Gamavit for cats

Unfortunately, not only in people’s lives there is a place for stress and various diseases. Our smaller brothers are also defeated by ailments. The drug “Gamavit” is designed to mobilize the body’s defenses cats. This is an immunomodulating agent of domestic production. Moscow pharmaceutical company Micro-Plus. Consider the composition in more detail Gamavit preparation for cats.

What is gamavit?

“Gamavit” – a sterile injection solution of scarlet shade, which is available in ampoules of 100, 10 and 6 ml. Term the shelf life of the drug is 24 months, provided compliance with the rules of storage in a place devoid of light at temperature не более 25 градусов.Gamavit for catsВ состав действующих веществ “Гамавита”sodium nucleinate and placental acid hydrolyzate included denatured emulsified. The first substance is sodium salt obtained from baker’s yeast used in as an immunomodulatory and detoxifying agent for humans and animals. The second substance – extract from the human placenta – a storehouse vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, H), micro and macro elements (potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc, iron, selenium, etc.), amino acids, proteins, peptides, higher fatty acids. As the instructions for the use of the solution, the drug helps:

  • Support the cat’s body in stressful situations (moving, preparation for exhibitions, travel, etc.);
  • Restore weakened immunity after a viral infections
  • To remove intoxication of the body after various poisonings etiology;
  • Restore tissue after injuries and remove state of shock in the animal;
  • Improve performance and improve physical condition cats (in preparation for the exhibition, etc.);
  • Facilitate the birth of a cat (with existing pathologies in the form of a weak or dead fruit);
  • To minimize the toxic effect of worms (“Gamavit” is used with deworming of cats);
  • Promote speedy weight gain with exhaustion and dystrophy in cats and recently born weakened kittens.

Features of the drug

As can be seen from the above testimony, “Gamavit” is a real magic wand for tailed pets, and how prophylactic and therapeutic agent. However, like most preparations, our immunomodulator has its own characteristics, among which:

  • The action of “Gamavita” is leveled after the expiration of the term shelf life, as well as improper storage (freezing or being in a too warm and lit room);
  • The substance is used immediately after opening the bottle, therefore, for cats it makes no sense to purchase containers with “Gamavit” volume more than 6 or 10 ml;
  • The drug should not be used if the shade or consistency the solution has changed;
  • Gamavit is compatible with antibiotics, anthelmintic and symptomatic drugs;
  • “Gamavit” does not cause a cat to be inhibited or lethargic condition;
  • Usually, cats do not have allergic reactions to Gamavit. But if necessary, stop taking the drug and give the purr an antihistamine;
  • Gamavit can be purchased at a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription, however manufacturer recommends consulting a veterinarian before taking the drug;
  • The effectiveness of “Gamavit” may be reduced if the injection are not made to the cat according to the scheme specified in the instructions.

Instructions for use of the drug “Gamavit”

Gamavit immunomodulating solution is prescribed to cats in the following дозах:Gamavit for cats

  • Внутримышечно в целях профилактики при анемии, послеtransferred viral diseases, with weakened immunity, after surgery – 0.1 ml of the drug for each a kilogram of cat weight 1-3 times a week (prevention lasts from 2 to 4 weeks);
  • Intramuscularly before stress exposure (vaccines, exhibitions, change of ownership or place of residence) – dosage at 0.1 ml one-time, or 8, 6, 4 and 1 day before the expected stress
  • Intramuscularly for therapeutic purposes in case of helminthic invasions, infectious diseases – 0.5 ml per 1 kg of weight up to 3 times a day in 3-5 days at the same time as other therapeutic drugs;
  • Intramuscularly simultaneously with anthelmintic drugs – by 0.3 ml “Gamavita” per 1 kg of cat weight per day of deworming and a day after it;
  • Subcutaneously 1 week before the alleged lambing, as well as on the eve childbirth – 0.05 ml per 1 kg of cat weight;
  • Intravenously (or intramuscularly) in acute poisoning – twice per day, 0.5-1.5 ml of the drug per 1 kg of animal weight;
  • Subcutaneous to increase body weight and maintain viability in kittens – 0.1 ml of the drug per 1 kg of weight in 1, 4 and 9 days after birth.

Instructions for use of the drug Gamavit for catsDownload to pdf format: “instructions for use of the drug Gamavit for cats “Most owners may have a question relative to where to stab the gamavit to the cat. Drug for seals are administered:

  1. Intravenously. It is believed that this is the route of administration the most effective. But injecting into a vein on your own is risky, therefore it is better to entrust the matter to a specialist;
  2. Intramuscularly Such an injection can be done on your own, if the animal tolerates pain relatively calmly and the appearance of the syringe does not terrifies a pet. Intramuscularly, cats are injected with shoulder and hip area. It’s important to fix the animal well. and make an injection as quickly as possible using a small insulin syringe. The depth of injection of the syringe should not exceed 1.5 cm;
  3. Subcutaneously. Perhaps the easiest way drug administration. Cats are given an injection at the withers area or knee folds. To enter “Gamavit”, you should slightly pull peel and carefully, but quickly enter the medicine as soon as the needle freely enter.

Gamavit Cat Owner Reviews

Reviews of the owners of four-legged pets about the drug “Gamavit” mostly positive. As disadvantages immunomodulator, however, is called the need to inject a cat; the inability to use the contents of the opened bottle; difficulties with buying the drug in veterinary pharmacies of small cities. The following are responses from cat owners about Gamavit: Review No. 1: “She injected Gamavit when the cat caught a cold, being outside for some time in the rain. At the same time with with an antibiotic, the doctor prescribed Gamavit, which itself stabbed at the withers. So, my Maroussia didn’t even pickle once while giving her an injection. Yes, and she recovered quickly, antibiotic use did not affect on the appetite. I think that their job is to improve the state of immunity “Gamavit” does fully … “. Review number 2:” Means “Gamavit” stabbing a cat (I have a Bengali Boris) when I give drugs against worms. I will say right away that I am satisfied with the results: cat cheerful, even after taking a bitter anthelmintic, stool normal, good appetite. Earlier, when the cat was anthelminthic, the cat I’ve been sick for several days, I only went to a bowl to drink … “. No. 3: “Vitamin preparation” Gamavit “helps my old cat (she is already 15) to remain active and beautiful. I think that this relatively inexpensive, but effective domestic remedy. When the cat was sick (we had herpes, and then food poisoning poor-quality feed), also injected into the muscle “Gamavit”, as the vet advised. I think that in many ways to remain ours it’s precisely this drug that helps the pet … ”

Solution cost

The price of the domestic immunomodulator “Gamavit” varies in depending on the volume of the ampoule. The average cost of the drug is:

  • From 50 to 80 rubles for one ampoule of 6 ml (cardboard the box contains 5 bottles);
  • From 85 to 140 rubles for one ampoule with a volume of 10 ml (optional) you can purchase a package of “Gamavita”, which contains 5 vials);
  • From 750 to 900 rubles per 100 ml bottle of “Gamavita” (such a volume it is not advisable to buy for a cat due to the fact that the opened bottle is not subject to storage).

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