False pregnancy in dogs

In addition to normal pregnancy, when the dogs are born for 2 months of puppies; in females also pregnancy is false or imaginary, as it is sometimes called. In this condition, the animal experiences almost the same sensations as with the present pregnancy, but babies, of course, do not appear. Let’s try to figure out what is false pregnancy in dogs?

The nature of canine pseudo-pregnancy

It is believed that dogs have a tendency to false pregnancies by nature: if suddenly a female giving birth to puppies dies, another non-pregnant dog will not let offspring die of hunger, which will be present lactation. And the truth is, cases when the step-mother is fed by the step-mother, a lot. True today this is true more likely for stray animals. In the medical understanding false pregnancy in animals is psycho-physiological disorder, in fact, a malfunction in the body hormonal nature. Appear false pregnancy theoretically maybe every puberty dog. Moreover, even sterilized bitches from which the ovaries were not taken (or if the operation was not performed correctly). False sensitivity develops in the period of metestrus in the dog (when the heat has already passed), when corpus luteum (it is an endocrine gland that produces special pregnancy hormones) continues to function for some time, giving signals to the brain about the readiness to bear offspring, even if full fertilization has not occurred. Because the body the animal gradually begins to prepare for the upcoming “birth”, although there are no embryos in the womb. An imaginary pregnancy may occur for various reasons, including:

  • Mating with a sterile or neutered male;
  • Bitch mating with reproductive system problems (including an animal with a removed uterus but retained ovaries) or hormonal background with a healthy dog;
  • The development of a condition in an animal with a moving psyche;
  • The dog is in the same room as pregnant or lactating bitches.

When asked how long a false pregnancy lasts in dogs, it is difficult to answer unequivocally. Usually the period of such a state when the animal prepares for childbirth, without having babies inside, does not last more than 2-4 weeks.

Signs of False Canine Pregnancy

To distinguish a real pregnancy from an imaginary naked eye is not so simple: all the signs of a quick increase are evident. Symptoms False pregnancy in dogs is as follows:

  • The dog’s loop is swollen, discharge periodically appears from it (transparent or light brown) that the animal licks;
  • The nipples and mammary glands of the pet are swollen, may appear colostrum;
  • An increase in the volume of the abdomen, as if there really are inside babies;
  • The appetite of the bitch is reduced, sometimes vomiting may occur.

In addition to the physiological characteristics of the animal the mood is changing: the bitch is seriously preparing for the upcoming the appearance of offspring. Behavioral signs of false pregnancy in dogs are:

  • Decreased motor activity (the dog seems to protect itself: refuses to run fast, jump from a height, etc.);
  • Increased anxiety if there is a threat of “pregnancy” (extraneous animals, strangers, loud sounds, etc.);
  • “Nesting” (the dog prepares a place for posterity, spends there almost all the time);
  • The manifestation of maternal instinct in relation to the soft toys, other pets and even people (the animal seems to protect his “child”, licks him, caresses).

The mentioned signs of false pregnancy are not always present in full volume. Therefore, if there are only a few symptoms (to for example, if a dog has enlarged nipples and lost interest in food), the owner should pay a visit to the veterinary clinic for tests to identify the ailment as early as possible.

Is it necessary to treat a dog with a false pregnancy?

Unfortunately, some owners consider the imaginary pregnancy a whim. of their pets, because they do not treat false pregnancy in dogs in a hurry. And in vain, since it is fraught with inattention to hormonal the following health problems:

  • Benign and malignant mammary tumors and reproductive organs;
  • Inflammation of the mammary glands (mastitis);
  • Inflammation and infection of the gynecological plan (pyometer, endometritis, vaginitis, etc.);
  • Mental disorders.

Given that a false pregnancy can haunt a dog once per at once, the question of the need for treatment is not worth it.

How to help a dog with pseudo-pregnancy

Consider what to do and how to behave the owner, if his pet experiencing a false pregnancy:

  1. First you need to determine whether there is a place to be false pregnancy. Ultrasound can be done already 24 days after knitting, and the test relaxin is carried out earlier – 15-20 days after mating;
  2. When the “spoon” is confirmed, you should not scold the dog for her attempts to “twist the nest” or for excessive caress: animal guilt here not;
  3. It’s not worth protecting the dog too much, it will only aggravate it precarious state. Moderate workload (games, active walks) will benefit the animal;
  4. If a dog with a false pregnancy has lactation, milk should be excluded from her diet. Amount of Drinking Water also necessary to reduce;
  5. Moderately fed dogs with miscarriage, not more than 2 times per day, reducing the amount of meat eaten, but increasing the amount vegetables and cereals;
  6. Attempts to express dog’s milk will only increase lactation, as well as breast massage. If the dog is on his own licks the nipples, this must be stopped, for example, putting on it blanket. Suppress milk production sometimes with medication (to For example, drops “Galastop”), but only after agreement with veterinarian;
  7. To distract the animal from thoughts about the imminent addition, you should Keep away everything that can remind you of puppies (toys, small pillows, etc.), the dog’s bed should be reduced to such sizes so that there is practically no extra space left (so the animal will not be tempted to drag all sorts of objects into the “nest” imitating puppies);
  8. A good calming effect is provided by drugs based on herbs (for example, Fitex drops), which usually do not cause side effects;
  9. Well eliminate the unpleasant effects of imaginary frailty and homeopathic medicines (“Ovariovit”, “Gormel”, etc.), but Only the doctor can choose the right drug.

Unfortunately, sometimes a false pregnancy requires treatment with hormonal drugs (“Naloxone”, “Nonestron”, etc.), which should be applied only after the appointment of a specialist. Uncontrolled reception of such funds will not only not help pet, but also bring a number of problems: hormonal diseases, problems with reproductive organs, oncological diseases. But as protect your dog from false pregnancy? Alas, the only right the way out is radical sterilization when the animal is simultaneously remove the ovaries and uterus. An animal surviving pseudo-pregnancy perform an operation when all the dangerous symptoms disappear (disappear lactation, normalized behavior, etc.). If there is no desire to deprive the possibility of giving birth to a dog, you will have to consult with the veterinarian about the means of preventing the development of false shennosti.

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