Dog sedative

Dogs are living creatures that can experience fear, panic and excitement, they can be overwhelmed by horror in the unknown environment or overly excite large crowds or animals. If the pet is anxious, scared and does not go contact, you should consider applying a sedative to dogs.

Soothing for dogs


  • 1. Dog sedatives
  • 2. Herbal sedatives
  • 3. Soothing herbs for dogs
    • 3.1. Relaxing music for dogs:
  • 4. General recommendations

Dog sedatives

Dog owners probably at least once, but faced with the fact that animals are scared. New Year’s fireworks, thunder, loud music, rude attitude on the part of people or other animals, yes you never know which can affect the condition of the dog and cause a desire to run away and take cover from the irritant. Many dogs taken by the owners on mass festivities, get real stress, some get away, where eyes look, and then wander until they are found. This becomes a real test for the psyche of the animal.

What sedative to give the dog in case of anxiety, mental trauma or nervous breakdown? For those cases, a variety of sedatives are available. They are are divided into different groups:

  1. Benzodiazepines – fast-acting, but do not have prolonged exposure. They can eliminate animal acute panic attack, for example, obtained from a salute or sharp, piercing sounds. But such tools require systemic administration and are not suitable for long-term treatment, since can be addictive. Sometimes they are prescribed by a veterinarian to eliminate excessive aggression, but they must be taken strictly according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor. These include the following facilities:
  • Deazepam;
  • Valium
  • Xenax
  • Clonazepam.
  1. Non-benzodiazepine tranquilizers – used as an effective antiphobic drug and for elimination of other disturbing conditions. Dogs from the means of this only Buspirone can be given pharmacogroups since it does not cause in animals, negative side effects, including drowsiness.
  2. TCA – tricyclic antidepressants – prescribed by veterinarians in cases of attacks of aggression related with neurosis, acute bouts of fear and phobias. Most common drugs – clopipramine (clofranil, anafranil, Klomikalm) and Amitriptyline (Amirol, Amizol, Elavin). They need take starting with lower doses, increasing only if it required, and not more than twice a month. Do not expect from these means of quick effect, it will appear no earlier than 20 days later since the start of therapy.
  3. SSRIs – a group of selective inhibitors serotonin reuptake – medications are powerful tranquilizers with antidepressant action. They are used for treatment of aggressive moods, fear of loneliness, anxiety, panic attacks. They require a systematic reception, the only way funds will have a positive effect. Assigned to dogs Fluoxetine, which can be purchased under the following trade brands:
  • Fontek;
  • Lados;
  • Prozac
  • Solax.
  1. To immobilize a dog during surgery, diagnostic procedures or when using general anesthesia very serious means are used – drugs, containing general narcotic components and muscle relaxants.

Do not give yourself, without consulting a specialist, give similar preparations to the pet, as they can harm the animal. Some remedies can be addictive.

Herbal sedatives

  • The most common sedative for dogs is consider the drug Fitex, which is given to the animal in case of an allergic reaction or with hypotension. Positive results were recorded in dogs of various sizes – both small and in large enough individuals. It can be dripped into pieces of goodies or directly to the tongue, which greatly facilitates it use.

It is recommended to give the medicine on an empty stomach. Not suitable for treatment Greyhound pets as they differ hypersensitivity to components that are mined from hop cones and are contained in the preparation.

Fiteks for dogs

  • Another recommended remedy is Cot-Bayun. Many the owners do not take it into account after reading the name, and do it in vain. Cat-bayun is perfect for dogs. It provides the body animal substances of natural origin, not only positively affecting the nervous system, but also possessing fortifying property.

This tool can be given to pets from only one year old. IN pharmacies can be purchased both in tablet form and in the form of decoction. The only drawback is that it’s difficult to dose based on the body weight of the animal.

Bayan cat for dogs

  • Dbd Relax Plus – tablets in which as active The components are herbal extracts. In demand with dog owners, the norm for a single dose is calculated from the weight pet – 1 tablet corresponds to 10 kg.
  • Hormone Balancer Flower Essence – a preparation in the form of drops. Appointed by veterinarians during periods of hormonal changes animal – for flowing bitches, during sexual hunt, or false syndrome pregnancy. This remedy is one of the most effective in such situations.

Soothing herbs for dogs

The safest remedy for a four-legged pet is herbal infusion, drops, plant materials. And, in addition, in veterinary pharmacies can buy ready-made herbal remedies with balanced composition – containing several types of herbs.

They can be given not only for treatment, but also as prophylactic means – before a thunderstorm, before a trip or going to unfamiliar places. The correct dosage may be prescribed only a doctor.

Soothing herbs for dogs

To relieve the dog of anxiety, an extract is suitable valerian, tincture has an even stronger effect motherwort. They are suitable for long-term use. Only worth remember that such remedies are not used for treatment aggression.

Soothing herbs are actively used for dogs during exhibitions and competitions. This eliminates excitement, trembling and other signs of nervousness. And while the animal does not become sluggish and lethargic, which is extremely important for such events.

In case of severe stress, with aggressive behavior of the animal, jealousy of a new pet or newborn baby, the doctor may prescribe passionflower. It will also help calm the dog, on which valerian has the opposite effect – not relaxes, but, on the contrary, stimulates the nervous system.

Grass is also quite powerful sedative effect. Scutellaria baicalensis. The tool will help deal with chronic forms of nervous disorders, as well as reduce pain. It relieve the pet of fear, anxiety, nervous tension.

Oat tincture has a pronounced anti-stress effect, it can be used during periods of physical and nervous exhaustion, also suitable as a sedative for the elderly dogs. Oats infusion is suitable for treatment, as for chronic forms disorders and acute attacks.

Do not think that if the funds are safe, they can be given pet yourself. Yet they can do the opposite. action on the animal’s body, or not to exert it at all. In addition, different conditions require different drugs. therefore all questions, what herbs to give, in what dosages and for how long, only the veterinarian decides.

Relaxing music for dogs:

General recommendations

When resorting to herbal remedies, you should be extremely careful not to get the exact opposite result. Sometimes you have to go through several drugs to pick up the most suitable.

Many drugs can cause an allergic reaction, therefore it is necessary after the first dose to carefully monitor the condition animal. You can’t give sedatives to your pet at the same time. drugs of various classes.

Calming the animal with this kind of remedy before going to the veterinary clinic is not recommended. It can give incorrect test data, interfere with accurate diagnosis, and also reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Do not hope that herbs can completely eliminate sexual arousal – yet natural instincts will be stronger. Even medications are sometimes powerless in this matter.

Before giving any remedy to your beloved pet, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions and consult with by the veterinarian.

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