Dog Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes affects not only people, but also animals. While how people show a willingness to change their lifestyle so that help treatment pet owners are faced with additional problems that animals are usually not understand such a need. Treatment plans should be based on understanding natural fluctuations in blood glucose, but it’s very hard to determine. Researchers from the University of Veterinary medicine in Vienna showed that commercially available systems for continuous glucose monitoring can be applied to dogs not requiring the animals to find a clinic. Information received may provide valuable guidance to veterinarians on improving treatment dogs.

Diabetes has many serious consequences that can be prevented only by maintaining blood glucose levels on levels that are extremely close to glucose levels in healthy body. Insulin treatments require accurate knowledge fluctuations in blood glucose, which is difficult to achieve. Measurements usually held while patients are in clinic, but results may vary due to differences in eating and exercise, as well as appropriate stress. Blood glucose monitoring while or animals lead a normal life will give much more meaningful information than clinical measurements.

Menarini Diagnostics has developed a system for continuous monitoring of blood glucose in sick people. This system, known as “GlucoDay”, can measure the concentration glucose in a very wide range, which makes it potentially suitable for application to animals. The system was checked on ten diabetic dogs, all of whom received standard treatment insulin The system has worked well.

The results of the study were very revealing. Based detailed records of blood glucose levels, it became clear that not one out of ten dogs did not receive the perfect treatment. Scientists were able make recommendations to improve treatment, change dose or type insulin for the treatment of animals.

Glucose information has improved treatment in each specific case. This does not mean that the vets have not done their work properly but shows how difficult it is to determine appropriate treatment without detailed information of this kind. Through the use of continuous glucose monitoring systems such like “GlucoDay”, an opportunity to significantly increase the effectiveness of diabetes in dogs.

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