Dog cough: causes and treatment

When a person coughs, it means that the body trying to clear his throat or indicates a cold. Sometimes coughing may indicate more serious problems, such as pneumonia or lung cancer. Dog cough may indicate a number of problems. Type of cough, sometimes depending from a dog breed, may indicate different problems. Consider points you need to know about coughing in dogs.

Dog cough and its causes

Dog cough usually manifests as dry, deep coughing. Usually, the cough is worse during exertion. If your the dog has been in contact with other animals, perhaps there is a highly contagious viral or bacterial infection infection. Sometimes pets are busted a cough that can provoke even gag reflexes. If the dog swallows, licks, then the veterinarian can diagnose tonsillitis, less often tonsillitis. Besides Moreover, with this type of cough, a variant of the fact that in the throat is possible something stuck in the animal. Wet cough, accompanied by sounds resembling a gargling may indicate fluid or sputum in the animal’s lungs. Such a cough in mainly manifested in pneumonia, which can be caused viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. Mostly to pneumonia is prone to young and old dogs, as well as animals with weakened immunity. Also, the occurrence of pneumonia may cause a foreign substance to enter the respiratory tract bodies. Tiny dwarf breeds of dogs when coughing can emit a rather coarse sound, reminiscent of the sounds that an adult makes goose. Small breeds of dogs are prone to such an ailment as destruction trachea. You can often hear such a hoarse goose sound when the owner tries to pull the dog by the leash. Your pet coughs mostly at night when in a lying position? If you Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog or any other a dog prone to heart disease, then such a cough may talk about progressive heart disease.

What to do and how to treat a dog’s cough?

Of course, you can say that all of the above problems, are serious. In this you will be right. If the dog coughs quite often, if the cough is very strong, then try to show animal to the vet as soon as possible. Most diseases are easy treated if therapy is started in the early stages. The vet will appoint antibiotics to help cure a dog’s cough. At this dog should be isolated so as not to infect others animals. Most likely, you also suffered from coughing, so it’s good You know how painful a dry cough can be. In such In case of air in the room with the animal must be well moistened. Sometimes it’s enough to just take the dog with you to the bathroom room so that she breathes moist air while you take douche.Cough can also be caused by the presence of a foreign body, sometimes such a foreign body is ordinary lawn grass. If the dog walked on a high lawn and started coughing, there is a huge the likelihood of the presence of plant particles in the respiratory tract. Sometimes, grass, stuck in the airways, may not cause coughing, In doing so, it causes a bacterial infection, which eventually passes in pneumonia. At the slightest suspicion of the presence of an outsider subject in the airways of the animal – refer to to a veterinarian. Sore throat, tonsillitis and pneumonia are usually possible treated with antibiotics. In rare cases, treatment tonsillitis is dispensed with antibiotics, limited only by the fact that Do not give the dog a cold. Tracheal collapse (destruction of the trachea) most commonly found in older dwarf dogs with overweight. Often these dogs cough after taking food or water. To prevent the possibility of this ailment, you must follow a diet and control the weight of the pet. Not superfluous will give the animal regular exercise. The same the actions itself must be taken when the animal already sick. With such an ailment, the use of a collar is undesirable, because it will provoke a cough. dogs may also indicate a problem such as heart failure. When a disease occurs in the lungs liquid accumulates in the animal. In severe cases, the veterinarian will refer you to a cardiologist or other specialized specialist. The use of drugs can maintain normal the quality of life of the animal for several months, or even years, but only if the visit to the doctor occurred on early stage. If the cough is accompanied by frequent and difficult breathing, blood secretions – contact immediately clinic! To other problems that can provoke occurrence of cough, include: chronic bronchitis, disease, caused by worms, flu, some types of cancer. Sometimes a cough is not very concerned about the animal, but in any case, better consult with your veterinarian.

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