceptable at price? One of the effective means of providing therapeutic and preventive action against a number of infectious diseases, they call the Russian serum “GISKAN – 5” (from LLC Vetbiokhim). Consider what kind of drug it is and how to administer it correctly. to dogs.

What is “GISKAN – 5”

GISKAN – 5 serum for dogs is an injection muddy dark yellow solution placed in 2 ml glass vials, which equals 1 dose of the drug. The package contains 10 vials with serum and detailed instructions for use. “GISKAN – 5 “used as a therapeutic or prophylactic agent with such infectious ailments:

  • Parvovirus and coronavirus enteritis are diseases viral nature affecting the intestines of an animal. A parvovirus often invades the cardiovascular system of home pets;
  • Plague – a deadly dangerous disease affecting the nervous system animal, its respiratory and gastrointestinal organs, skin and mucous membranes integument;
  • Adenovirus (or infectious tracheobronchitis) – a virus that attacks respiratory organs of the dog, significantly weakens the strength of the immune system.

According to the content, “GISKAN – 5” is an immune serum horse blood containing antibodies to the causative agents of the above infectious diseases.

How and in what quantities is the drug administered?

To begin with, the doggie is weighed to correctly calculate the dosage. For animals weighing less than 5 kg, 0.5 doses are administered, which is 1 ml the drug. Dogs whose weight exceeds 5 kg are pricked 1 dose “GISKAN – 5 “, that is 2 ml of serum. The contents of the vial carefully shake before injecting. The injection is administered subcutaneously. or intramuscularly one-time for the purpose of prevention. Immunity against viruses will last at least 14 days, after which serum can be reintroduced or discussed with a veterinarian vaccines against a number of infectious diseases. For the treatment of plague, enteritis and adenovirus “GISKAN-5” is administered in 2-3 doses with 12-24 hour intervals in fixed doses. If the dog caught the virus, it is advisable to start treatment “GISKAN – 5” as possible earlier.

Features of the solution “GISKAN – 5”

The instruction of the drug reports the following facts, which must be considered before introducing homemade serum favorite:

  • “GISKAN – 5” is stored for no more than 24 months at a temperature of 2-10 degrees;
  • Expired drug, unreliably corked, with a tight sediment that does not disappear with shaking, in no case can not be administered to a dog;
  • It is advisable to open the bottle directly in front of yourself introduction. If after opening a day has passed, use serum do not do it;
  • Not useful (expired, improperly stored) the drug in vials must be disposed of after 15 minutes boiling;
  • “GISKAN – 5” is acceptable for pregnant and lactating to dogs;
  • Cheeks younger than 1.5 months are injected with serum after an interview with a veterinarian;
  • Sometimes after injection “GISKAN – 5” in animals are observed unpleasant consequences: allergy, fever. To to exclude this, it is recommended to give 15 minutes before the introduction of serum doggie antihistamine in the form of tablets;
  • “GISKAN – 5” can be used in complex therapy against viral infections, however mix several in the same syringe medicines are prohibited;
  • The drug should be discarded if the dog has symptoms of other infectious diseases besides plague, enteritis and adenovirus.

What do customers think about whey

Having studied the feedback of dog owners who have tried GISKAN-5 for their pets, the following advantages of polyvalent serum:

  • Reasonable price;
  • The ability to protect the animal from dangerous viruses, and when need and cure doggie with GISKAN-5 injections;
  • The drug can be administered to babies puppies who are pricked early vaccines;
  • The tool quickly defeats infectious agents after administration into the dog’s body;
  • Serum can be pricked under the skin of the withers. Intramuscular injection not all dog owners can do.

GISKAN-5 also has drawbacks, which some mention dog owners:

  • Side effects that are not mentioned in the instructions. Sometimes at dogs after the introduction of serum there is a loss of appetite, weakness;
  • “GISKAN-5” may be ineffective if the virus infected several internal organs simultaneously (for example, with parvovirus can develop complications such as myocarditis, pneumonia, leukopenia).

And now a few opinions of buyers about this domestic immune serum: Review No. 1: “Sometimes” Giskan-5 “scolded that, supposedly, the medicine was administered, and six months later the dog caught the virus the plague. So people themselves are to blame, because this is not a vaccine, but a tool that only protects against viruses for a while. But it’s convenient to apply before sorties to nature, where there is a large the probability of catching an infection “; Review No. 2:” GISKAN serum along with antimicrobial and immunoglobulins a veterinarian prescribed us, when the dog was treated with coronavirus. No side effects was after the injections, only the appetite disappeared completely, but this is a disease to blame. Our Gordeyushka quickly got better “; Review No. 3: “They pricked the dog” GISKAN-5 “in the clinic after the neighbor’s dog somewhere caught adenovirus. To protect yourself. What to say, inexpensive (paid 160 rubles per injection), safe (dog I felt fine on the day of the injection), effectively (adenovirus us did not touch) “; Review No. 4:” I do not recommend to anyone GISKAN-5! He did not help our dog! It was necessary in due time vaccinations do. And it’s almost impossible to cure a dog from the plague. ”

Serum cost “GISKAN – 5”

One of the distinguishing features of “GISKAN – 5” is its low price, if you buy the medicine individually. So, 1 bottle of serum will cost 95-120 rubles. Whole pack containing 10 bottles, will cost 950-1200 rubles.

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