Choose a collar from ticks and fleas for dogs

Fleas and ticks cause a lot of trouble to any dog. That’s why each pet owner must choose the right special flea and tick collar. These parasites not only deliver inconvenience to the animal, but can pose a real threat to his life. There are many drugs for fleas and ticks: from oral to ointments. But one of the most common and easiest ways prevention of fleas and ticks is special collar. Flea and tick collars do their job well. tasks not only if they are constantly worn, but then, when they are periodically worn on a pet. Important right pick up a collar. He must not only deal with fleas and ticks, but also be comfortable for the pet itself.

The benefits of a collar over drugs

The main advantage of flea and tick collars is their long term, which can not be said about medicinal preparations. In addition, it is much more convenient to use it than ointments or other drugs that you need to take quite often and a long period. Please note that use a collar from fleas or ticks longer than indicated in the instructions, categorically prohibited. Moreover, at the expiration of the relevant period, he loses its properties.

What to look for when buying a collar

One of the most important details that a dog owner should pay attention before you buy a collar, this is its size. The collar must be tight enough to the body of the animal to the pet could not reach it with his tongue or nibble. After all, toxins easily penetrate the skin and have a negative effect on the condition dog health. Flea or tick collar safe for skin animal, but dangerous for the digestive tract. Need to pick such a collar that would fit snugly enough to the dog’s body, but wouldn’t be so small as to irritate the dog’s skin around neck.

How the flea and tick collar “works”

The collar has a negative effect on fleas, ticks, and on other insects that feed on animal blood. This is very its important feature. After all, even a small number of fleas can cause a number of dangerous diseases and persistent itching. Collar – it is a preventive measure aimed at protecting the animal from parasites.

There are two types of flea and tick collars

  • The first species spreads a special gas that has toxic components that directly affect the parasite. But such a collar is not very effective, since it only affects on parasites located near him, but fleas in the tail, to for example, they can survive.
  • Another variety is collars containing special drug. It is absorbed into the subcutaneous layers of pet fat. When a flea bites an animal, it dies. This type of collar is more effective.

The chemical composition of flea and tick collars

In the production of any flea and tick collar various toxic chemicals, insecticides, which and destroy parasites. Watch the chemical composition of the collar. Some chemicals are less dangerous but more effective.

  • Deltamethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid related to the safest insecticides. He has minimal negative effects on humans and pets. But this one the drug is not the only acceptable option.
  • Pyriproxyphene is another safe insecticide that exerts its main effect on the parasite larvae. it the substance does not allow to multiply. Therefore, parasites die in a fairly short time.
  • Propoxur – a substance that destroys the nervous system of fleas. It quickly kills parasites, but is dangerous enough for humans. Propoxur collars require special attention and caution.
  • Tetrachlorvinphos – a substance that is necessary, according to opportunities to avoid. Despite its effectiveness, tetrachlorvinphos is very dangerous for human health. Special children are vulnerable in this regard. In some collars, this drug is still applied despite the fact that there are more safe substances.

Should a dog wear a collar daily?

The collar does not have to be worn daily. If you are going go with your pet to places where there may be fleas or ticks, then it is at this moment that you need to wear it. When the pet is in at home, the collar can be removed.

When can’t you put a flea collar on your pet?

In no case should you wear a flea collar on your pet If the dog is already receiving medication, for example, using oral medications or ointments. IN otherwise the dog may suffer significant overdose of drugs aimed at combating parasites. Everything the fact is that the neurotoxins that kill fleas can accumulate in the body of the animal and cause various negative manifestations and poor health.

Negative impact

Flea and tick collars are naturally designed exclusively for animals. They must be handled very carefully. Human skin very sensitive, it does not have hair like dogs, so toxins easily penetrate the skin. It is especially dangerous to touch your fingers with mucous membrane of the eye after contact with the collar. After each touching the collar, wash your hands thoroughly. Negative other pets may also be affected for example, on cats. If you decide to get rid of fleas in a cat, then it is necessary to use collars for cats or other drugs, designed specifically for cats.

Popular flea and tick collars for dogs

There are a lot of manufacturers of collars. Let’s stop on the most popular: Collars “Foresto” (Seresto, Форесто)Foresto Collars“Foresto” – это эффективные и безопасныеCollars designed for dogs of small breeds. Duration the actions of this collar – up to eight months. He reliably kills fleas and ticks, but before using it is better to use medications. Foresto are distinguished by their special durability. In addition, they are also waterproof, which allows even bathe the dog in the collar. Many collars have a minus which consists in a large release of toxins in case of its damage. Foresto in this regard is absolutely safe. But worth understand that the toxins contained in any collar are negative affect older dogs and pets with sensitive кожей.Ошейник от клещей “Virbac Preventic”Virbac Preventic CollarЭтот ошейник не совсем от блох. Main its function is the destruction of ticks. It promotes disconnection tick from the skin and its destruction. Active exposure begins in during the day. Virbac Preventic Collar Validity Period – 3 month. Despite the effectiveness of the collar in the fight against ticks, it not so effective in fighting fleas. Therefore, it is better to choose more universal option. Some animals show a number of allergic reactions to the components contained in the collar “Virbac Preventic.” If after using it in an animal skin changes, weakness, or other non-standard manifestations – immediately contact ветеринару.Ошейник от блох “Hartz Ultra Guard”"Ошейник Hartz Ultra GuardОшейники этой компании рассчитаныon dogs of large sizes, therefore they are distinguished by a special durability. Stretch them slightly before use. Hartz Ultra Guard flea collars have a validity period of 5 months. They are waterproof, so you can bathe the dog without removing the collar from the pet. Hartz Ultra Collar Feature Guard ‘is a flavoring. They have a pleasant smell that cannot be say about other products of this type. “Hartz Ultra Guard” is very effectively fights against parasites, but its composition includes dangerous for human carcinogens. When using collars “Hartz Ultra Guard “need to be extremely careful and keep it away from children. Collar “LSD Pet” Collars “LSD Pet” effectively fight with fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. The active phase of their action begins during the day and lasts for four months. “LSD Pet”made of dense and durable nylon. They are wear resistant and very convenient to use. They are very easy to put on and take off with dogs. The collar “LSD Pet” is waterproof, so it must be removed while bathing the dog. This model, despite its strength, has disadvantages: the collar is prone to shedding and cracking, which can lead to its destruction.


A high-quality collar is a real escape from fleas or ticks for your pet and the safety of your loved ones. Correctly matched collar – a guarantee of getting rid of parasites without negative effects on the health of the pet and your family members.

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