French marriage

French marriage is a breed of hunting gunmen which have two varieties differing in exterior and sizes. One type is Gascon, the second is Pyrenean. it continental species considered to be the progenitors of most smooth-haired cops.


  • 1. History of origin
  • 2. Appearance
  • 3. Description of the breed Iberian marriage
  • 4. Description of the breed Gascon marriage
    • 4.1. Colors
  • 5. The nature of pets
  • 6. Basics of training
  • 7. Care and health
  • 8. Diseases of the breed
  • 9. Feeding rules
  • 10. Keeping a dog
  • 11. Photofrench marriage
  • 12. French marriage video
  • 13. Where to buy a puppy?

Origin history

The first documented mention of the breed is in the letter, dated 1540 from Duke F. Guise to Montmorency. Giz gave the connective a marriage for falconry. At that time, the marriage was represented by one species, which was based on local breeds hounds and bloodhounds. French marriage

With the advent of the Spanish hunting rifles in France (late XVI – beginning of the XVII centuries.) Spanish blood mixed in with the blood of marriage smooth-haired gundog.

The destruction of the nobility during the French Revolution led to the degeneration of their favorite breed. Later, during the Restoration period, interest in the pointers began. They began to cross with marriage.

Russian zoologist and traveler Sabaneev L.P. in his book “Hunting dogs” recognizes only two native types – more heavy and tall “old French marriage” and light, graceful “marriage Dupuis. “The rest he calls them varieties.


The final appearance of the Gascon and Iberian marriage formed by 1830. Their difference is not only in size, but also in muscle structure.

Description of the breed Iberian marriage

This type of breed is more popular in France. French size the marriage of the Pyrenean type is less than its counterpart and amounts to:

  • in males – growth up to 58 cm and weight up to 32 kg;
  • in females – growth up to 47 cm and weight up to 20 kg.

The breed standard is as follows:

  1. The head is large, but not massive. Skull rounded with a mildly pronounced occipital protuberance. Face more pointy than the “gascon”. Go to nose unexpressed, forehead sloping. The nose mirror is brown, has pronounced open nostrils.
  2. Ears are smaller than that of a fellow. High set, hang in soft folds. They are covered in short soft coat.
  3. Eyes deep set with an oblique incision. They have brown or golden brown color.
  4. The lips cover the lower jaw, but hang down less than major marriage. Scissor bite. The teeth are tight, large. Iberian marriage description of the breed
  5. The neck is long, slightly curved, has a small suspension.
  6. The chest is wide enough with well-developed muscles, spacious, which allows you to hold large volume lungs and a powerful heart, this guarantees breed endurance.
  7. The back is straight, even. The sacrum is wide. Croup slightly slanted to the tail.
  8. The belly is picked up, but not much.
  9. The tail is short by nature or docked.
  10. Legs are straight, very long, with well-developed muscles. The hind limbs are widely spaced. Paws rounded, fingers tightly closed.
  11. The coat is dense and short. It has water repellent properties, what is necessary when aporting game from water. Undercoat developed by needs, which provides good marriageability to weather conditions. The dog is rougher and stiffer on the back, on head and ears are softer and shorter.

The dog has a good bottom and upper flair, equally works well both in dense thickets and in tall grass, hardy, fast and easy to move. Thanks to the smaller size and graceful physique with well-muscled muscular Pyrenean type more maneuverable.

Description of the breed Gascon marriage

“Gascon” larger than his brother. His growth makes 56-69 cm. Weight varies within 20-32 kg. According to the standard, it looks as follows:

  1. The head is large, the skull is rounded with slightly pronounced occipital tubercle and almost indistinguishable stop. Muzzle wider and shorter than that of the “Pyrenees”, sometimes noted convex.
  2. The forehead is sloping, almost flat with an unexpressed transition to the nose. The mirror is pigmented brown, but may not have a solid coloring. Expressed nostrils, open.
  3. Eyes deep set, golden brown with a slanting cut. The expression is affectionate, the look is gullible.
  4. Lips are sagging.
  5. The ears are longer than that of a fellow. Location and structure is similar. They have pronounced folds.
  6. The neck is long, rounded at the top. The suspension is expressed.
  7. The chest is wide, deep. The lower part reaches the level of the elbow joints. Gascon marriage description of the breed
  8. The back is straight, strong, wide. Ribs weak stand out. The croup is slightly sloping.
  9. The abdomen in representatives of this type is selected slightly more stronger than that of the Iberian marriage.
  10. The tail is natural, long, its stopping prohibited.
  11. The limbs are straight, slender, much exceeding body length. The muscles on the forearms and especially the hips are well developed. Paws rounded, arched, with thick pads. Fingers fit snugly together.
  12. The structure and length of the coat are similar for both types, but for the Gascon it is longer and rougher.

The differences are due to different working qualities, required in different landscape conditions. The Pyrenees were created for hunting in swampy, impassable terrain. The Gascons accompanied hunters on open, flat terrain. Vision in both types are well developed, which allows them to notice game on significant distance.


The color of the French marriage is almost identical for both types. Meet:

  • completely brown (cinnamon color); French marriage brown
  • white with brown large spots. French marriage white with large brown spots

The presence of nettle is allowed, moreover, it is thicker in the “Pyrenean”. Also at they are allowed the presence of small white marks, located on a solid dark background on the face, legs, chest.

Only for a French marriage of the Pyrenees type let’s say tan in the area of superciliary arches, on paws and face. Color is determined as a mixture of blood of pointers and greyhounds, as well as hunting conditions.

Pet character

The nature of the dogs of this breed is extremely friendly, especially in “pyrenitsa”, which makes this type the best when kept as companion. Friendliness can be seen even in the eyes of the dog. She is very attached to its master and prefers to be in close contact with him. The animal needs approval and encouragement, then marriage does not upset its master by disobedience or obstinacy.

He treats pets well – he gets along well with dogs and other animals. However, hunting instincts focused on the capture of birds, determines the relationship of marriage to birds, as to game.

French children get along well with children, but an active dog is not worth it leave alone with the kids. During outdoor games, the dog can them to frighten or inadvertently injure. In relation to strangers marriage is moderately wary.

The mental organization of this dog is very thin – it is not tolerates rudeness and cruelty. Dogs of this breed quietly lead yourself in the house, preferring to spend boiling energy during the hunt or active games.

They are distinguished by a special balance of nervous processes. representatives of the Pyrenees type, which makes them more demanded for maintenance in a city apartment. But, like any hunting dog, french marriage requires intense physical activity, long walks, without which the character the dog goes bad. He becomes nervous, withdrawn, naughty.

Training Basics

French marriages are very trainable, provided that the owner will be quite persistent and gentle. Dog handlers advise conduct training in a playful manner if the dog refuses execute commands.

Begin training as early as possible. But to train and You can even raise an adult dog. An indispensable condition for such training is a period of adaptation – a dog who has got to a new the owner in adulthood, it takes time to move away from stress.

Excellent eyesight, developed flair, the versatility of the dog makes her an excellent hunter. Training only hardens and hones congenital hunting instincts.

Care and Health

French marriage – healthy, active and mentally stable a dog that does not require special care. Short, tight the hair does not need a haircut. To remove undercoat and dead skin the remaining hairs they need to be combed out using a brush with a natural bristles or a special mitten, which is not only carefully removes hairs, but also makes skin massage.

It is enough to do this 1-2 times a week, and during molting – daily. If the owner wants to minimize the appearance lost wool in the apartment, especially in summer undercoat, just let the pet swim in the pond or wipe it with clean water.

The water-repellent properties of the coat protect it from pollution, so you need to bathe the dog no more than 1-2 times a year or at severe pollution.

If the dog lives in a city apartment or enclosure with a soft soil, then strong claws need to be cut, as there is no conditions for their natural grinding. If the claws grind, then you need to inspect them regularly to avoid the appearance of cracks.

After walking, especially in the forest, areas with thick grass, undergrowth or shrub should carefully inspect the wool on the subject of ticks and other blood-sucking insects.

Care for the ears, eyes and teeth is the same as for other breeds hunting dogs. Although otitis media is not typical for marriage, but inspection ears need to be carried out. This also applies to the dog’s teeth, as dental diseases and tooth loss for hunting breeds unacceptable.

Breed diseases

Representatives of marriage are characterized by good health. At due care and good living conditions, a dog can live 10-11 years, and some up to 13 years. But even these strong dogs have Diseases inherent in the breed of cops:

  • dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints;
  • congenital heart disease and pulmonary stenosis;
  • eversion of the eyelids.

Regular veterinary examination, timely vaccinations will help avoid the development and progression of breed diseases.

Feeding rules

An active and active dog needs a balanced but high-calorie nutrition that meets the needs of plastic and energy processes occurring in her body.

In the diet of a French marriage, it must be mandatory enough animal protein that is needed for building muscle tissue. His dog gets with meat, fish, eggs. Raw meat is cut into small pieces. Any grades are suitable and offal, but they should not have a strong smell, like, for example, lamb, so as not to spoil the scent.

As a source of carbohydrates, the dog needs to give porridge pasta, bread croutons. Baking in the diet is not welcome. To provide vitamins and minerals, as well also a fiber that improves digestion and bowel movements, the dog is given vegetables, greens. Handsome French marriage

Dairy products must be present in the diet, especially in puppies. The calcium contained in them strengthens teeth and bones, serves excellent prevention of joint dysplasia.

Natural nutrition cannot provide everyone with a dog. essential micro and macro elements, vitamins, so you need introduce vitamin and mineral supplements. Overeating at representatives Pointing dogs are not welcome, as being overweight can provoke diseases.

If it is impossible or unwilling to feed the pet “naturalka” dry and wet food can be used. The main thing, on the advice breeder and veterinarian, select a quality product, corresponding to pedigree features. In addition, it is necessary provide marriage access to clean drinking water. Naturally, that when feeding ready-made diets no vitamins and minerals not additionally introduced.

Dog keeping

Small representatives of the Pyrenean type may be kept in conditions of a city apartment, but they need metered regular exercise and long walks in the air. You need to walk the dog at least 2 times a day in the open, allowing you to actively and freely move without losing visual control over its movement.

Gascons do not tolerate content in an apartment. Ideally for this breed needs a private house with a large yard for walking and the possibility of going hunting. To preserve typical differences crosses between “Gascons” and “Pyrenees” are not allowed, so what it is necessary to consider when purchasing puppies.

French marriage French marriage beautiful photoFrench marriage is runningFrench marriage muzzleFrench Marriage PuppyFrench marriage standsFrench marriage walks

French marriage video

Where to buy a puppy?

This breed is little known outside the homeland, so purchase Puppy in our country is quite difficult. However, we have several copies of the French marriage.

In ads for the sale of dogs there are offers to buy puppy from a private owner. Cost varies from 3600 to 5800 rubles. But you should be very careful not to buy a patient or defective puppy.

In the nurseries of France, which supply the best representatives breed, a puppy can be bought for 500-800 dollars.

French marriage is a great choice for lovers of hunting breeds and people with an active lifestyle.

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