Dog Pregnancy

Pregnancy in dogs is a very crucial period during which is developing a future charming puppy. On these terms the animal requires special attention, appropriate care and nutrition. Every female dog owner should know all about features of feeding your bitch and proper care of her on throughout her pregnancy.


  • 1. How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?
  • 2. Sickness in large dogs
  • 3. Pregnancy of small dogs
  • 4. Signs and symptoms of pregnancy in dogs
  • 5. Symptoms of false pregnancy
  • 6. Pregnancy of the dog by day
  • 7. Interruption of the pregnancy process

How long does a dog’s pregnancy last?

The average duration of a dog’s pregnancy may be make from 55 to 70 days. Sometimes there are cases when babies may be born on the 60th or 75th day pregnancy. This is due to individual physiological features of the female.

One of the reasons for late delivery is trauma that the dog received earlier. Also premature childbirth can occur due to any hidden diseases, as well as to be a consequence of the exhaustion of the body, age characteristics: too old or too young.

Large dog dogs

Pregnancy in dogs

In large breeds of animals, pregnancy proceeds throughout 65 days, although sometimes there are cases that puppies are born on 54th or 75th day. If in the womb there is a large the number of puppies, then the pregnancy time will decrease, and with a small amount will increase accordingly.

In the early stages of gestation, the dog leads a familiar lifestyle, as active and mobile. The next steps are important to limit excessive activity of the female. Quite often they do it themselves Feel great and become more calm.

Pregnancy Small Dogs

The normal duration of puppy in dogs belonging to small breeds are considered 60 days. In order to find out how much offspring will be born in the early stages of pregnancy make an ultrasound, and at later they can be felt.

Before pregnancy, small-breed individuals have a fever body is reduced by several degrees. They are very sensitive to hypothermia or overheating, so you need to monitor so that there is an appropriate temperature in the room where pregnant dog lives.

In small dogs, the size of the stomach is just as small, and this, in its in turn, affects feeding during their pregnancy. After all, with the growth of the uterus, the stomach shifts and is slightly compressed. therefore food should be light, but at the same time high-calorie.

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy in dogs

Symptoms of pregnancy

Many dog owners ask the same question: “How to understand whether a bitch is pregnant or not? “For this it is necessary, first turn to know the signs and symptoms of pregnancy in dogs. The main manifestations of this condition directly depend on which term is the female. In most cases, if the period is less than three weeks, then almost no changes with the animal occur, there is only increased drowsiness and some lethargy.

Starting from day 20-26, in the area of the location of the mammary glands, the skin gradually swells, and the glands themselves acquire a pinkish tint. An increase in the abdomen in volume is also clearly manifested, especially this observed in the region of the ribs.

Diagnosis using ultrasound is usually carried out from the 20th to 25th day. On amniotic fluid bubbles with embryos will already be visible on the screen of the device. The most obvious signs of pregnancy after the 30th of the day. At this stage, the female has significantly increased milk glands, and already 5-8 days before birth, experienced women in labor appear milk. If we talk about dogs that are pregnant for the first time, then milk in most cases arrives right before delivery or during time of direct labor.

Starting from the 35th day, the weight of the pregnant female is rapidly increasing every day. Appears on the 8th week of pregnancy the ability to feel individual fruits in the uterus. At this stage, when using x-ray images, you can determine which offspring expected.

Symptoms of false pregnancy

false pregnancy in dogs

False pregnancy in dogs is a disorder that occurs in animal body having physiological and mental character. They may be caused by any deviations. in the activity of the gonads.

External signs of false pregnancy are quite similar to ordinary. There is a change in the pigments of the mammary glands, the stomach grows, appears colostrum, but in reality the fetus is absent. The only sign by which you can identify false pregnancy, is the lack of movement embryos in the stomach of an animal.

All signs of false pregnancy are associated with a sharp change. Bitch behavior:

  • The female with special love equips her lair for future puppies.
  • He constantly plays and does not part with soft toys, licks them and behaves as if alive.
  • There is a certain lethargy regarding walking.
  • In most cases, behaves excitedly and even sometimes aggressively.

If such signs appear, contact immediately for help to the vet. Imaginary pregnancy can also eliminate and the owner himself. To do this, exclude everything from the animal’s diet dairy products, try to distract the animal as often as possible and give him various sedatives.

Dog Pregnancy by Day

Consider what happens in the process of carrying puppies:

  • At week 3, the main signs are refusal of food, the presence of vomiting. At this stage, puppies form hearts. It is very important during this period to monitor the diet of the bitch and constantly increase its daily amount.
  • After 24 days during the examination, the doctor may feel embryos.
  • On day 29, the final formation of appearance embryos without the formation of wool.
  • At the 6th week, an increase in the abdomen becomes visually noticeable, the nipples turn pink and the skin around them brightens.
  • For 30-35 days, you can conduct ultrasound diagnosis, as well as these days in babies ends formation all major body systems.
  • 8th week (54-58th day) – the bitch has frequent licking, and she is also looking for a future place for childbirth. Before direct birth, the dog’s temperature sharply drops to 35 degrees. It happens from about 6 to 32 hours before birth. At this moment, the owner must constantly to be with the animal in order to show your pet in time help needed.
  • When and what vaccinations do the pet;
  • How to feed a pregnant dog.


If we talk about the consequences that bears unplanned binding, then in this case the opinion of veterinarians is divided. Most of them consider the best way out the current situation – getting rid of puppies, while others, on the contrary, consider childbirth a healthy process and strongly against interruption unplanned pregnancy.

In order to interrupt the bearing, use various drugs. They include steroid hormone, which includes the active substance estradiol benzoate itself. This drug is administered to the animal by injection intramuscularly on the 2nd and 4th day after mating, and if this time is unknown, then the procedure is repeated also on the 6th day.

Most of the medications used to interrupt fever, have a large number of various contraindications, to which quite often include:

  • Inflammation of the uterus.
  • The discovery of bleeding.
  • Increased estrus.
  • Hormonal disruptions.

Therefore, do not prescribe medications yourself means not to harm your beloved pet.

In order for the birth to pass in the absolute norm, and puppies were born healthy, you need to monitor the status of your pet on throughout pregnancy. If any changes to the behavior of the animal or it refuses to walk and eat, then you should ask for help as soon as possible to the vet.

No need to leave your pet unattended and during childbirth. This process usually proceeds normally, but there are cases different and at any time the animal may need help or veterinarian intervention. Remember your favorite dog is becoming mom!

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