Excessive salivation in dogs

If a dog meets you with a mouth full of saliva, then this, in principle, may be normal, but may also be a sign of problems with health. Excessive salivation is called hypersalivation. In the event that you are the owner of a saggy dog lip, for example, mastiff, then excessive salivation is normal. This abundant discharge is associated with the structure faces, but not with medical problems. However, in the rest cases, such abundant salivation in a dog can become a reason to go to the vet. If your dog suffers from fear of a thunderstorm, or is experiencing difficulty in separation, then salivation in large quantities is normal because in these moments the animal experiences stress and a sense of fear that is accompanied by salivation. Other cases where saliva may liberate profusely – desire to enjoy delicious food. Remember, you have probably also sometime saliva stood out when you thought about food. The same thing with a dog, if, for example, she hears a smell meat or just hot dogs, the selection process may begin saliva. Often, the causes of abundant salivation are hidden in the oral cavity of the animal. The culprits of this process may be gum disease, mouth ulcers, swelling, cuts and abscesses. Carefully inspect the animal’s mouth and try to determine whether the aforementioned symptoms are present in the oral cavity. If you If you find something like this, be sure to seek advice from to the vet. Note that salivation in dogs can be caused by dental problems.

Stomach upset

Problems with the stomach or digestive tract are another a common problem that may cause this problem. A banal trip in a car can cause the so-called seasickness able to provoke an upset stomach and lead to unnaturally large amounts of saliva. Among other things salivation may be a sign of more serious illnesses, such as hernias or tumors in the stomach or other areas digestive system of an animal.

What did your dog eat?

If your pet likes to chew on various things or objects, do not intended for nutrition, the cause of salivation may be toxins that enter the body from foreign objects. Besides, a similar reaction of the body can also cause drugs, and even certain herbs, such as poinsetia, which are very toxic. Do not forget about other dangers: spiders and snakes. Their bites often provoke excessive salivation.

More serious problems

One of the most serious diseases in which strong salivation in a dog – rabies. Wherein Diseases secrete saliva in the form of foam. If your dog contacted with a wild animal, be sure to contact for consultation with the veterinarian. Worry about timely vaccination animal! Other causes of salivation include botulism, tetanus, neurological diseases, convulsions.

When to contact a veterinarian?

If excessive salivation is unnatural for your dog, then you should contact your veterinarian immediately, because drooling can be a sign of another, more complex disease!

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