Dalmatian: a dog with spots of happiness

Dalmatians – the only breed in the canine world, considered really spotty. Moreover, the spots of a real Dalmatian do not appear immediately, but a week after birth or later. Congenital spots are considered marriage, and such pets until exhibitions are not allowed. But even such dogs delight their owners, because with good upbringing, the Dalmatians are surprisingly friendly and are affectionate.


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Breed Standard
  • 3 Character
  • 4 Pros and Cons of Breed
  • 5 Care and maintenance
    • 5.1 Feeding
    • 5.2 Grooming
    • 5.3 Education and training
    • 5.4 Pet Games
    • 5.5 Diseases and treatment
    • 5.6 life span
  • 6 Breeding
    • 6.1 Knitting
    • 6.2 Pregnancy
    • 6.3 Caring for puppies
  • 7 What to call a Dalmatian
    • 7.1 Boys
    • 7.2 Girl
  • 8 Interesting Facts
  • 9 Owner reviews about Dalmatians

Breed history

It is believed that the Dalmatians are a very ancient breed. In the excavation sacrificial fires in today’s Austria dating from II — III millennia BC, the skull of a dog was discovered, very resembling the skeleton of the head of the current hound or Dalmatian. There are different opinions about the origin of the breed in its today’s view. Most dog handlers agree that the homeland of these animals is the territory of the former Yugoslavia, where the Dalmatian region was located, from which their title.

The proof of this version is that on the arms of many Yugoslav princes depict white dogs with black spots. Hence, representatives of this breed were first exported to British exhibition.

A dog very similar to a Dalmatian depicted on the coat of arms of a Yugoslav prince

The main purpose of these dogs since ancient times was hunting, as well as escort and protection of the owners

However, some historians claim that similar animals preserved in images of ancient India, and in Europe they appeared along with roving gypsies. There are researchers who are confident that Dalmatians came to us from ancient Egypt. Last theory seems plausible when you consider that these dogs are beautiful tolerate heat.

Already in the XVIII century spotted pets were actively used on horse hunting as hounds. Representatives of the nobility bred spotted pets like carriage dogs – they ran in front of the crew and cleared the way. And at long journeys they protected the owners from robbers and wild animals.

Today Dalmatians use during earthquakes to search people under the rubble. They found the most interesting application in the USA: for a long time they ran in front of fire trucks and barked about their appearance. So they became the first sirens on fire brigades. Since then in America they are called “firefighters dogs. ”

Dalmatian involved in a procession with a rare fire engine

In modern performances related to early fire engines models, the Dalmatian is a mandatory participant

Breed standard

The color of the Dalmatians is white with spots. And they don’t have to be black. It is considered standard and brown spots. There are also tiger spots or gray color.

Dalmatians with black and brown spots

In one litter puppies can be born with both black and brown spots

Merged spots are valued below individual ones. And congenital sign of rejection, while they are determined in an adult by lack of white hairs characteristic of acquired spots.

Key indicators of the standard:

  • male growth 56–61 cm; females – 54–59 cm;
  • the weight of males is 27–32 kg; females – 24–29 kg.

The standard attaches great importance to the absence of deafness. In Russia such testing is not specifically conducted, but in America he pay great attention. There is a hearing impairment in Dalmatians detected in 20% of cases.


It is believed that representatives of this breed tend to become attached to to the owner and members of his family. The dog is sociable, mobile, very clean. True, if you do not pay it attention, can do something or take offense.

If the owner does not deal with the dog, he will find himself entertainment, not always comfortable with the owner. Such a pet can go far run away for a walk or play with illegal objects. However in in general, these animals do not cause much trouble, do not bark for no reason and get along well with the kids.

Dalmatians treat kittens

These dogs are curious, but not aggressive, get along well with cats

Pros and cons of the breed

Dalmatians have a number of undoubted advantages:

  • the mind, kindness, friendliness of this dog is its special charm;
  • such a pet has an ocean of energy, and if you yourself are a lover active walks, this is your choice;
  • a young animal is easy to train;
  • she is clean: 2-3 baths per week are enough.

Dalmatian is playing with a child

Children tend to love these animals for their loyalty and affectionateness

However, like any breed, they have their drawbacks:

  • if a person likes to lie on the couch, such a dog he doesn’t will do;
  • with age, Dalmatians become more independent and can show character;
  • like most shorthair tetrapods with elements white, they are highly susceptible to allergic diseases;
  • the wool needs to be looked after every day: if it is not combed, all your clothes will be in white villi;
  • Dalmatians in the frost often freeze their ears, so in the cold it’s better to walk for a short time, but regularly.

Care and maintenance

The best home for a Dalmatian would be a country house, where you can run around in the yard and play. A dog can live in apartment, but then you’ll have to walk with him more.

If you leave your pet without movement, he will irritable and may even refuse food. Outside round representatives of this breed cannot live for a year: they will be in frost freeze and hurt.

Dalmatian is sad

If the owners do not stay at home for a long time, the pet may be sad or start chewing furniture

Caring for them is simple: regular walks, combing and feeding is all that is required of the owner.


Representatives of this breed are quite omnivorous and get used well both to natural feeds and to artificial ones.

True, artificial feed should be without dyes, on which such pets often have allergies. Carefully should approach natural feed: spotted family members often allergic to the liver, especially pork. Some dog handlers write about their same reaction to chicken. Pick up four-legged friend menu so as not to deliver him inconvenience.

An important principle – meat and fish in the diet should be, but in limited amount, as in Dalmatians because of protein in food urolithiasis often develops. Saltwater fish can used raw, the river must certainly be boiled.

Cereals in the Dalmatian menu should also be present, but in the amount of not more than a quarter of the total volume of food. Do not forget about fermented milk products. The gastrointestinal tract of these dogs is also assimilates most vegetables without problems: cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin. But with fruits it is better to be more restrained, again because allergic reactions.

Dalmatian and summer still life

The dog herself is distrustful of the fruit table.

Dogs of this breed should not be given hercules: white coat from it acquires a yellowish tint.


Caring for the hair of such dogs is not particularly difficult. You only need to comb it out daily, as the animal constantly molt. Only the brush must not be selected stiff, otherwise the skin may be damaged.

If molting is too intense, it may be a sign of lack of vitamins. It is important to ensure that they were present in the pet’s diet in kind or as special additives, which are now sold a lot.

Parenting and training

The dog executes the command:

Of course, to work out the command: “Aport!” has the meaning use more suitable dog size items

A well-bred Dalmatian is a loyal friend and a wonderful companion for walks. You just need to give the puppy right away understand who is the master of the situation. For example, by the age of three months he must clearly carry out the command “Come to me!”. It is significantly simplify communication with him on a walk. Since the young Dalmatians are very curious and often strive to run away, teaching a pet, you must use goodies and pulling up the leash.

At the same time, in no case should not yell at the dog and especially to beat her, – spotty pets are very touchy.

From the first days, the puppy should know where its place, bowls of water and food. By the age of three months he can already be trained in teams “Sit!”, “Lie!” and “Next!”. Usually this breed is easy learns new things, and the dog starts to execute basic commands quickly. Over time, especially at the site, more complex orders such as “Barrier!” or walking on a log. Combat skills, for example, indifference to a shot or the correct reaction to “Fas!”, If necessary, honed with the instructor.

Commands must be accompanied by gestures, some of which they should only be yours so that outsiders do not know about them. This can save you later in a dangerous situation.

Pet games

The dog learns during the game

Games are probably the favorite pastime of these dogs, and because in their process they learn faster

It makes sense to train this dog in the process. games. For example, the command “Aport!” easy to digest with using the ball, these hounds adore finding a person in the wake or thing and happily jump into the water for a wand, it only costs bring them to nature. With great joy, the Dalmatians are running next to by owner’s bike or ski.

Active games are better, of course, to spend on the street. Dimensions spotted pet still do not allow him to rush about apartment.

Disease and treatment

Dalmatian at the vet

With persistent symptoms of malaise, it is always better to show pet to the vet

All dogs may be susceptible to infectious diseases: plague, hepatitis and others – which can be ruled out with vaccinations. However, there are ailments that are characteristic precisely for dalmatians. Vulnerabilities in these animals are the kidneys and skin.

The most common misfortune in spotted households is urolithiasis disease. The dog does not want to go hand in hand, does not give himself iron, hardly sits down and gets up. This is due to seizures lower back pain. After a while they stop, but the disease continues to evolve. The reason for this, in addition to excess protein food, can become short walks, lack of movement.

Surgical treatment of kidneys is rare, more often use a catheter or stone-dissolving drugs, for example, allopurinol. Without consulting a veterinarian, give such funds the pet is not worth it, as they require careful calculation. Skin diseases are treated with vitamins and antiallergic drugs.

Life span

With good care and frequent walks, representatives of this breed live on average 10-13 years. Moreover, their motor activity persists until old age.



The first mating of a Dalmatian girl is a responsible process.

A female should not be mated with the first estrus. By this time she is not yet ready for motherhood. It is preferable to knit later. For example, the third time.

The tide usually lasts from 14 to 25 days, and the period from 10 to 14 considered the most favorable. Highlight noticeably brighter girl willingly strokes himself, often takes his tail aside.

Knitting is best done twice.

Before the procedure, you need to make sure that the expectant mother healthy, make the necessary vaccinations, drive away worms.


In the first four weeks after mating, its successful outcome may not be to notice. An experienced host is able to detect changes in behavior: a pregnant female becomes calmer, more affectionately. In the fifth week, signs of toxicosis are possible.

Dogs usually give birth on the 65th day, but sometimes gestation is delayed to 70.

Puppy care

One and a half month old puppies

By the age of one and a half months, puppies are not only quite like an adult individual, but also quite active in battles for mother’s milk

Cubs are born completely white, and only at 7-10 days they spots appear. If the mother has enough milk, puppies can be fed from three weeks of age. By as the kids grow up, they should give cereals from ground cereals, with the exception of millet, semolina and hercules, “peas” of raw meat. Gradually, you can add eggs, cottage cheese, vegetable purees to the diet.

If the female disappears and there is very little milk, in veterinary clinics, you can purchase a special substitute or dry food as additive. Milk formula for human children puppies do not fit.

Completely from maternal nutrition, the litter is weaned months two. Then the puppies can be transferred to new owners. To that of time they should already be able to eat, drink and messing around with toys.

What to call a Dalmatian


There are many variations of male names for a spotted pet: Nike, Jacques, Chucky, Rap, Snickers, Marquis, Lucky, Santa, Harlequin, Jacquard, Star, Marble, Hypnosis, Nice, Skye, Star, Pattern, Esthete.

Baby girl

For newborn females, ideas about nicknames are no less: Sandy, Evie, Point, Adele, Basia, Gabby, Ruth, Delta, Tattoo, Brittany, Jesse, Buffy, Starry, Abby, Zebu, Candy, Gerda, Alma, Nick, Phoebe.

Interesting Facts

Smiling Dalmatian

The beauty and charm of these dogs is probably the main reason for choosing in their favor, the future owners, but only active, funny, people loving walks in the fresh air, preferably living in a country house with a large family, can become for such pets ideal hosts

Any breed has curious distinctive features. And these dogs are not an exception:

  • Dalmatians have no equally spaced spots, they are purely individual, like fingerprints in humans.
  • In the famous Disney cartoon on dogs in general, 6,469 952 spots. The actor-man voiced the dogs in it.
  • A great lover of this breed was George Washington.
  • Dalmatians have spots even in their mouths.

Owner reviews about Dalmatians

Dalmatian – calm and balanced, friendly and alert, affectionate and distrustful of strangers, with a sense of self dignity, sensitive, gets along well with other animals, on the hunt affectionate. in my opinion a very correct dog.

I. Buranov


The dog is very playful, funny, very affectionate and kind. With very difficult character. The dog responds adequately to strangers, but at first it does not allow itself to be ironed – it is eyeing. When the dog getting bored, he tries to wake everyone up, crawls right on the bed and sighs directly above my face or the face of my husband. feed him mostly chicken legs, cereals with something meat or fish. Under the mood, he can eat a carrot or an apple. Highly likes sweets mainly chocolate or cookies. I often take him with him for a run in the park, he does it with great pleasure. It is important for this dog to walk and let off steam. A dog bathes two to three times a month, that’s exactly how he advised a veterinarian, you don’t need to comb it, because the coat is not long, just wash in a special mitt. You should also monitor ears, clean them and dig in special oil, for prevention pests. Regarding training, it’s not very easy for her succumbed to being a puppy, and not many puppies are very obedient. The dog can serve, give a paw, voice, sit, spin and command to lie. I would not call the Dalmatian a guard, because if he he will hear extraneous sounds on the street or in the entrance, he will first he listens, and then begins to bark loudly and howl. Generally I would recommend this dog as a pet, even in a family with young children, since he is very kind and never when who will not bite.



Dalmatians – active, kind and smart creatures, easy trainable, very hardy physically. Such dogs ideal for long and long walks. For lovers of active pet classes that love nature and the physical load, these creatures fit like no other.

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