Dropping ears and tail from Alabaev: but it costs is it?

The stopping of the ears and tail of Alabaev has a centuries-old history, in which myths and superstitions are intertwined with functional a necessity. But today, more and more people are not maintain a tradition of stopping, especially if the dog is not working “in field”. However, with respect to alabe cupping, a kind of “brand” of the breed, as the layman will not distinguish uncropped Alabai from a Labrador or Caucasian Shepherd Dog.


  • 1. Reasons for stopping
  • 2. Age and rules of stopping
  • 3. Acceptable ear shapes and tail proportions
  • 4. Rules for preparing for the procedure
  • 5. Features of care after surgery
  • 6. Possible consequences of stopping

Reasons for stopping

Over 4,000 years old Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Alabai, Tobet), working “in the field”, fought with attackers on a flock or compound of the owner by predators. A torn ear or bitten tail weakened her and threatened with profuse loss of blood, infection. Therefore to dogs cut the auricle and tail as short as possible. Stopping the ears and tail of Alabaev, but is it worth it?

In relation to the Alabaevs, there were other reasons. For example, an animal with cropped ears looks more vicious and dangerous. It is believed that the ears and tail were stopped by those dogs who showed aggressiveness even to its owner. Cropped ears served a kind of warning – this dog is very dangerous and uncontrollable.

Today more and more European countries join moratorium on relief, if it is not caused by medical testimony. Veterinarians of our country also believe that tribute stereotypical vision of the breed is not a good reason to cripple animal and put his life and health at risk. But until then while the ban on stopping ears and tail has not been passed by law, the procedure is done, and the owner needs to navigate in all subtleties.

Age and rules of stopping

In native breeds, the structure and innervation of the tail and ears in the early Aged has features that make stopping less traumatic and painless. U alabay up to 10 days old the vertebrae of the tail look like cartilage and are poorly innervated. Ears too soft, and Central Asian shepherds simply cut off part of the ear. therefore It is recommended to stop ears and tail in Alabai at the age of 2-7 days from birth. Later this operation is carried out under general anesthesia, and the wounds sutured.

If the owner has purchased a puppy that is not cropped, but wants to make it is for aesthetic purposes, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice specialist for the operation. The veterinarian must have experience work with Central Asian shepherd dogs and know the features of the breed, acceptable forms of the auricle, requirements for proportions. Therefore, if the owner plans to exhibit alabai, then you need to go for surgery to an experienced doctor.

Acceptable ear shapes and tail proportions

The shape when stopping the ears can be different. Usually length the left ear cartilage depends on the length of the Central Asian coat Shepherd dogs (CAO) and head size. Allowed:

  • natural (uncropped) ears;
  • standard – medium-length ears, straight or rounded section;
  • bear – elongated ears, the semicircular section;
  • Caucasian – leave 1/3 of the ear. This option looks advantageous for dogs with long hair.

The auricle is not completely removed, as this option threatens infection of the ear canal and the development of otitis media. If a It is assumed that the pet is participating in exhibitions, then sections of the ears must be symmetrical, neat.

The tail is stopped, leaving 1/3 of the length. Orient to the place where the thick base goes into a thinner tail. The procedure carried out both by pulling a tight elastic band and by separation parts of the tail with special scissors. The first method has advantages, since the tail section deprived of blood supply is simply disappears, and the stump does not bleed, and there is no risk of occurrence secondary infection.

At such a “tender” age, it is difficult to calculate the value left. ears and tail, so that later the dog looks harmonious. Therefore, you need to look for a specialist working with this breed. IN from birth to 10 days, surgery is performed without anesthesia, the wounds heal on their own. Older than 10 days a professional is not undertakes to do the relief without general anesthesia and suturing on the edge of the ear and tail stump.

Rules for preparing for the procedure

Before bringing the puppy to the veterinary clinic for stopping operations, you need to prepare, especially if the procedure will be performed under general anesthesia. Puppy before surgery is not should be fed for 10-12 hours. The ears are thoroughly cleaned with using a cotton swab and rubbed with lotion. Stopping the ears and tail from Alabaev read the article

After the operation, the puppy is fed with liquid food, in small portions, but often. The doctor must explain the features of the postoperative care and schedule a follow-up visit.

Features of care after surgery

No matter at what age the operation was performed and whether stitches are applied, the wounds are treated with a chlorhexidine solution or Dioxidine. Wounds are instilled with a solution from a pipette or moistened swab “blot” the wound surface. If the ears itch and itch, then they are lubricated with Levosin ointment, which relieves itching, irritation and contributes to the rapid healing of wounds. The processing procedure is carried out 2-3 times a day for 6-7 days.

Throughout the healing process, daily sleeper sanitation – the sheet is changed and carefully erased, wet cleaning of the basket and surfaces is carried out, adjacent to the mattress. The time for removing the stitches is prescribed by the doctor. After surgery and until complete healing, the dog needs wear a collar that prevents combing wounds.

Possible consequences of stopping

Opponents of stopping give reasoned arguments against operations. The tail and ears of dogs are a communication tool. Zoopsychologists note that in animals with a short tail and ears there are difficulties in communicating with brothers.

Scientists from Canada found that the angle of deviation and direction tail matters – the dog makes it clear to the fellow, is he ready to go close contact or prefers to keep a distance. So way, the shorter the tail, the harder the dog “intelligibly” communicate with other dogs, and often avoid conflict situation.

Stopping is a trauma for the puppy’s psyche. No matter how they convince some breeders that alabay for 10 days does not feel pain, there is studies that state the opposite. Behavior Expert Temple Grandin says that in dogs, just like in people, phantom pains in an amputated cult may persist, and psychological stress when stopping is akin to that when circumcision in the infant. Stopping the ears and tail

Another argument against stopping is information, which the zoopsychologist Sotskaya M.N. voiced in her book “Skin and coat of the dog. Scientific, veterinary and cosmetology aspects. “Violet iron may be affected by stopping the tail, located on the tail. She’s not only responsible for communication, recognition by relatives, but also for the sensitivity of olfactory receptors.

Before deciding on a cupping operation, it is worth remembering that Today, exhibits are not affected by natural ears and tail, but in some countries, stopping is a concern for judges, so how, with the help of such a procedure, a breeder can “hide” flaws. It is worth considering – is it necessary to mutilate a puppy to give is he familiar from the point of view of the layman? It’s natural, a healthy, happy dog is always beautiful.

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