Dogue de Bordeaux: reliable defender, funny companion

Dogue de Bordeaux - one of the most gentle, calm and sociable breeds of dogs


Origin: France

Class: FCI classification – Group 2 (pinschers and schnauzers, molosses, Swiss mountain and shepherds dogs). Section 2.1- Molosses. Without working trials.

Use: protection, protection and intimidation

Color: plain – red, red, mahogany, deer, isabella. Good pigmentation is preferred. Valid small white marks on the chest and tips of the paws. Mask options, not going to the cranial region of the head: black, chestnut, red. The color of the nose is usually the shade of the mask and may be black, brown, reddish.

Sizes: growth at the withers: males – from 60 to 68 cm (tolerance: -1 cm, +2 cm), bitches – from 58 to 66 cm; weight: males – at least 50 kg, bitches – 45 kg.

Life span: 8-10 years

Dogue de Bordeaux – one of the most gentle, calm and sociable dog breeds that can only be compared to turbuli and bullmastiffs.


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Psychology of the dogue de bordeaux
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a puppy
  • 5 Care features
    • 5.1 Combing
    • 5.2 Walking and loads
    • 5.3 Nutrition
  • 6 Health
    • 6.1 Characteristic diseases
    • 6.2 Vaccination
  • 7 Knit

Breed history

Dogue de Bordeaux – one of the ancient French breeds, origin which individual researchers trace back to the fourteenth century.

In the middle of the XIX century, these dogs were used for protection. houses like kangals, hunting for wild boar and a bear, like Karelian-Finnish huskies, as cattle makers, like the Hovawarts, carried service in forestries.

For the first time quite diverse ancestors of the current Bordeaux were exhibited in Paris in 1863, then fixed The official name of the breed.

Two world wars inflicted heavy damage in the twentieth century livestock of French mastiffs.

By the efforts of enthusiasts, the breed of the Bordeaux mastiff has found a “second breath “in the late 60s, in 1971 her modern was written standard, the latest refinements to which were made in 2007.

"Как домой?! We only walk for 3 minutes!  But what about snowballs?  I really wanted you to throw them, and I caught!  I haven’t ruined a single snowman yet this winter!  That

“How to go home ?! We only walk for 3 minutes! But what about the snowballs? I’m so I wanted you to throw them, but I caught! I’m still not a single snowman this winter did not fall apart! That’s always the case. Понадеешься на вас,наденешь шапку и шарф, а вы!”

The psychology of the dogue de bordeaux

The character of these dogs can be compared to a diamond: just like gemstone, it needs careful cutting, that is upbringing with “young claws”.

A well-bred Bordeaux is a balanced athlete, confident in its strength, but not seizing every opportunity it to demonstrate.

Good mannered dog safe for others – from a flock of cyclists zipping past to shameless forty, heading to the bowl with food in the country.

However, in the event of a real threat to family members in French the mastiff immediately comes to life his fighting past, and the best defender just not find it.

Dogs and puppies of the dogue de Bordeaux breed are “family-bound”, just like Kuvashes and Golden Retrievers, with labor loneliness.

The best place for them is next to the owner, more preferably equip your rather big little body right on the owner’s feet.

If you want to buy a lounger for a dog, you can find with a list of the best in articlehttps: //

Almost everything is allowed to children, Bordeaux is indulgent and pet, with which he grew up under the same roof.

However, it is worth remembering that for “strangers” this forgiveness is not extends to the aggression shown by another dog, clumsy at first glance bordeaux will respond with lightning speed attack.

And so, puppies! Who will tell me how much time I need to bark at night, if the neighbors do not immediately understand that drilling on Sunday and hammering with a hammer is not a good idea?

And so, puppies! Who will tell me how long it takes to bark at night, if the neighbors do not immediately understand what to drill on Sunday and hammering is not a good idea?


According to the current 1995 breed standard, the purpose of the French mastiffs is to protect, guard and intimidation. In this they are not inferior to fighting to dogs.

Bordeaux can be frightened by their appearance, perfectly cope with the task of protecting a house or apartment, however, for Aviary content is categorically unsuitable.

In the best way these dogs manifest themselves in quality companions: they are very human-oriented, always ready to accompany the owner in unhurried walks, in difficult times Bordeaux will sit nearby and sigh sympathetically – and this is the best psychotherapy in the world.

How to choose a Bordeaux puppy

Choosing and buying a puppy of the Bordeaux dog is not an easy task, but not because in the red-toed clump, it’s difficult to distinguish features future champion.

Just all the knowledge gained in pedigree forums and books in moment disappear from the head when five littermates strive climb into your hands and lick to death.

Therefore, it’s better to go after the dog of your dreams with dog specialist, ideally a pedigree.

"Хозяин! I checked the shoes, they are definitely made of genuine leather.  Так что можно покупать!"

“Boss! The shoes checked, it’s made of genuine leather. So можно покупать!”

What can you understand yourself: the puppy is bony, moving free, not shuffling legs, not wobbling, like broken a toy.

The front metacarpals do not bend, the hind limbs have pronounced angles. The head is of pedigree form, without white spots.

Signs that the puppy should not have:

  • aggressive or cowardly behavior;
  • tail with a crease or atrophied;
  • blue eyes;
  • chocolate or tiger color.

Care Features


At first glance, Bordeaux does not require grooming as such is the happiness of a lazy master.

However, all owners of shorthair dogs know that crumbling hairs, like needles, stick into clothes, upholstery upholstered furniture, carpets.

Therefore, at least a couple of times a week is worth a massage with a brush or a special glove to remove dead hair back and sides of the pet. Furminator do not use necessary.

Numerous folds on the head should be given regularly attention, avoiding the accumulation of street dust, dirt, pollen in them plants – it threatens skin irritation.

Examination of the ears and teeth should also become a habit – Bordeaux prone to tartar formation and sulfur accumulation in the ear sinks.

Weekly Ear Cleaning Helps Avoid Development inflammatory process. Claws of fairly walked dogs grind naturally, but the claw cutter in the house also come in handy.

Learn more about how to clean your ears. dog: https: //

"Да, и не забудьте потом собачьим кондиционером помыть! Люблю, когда шерсть мягкая и блестит"

“Да, и не забудьте потом собачьим кондиционером помыть! Люблю,когда шерсть мягкая и блестит”

Walk and load

Walking with Bordeaux, as a rule, are contemplative. Dogs favorite gait – leisurely step or low, “flowing” lynx.

In terms of keeping a dog in an urban setting, this is convenient – adult French mastiff has enough half-hour boardwalk twice a day to warm up.

Of course, the puppy will need longer walks, preferably in the company of relatives – after all, in addition to the emission of energy, socialization and practice of obedience is necessary.

The owner of a small Bordeaux should strictly dose the load – too active catch-ups, jumps and agility may have a negative effect on the fragile skeleton and ligaments.

Dogs of Bordeaux, like many molosses, are formed late, reaching its heyday by only three years.

Puppies and teens benefit from muscle mass gain step uphill, as well as swimming and playing with the owner in shallow water. Active training is welcome.

Dogue de Bordeaux can get along well with other small pets, especially if they grow with them since childhood.

Dogue de Bordeaux, can get along well with other small pets animals, especially if they grow with them since childhood


Regardless of whether the owner of the Bordeaux is an adherent natural food or industrial feed, to compiling a pet diet you need to approach as seriously as possible.

In order to decide what to feed your pet, We recommend reading an article about choosing between dry food and natural: https: //

It’s not for nothing that dog handlers believe that 50% of health and beauty dogs are genetically laid, and as many depend on the right growing and feeding.

Having opted for dry croquettes and canned food, preference should give premium and superpremium dog food giant rocks.

What natural products can be included in the menu French Mastiff and what should be abandoned, despite “house edge” and excessive salivation of a pet? First about what can:

  • the basis of the diet is meat products (raw beef, rabbit meat, mutton);
  • scalded offal – heart, tongue, udder, kaletki (liver, kidneys and scar better to lightly boil);
  • sea fish (up to two times a week):
  • rustic cottage cheese with the addition of egg yolk, biokefir, yogurt, natural yogurt, fermented baked milk;
  • cereals (rice, buckwheat), which are fond of many owners of molosses, no particular nutritional value have, unless the dog needs to gain weight;
  • fresh and slightly stewed vegetables with vegetable oil;
  • fresh fruit – as a treat;
  • cartilage and sugar bones – occasionally, to strengthen jaws.

A large and strong dog needs proper nutrition in order to have enough building material to form bones and muscles.

A large and strong dog needs proper nutrition in order to have enough building material to bone and muscle formation

Forever should be crossed out products:

  • pork;
  • smoked meats, salinity;
  • chicken bones;
  • buns and sweets;
  • potatoes.


Characteristic diseases

Like many large, loose breeds, French mastiffs susceptible to diseases of the musculoskeletal system: dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints, arthritis, arthrosis, non-specific lameness.

To raise an athletic and healthy dog from a puppy, additional efforts will be required from the owner. Does it deserve dogue de bordeaux reviews related to its allergy?

Only in part. Dogs on some breeding lines are different allergic tendency, which in most cases it is decided by individual selection of hypoallergenic stern.

Dogue de Bordeaux is a typical brachycephalus, so in hot weather runs the risk of getting a heat stroke.

To avoid this in the summer, you should limit your walks to time, leaving home late at night or in the early morning, taking with you a bottle of water to wet the dog’s coat.

Another issue concerns possible difficulties with delivery of bitches arising from the fact that puppies are born large, with large heads.

Therefore, in anticipation of a stork, owners should stock up Phones of a veterinarian.

Dogue de Bordeaux knows how to prepare for the session! The main thing is to put on glasses to appear smart and put notes under your head so that no one takes them while you sleep, otherwise why write them off?

Dogue de Bordeaux knows how to prepare for the session! the main thing put on glasses to appear smart and put notes under your head, so that no one takes them while you sleep, otherwise why then write off?


The question of vaccinating a puppy in the full sense of the word is vital is important.

What vaccine and in what scheme to vaccinate a dog – everyone decides himself, based on the advice of a veterinarian or breeder.

Vaccine manufacturers offer graphics vaccinations differing in some details but the classical scheme, which is followed by the majority, looks So:

  • 8-9 weeks – the first vaccination;
  • 12 weeks – revaccination;
  • 6 months – rabies vaccine;
  • after 1 year – vaccination with a complex vaccine.

You can only vaccinate healthy puppies with normal temperature 10 days before receiving anthelmintic a drug.


Many breeders think the best age to start is pedigree use of the Bordeaux dog – not earlier than 2 years, but not later than 4 – usually this period coincides with the third estrus.

In a year and a half, males of this breed have not yet formed finally physically.

Too early mating can lead to psychological stress, which in the future will prevent the use of the dog in the program breeding.

In case of early pregnancy, it is exposed to even greater stress. skeleton of a bitch, which can lead to an imbalance of calcium in the body.

Dog breed Dogue de Bordeaux is very loyal to its master, and will protect him to the last

Dog breed Dogue de Bordeaux is very loyal to its master, and will defend him to the last

Dogue de Bordeaux: reliable defender, fun companion

Dogue de Bordeaux – one of the ancient French breeds, origin which individual researchers trace back to the fourteenth century. IN in the mid-19th century these dogs were used to guard houses, wild boar and bear hunting, as cattle cultivators, served in forestries.

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