French Bulldog

French Bulldog, Bouledogue Français

French Bulldog French Bulldog, Bouledogue Français

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 10
  • Training: 3
  • Size: 2
  • Mind: 3
  • Security: 3
  • Relations with children: 10
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Shedding: 6


Dog breed French Bulldog, despite its name, originated in England in the 17th century. These dogs were especially popular in the city of Nottingham, and, importantly, there were many lace embroidery masters. When in France there was a huge demand for lace, there was a whole wave of emigration, and, accordingly, the masters from Nottingham were among those who went to France in search of a better life and new opportunities.

Of course, they took their favorite dogs with them, and through for a while their decorative bulldogs became widely known and popularity in France. They loved to know, they were expensive, in including due to the small number of individuals in the early stages. For several hundred years, these dogs spread throughout Europe, having popularity not only among noble people (and we know, as in aristocrats loved miniature dogs), but also among merchants and artisans. They were first registered in France, called “French Bulldog”.

They appeared in the USA quite late – they were first shown on Westminster Kennel Club exhibition in 1896. After the triumph at the exhibition, these dogs were wanted by all the rich and noble, as well as stars of show business, which pushed prices to the limit. For example, the standard price fluctuated around $ 500 and could reach up to $ 1,000, which exceeded the cost of the car. A few individuals with a long pedigree were sold for more than $ 5,000.


The French Bulldog breed is a small dog, with middle legs with embossed muscles, and a short tail, from nature is incorrectly curved. The body is square, the head is round, muzzle flattened, ears long but erect. The chest is wide deep. May have color: white-brindle, brindle, white-fawn, (spotted), fawn. All other colors are considered the so-called “pedigree marriage” and are not recognized as official dog training federations. Although cream color is very common in the United States, in fact, it is also not recognized by European breed standards Kennel Federation.


Dog breed French Bulldog – a source of affection and kindness for the whole family. These incredibly cute and charming creatures possess incredible charm of their own, although, strictly speaking, features their appearance can not be called correct according to the canons of dog beauty. If any. The French Bulldog breed has a very inquisitive and funny character, they are playful even in mature aged and love colorful toys.

These pets are very attached to their family and are eager to spend with loved ones literally all my free time. They are as if absolutely do not need privacy, like communication and new dating. French bulldog ruining the notion that the bigger the dog, the smarter it is. Their intellect is sometimes surprising – they understand a person perfectly, know how to guess wishes, and perfectly understand the emotional states of their owners.

Often, they, feeling the heaviness in the soul of a loved one, try help him with his affection and warmth. French Bulldog created to be a perfect companion, faithful, good and faithful friend. They are balanced and soft, do not create problems, and in general in many ways resemble children. By the way, they are children they love and adore spending time with them in various games, walking together for a walk and generally love to be in the center of the children’s attention.

In addition, they can act as a nanny, aware of their responsibility for the child, although to a lesser extent than Labradors. Rather, it is the default best friend of children. They like have harmonious relationships with their owners, and therefore they are easy train. In addition, as we have said, these dogs differ in understanding and intelligence. They are even trained to participate in dog competitions, for example, for dog competitions freestyle. French bulldogs are active, like walks, games, friendly even to strangers.


Dog breed french bulldog can be trained in various teams, unlike many other decorative breeds. But, most owners are limited to basic skills, as treat their pets primarily as cute companions, and nothing more. In any case, you can be sure that your pet will be happy to learn new teams or tricks if you want to perform with him at dog shows.

In addition, the French Bulldog can be an assistant for older people and people with disabilities. In such In this case, you can even involve a specialist in training, although this is not required. High intelligence, understanding and learning ability give the opportunity to independently teach the dog the necessary things.

You need to be kind and patient – usually a question about any punishments when working with this breed does not even rise, since french bulldog always wants to be in harmony with the owner and to please him. Make sure the classes are not too monotonous, alternate training approaches with games and a treat.


French bulldog needs combing wool once in week with a soft brush. Their ears need to be cleaned two to three times in week, but keep in mind that this part of their body is very sensitive. Eyes from deposits after sleep are usually cleaned every day, buy a dog two to three times a week or more often if she sleeps with you in the same the bed.

Always use a shampoo that does not dry your skin. Also, be sure to wipe the skin between the folds with a damp cloth (but such that, again, it does not dry the skin), in order to avoid irritations and infections, especially in summer. Claws need to be cut about 3 times a month.

Common diseases

  • hip dysplasia;
  • brachycephalic syndrome;
  • allergy;
  • malformation of one or more vertebrae;
  • local dislocation of the patella;
  • intervertebral disc disease – occurs when the disc is in the spine is displaced, or a hernia occurs that presses in spinal cord;
  • von Willebrand disease;
  • crevice of the sky;
  • elongated soft palate.

Interesting Facts 1. French Bulldog Breed ranks second in popularity among dogs, as in Los Angeles and New York. 2. French bulldogs are not very good swimmers, so you should always be careful when they are near water. 3. It is fairly accurately established that one of the ancestors of the French bulldog, which is not surprising, is English bulldog. 4. Some puppies, from purebred parents, can cost about 4,000 dollars.

Did you know? French Bulldogs – Popular a breed among Hollywood celebrities, including Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Breed Information

A country France
Life span 9-12 years old
Height Males: 28-30 cm Bitches: 28-30 cm
Weight Males: 11-13 kg Bitches: 11-13 kg
Long wool Short
Colour white-brindle, brindle, white-fawn, (spotted), pale yellow
Group for children, fighting, decorative, for apartment
Price 1200 – 2700 $

Breed photo

french French Bulldog breed dog french bulldog photo dog breed french bulldog

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