Dog rabies

Rabies virus knocked out dogs in the time of our era. AND although a vaccine against this infection was developed at the end of XIX centuries, even today many dogs pick up this harmful virus. In this article, we’ll look at how pets become infected, what are the symptoms of the disease, is there a chance to cure the animal, how much rabies dog lives and is there a danger to human being infected.

What triggers rabies?

Rabies in dogs causes Rabies Lyssavirus, which infects nerve cells, brain, endocrine glands. Latin word “rabies” translates to “demon”, and such a terrible name got this virus for good reason, because unvaccinated a dog infected with rabies, there is no chance of no salvation. Get sick rabies can be a pet of absolutely any breed, any age and sex. The killer virus enters the body of a healthy animal with saliva rabid specimen during a bite. Sometimes rabies-infected saliva can get into the nasal passages, eyes, mouth, skin during games healthy dog with rabid. Another option is sexual infection by way. The answer to the question of how rabies is transmitted from dogs to a person, simple: a sick animal rushes at his owner or stranger, infecting with a fatal ailment. By the way rabies can be picked up not only from the dog. Carriers the virus can be rats, cats, wolves and other mammals.

The incubation period of the disease

On average, the first signs of rabies appear after 14 days after the virus enters the body. Usually if a large amount of the virus has arrived, then the disease will be visible through 1-2 weeks. If a small amount of the virus has been transmitted to the animal, the disease can “hurt” even six months to a year after contact with sick person. Hazard to humans and animals. Carrier dog. the virus is approximately 7-14 days before the initial signs of the disease. Unfortunately, you can get rabies even from a dog that does not show signs of infection.

How to determine if a dog has rabies?

Absolutely every owner should know how rabies is manifested in dogs. As a rule, such an infectious disease most often occurs в буйной форме, которая делится на следующие stages: Sick Dog

  1. Продромальная – длится сутки-трое. Animal in such the period can often yawn, breathe through the mouth, swallowing air. Often, salivation is slightly enhanced. Some dogs become sleepy and lethargic, others behave calmly and affectionately. On unfortunately, it is very difficult to determine the disease at this stage;
  2. Manic – lasts from two to five days. Dog begins to “fool”: growl at the owner, avoid the inhabitants of the house, caress excessively. Calm second ago creature can swiftly attack the owner. In moments of rest, the animal and the affair seeks to a nook. The pet begins to be afraid of water. The stronger the virus infects the body, the more noticeable such dog rabies symptoms such as increased salivation, convulsions, panting;
  3. Paralytic is the last stage, which means that the end will come very soon. It lasts two to three days. Dog not eats and does not drink, saliva flows from her mouth almost without a break. Anger no more, the animal simply lies blankly, periodically it convulsions shake. Gradually developing muscle paralysis that leads to death from respiratory arrest.

Rabies can also occur in a quiet form, although much less frequently. in comparison with violent. With this course of the disease in the animal The following symptoms are observed:

  • Good appetite;
  • Adequate behavior;
  • Difficulty swallowing saliva, water and food;
  • Salivation;
  • Gait problems;
  • Rapid paralysis of the limbs and larynx.

With a quiet form, the disease takes away the strength of the animal suddenly, in just 2-4 days. If yesterday the dog felt normal, then already today he may die. In addition, although rare, he is furious may occur in remitting (the symptoms of the disease either subside, then increase) and atypical (there are no vivid symptoms of rabies, but there are signs of intestinal infection) forms.

Is it possible to save a dog from rabies?

Alas, there is no cure for rabies. All that can do a person noticing that he or someone else’s dog appeared at least some of the signs of infection are to contact soon city veterinary service or stray dog trapping service. Any contacts of an unprotected person with a sick animal запрещены.Dog vaccinationПесиков, у которых подозревают бешенство,placed in separate aviaries, where specialists monitor them. If a the animal is clearly sick with rabies, it is euthanized, not waiting until painful death to come on its own. The only option infection prevention – vaccination. The first vaccination against rabies is shown to puppies at the age of 3 months. Infected Unfortunately, it is impossible to help an animal.

Symptoms of rabies in humans

But what if rabies from a dog bite goes to a person? In that in the case you should consult a doctor as soon as possible, the deadline visit to a specialist – 1.5 – 2 weeks after the attack. But better not procrastinate, although a person has a chance of salvation, but animals, to Unfortunately, they are doomed. Rabies in humans is also divided into стадии:

  1. The first signs of the disease: fever (37-37.5 degrees), inflammation of the wound after a bite, dizziness, lethargy, nausea, emotional instability (painful dreams, hallucinations, causeless anxiety, irritability, apathy), loss of appetite. Such symptoms in a patient can last from 1 to 3 days;
  2. The next stage of rabies, lasting from 2 to 3 days, expressed as follows: a person develops cramps, muscle spasms swallowing and breathing, inability to drink and a sip of water. Observed increased sweating, active saliva, increased heart rate, dilated pupils. Almost always at this stage, a patient with rabies suffering from hallucinations, resulting in a fight with close or strangers. If there is no unfortunate person nearby a person can injure himself, for example, by trying jump out of the window;
  3. The very last stage lasts no more than 12-24 hours. The patient temperature rises to a critical level (up to 42 degrees), there is a very strong pulse with low arterial pressure. Behavior becomes calm, indifferent. Death brings paralysis of the heart or respiratory system.

It should be noted that the above symptoms of rabies in humans arise 7-40 days after contact with the patient to animals. Sometimes the presence of a virus in the body may manifest itself already 4-5 days after the bite, and sometimes the infection can “doze off”, reminding oneself only a year after communicating with an infected individual.

How to save a person from being infected with rabies virus?

Absolutely every person should know what to do if bitten by a dog sick with rabies. And not so important, own own or homeless. So, the actions should be like this:

  1. If the bite fell on an area protected by clothing, you need to determine if the fabric is torn or not. If the dog’s teeth got to body, you need to squeeze the skin around the bite, squeezing a little blood along with infected saliva;
  2. The wound should be washed and treated with iodine, brilliant green or peroxide. hydrogen;
  3. As soon as possible, contact a medical institution for blood donation and taking a smear from the cornea to confirm or deny the diagnosis;
  4. The hospital will need to give consent to the introduction of rabies vaccines and immunoglobulin. Moreover, all the requirements of a specialist should be carried out strictly, otherwise the virus may cause irreparable harm to the body.

Rabies is not a disease that can be treated not seriously. When visible signs of illness appear, save a life man will not succeed. Treatment will only be directed to reduction of suffering of the patient. Ideally, after any sting of someone else or your dog is better to see a specialist immediately.

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