Chihuahua: Pros and Cons of the Breed

Chihuahua is the oldest dog breed native to Mexico, whose representatives managed to gain popularity around the world. These tiny pets become true family members, excellent companions and favorites, understanding and loyal. Many owners note the unpretentiousness of these doggies, but this partly due to the fact that they close their eyes or simply not notice some flaws in their four-legged friends. What are pros and cons of a chihuahua, about which the future owner It is advisable to know before the baby crosses the threshold of the house?


  • 1. The big advantages of a small dog
    • 1.1. Compact size
    • 1.2. Charming appearance
    • 1.3. Vigilance
    • 1.4. High sociability
    • 1.5. Character Pros
    • 1.6. High intelligence and good memory
    • 1.7. Good cohabitation with both people and others animals
    • 1.8. Easy care
    • 1.9. The dog can be accustomed to the tray
  • 2. About the disadvantages of a chihuahua
    • 2.1. Modest size
    • 2.2. The mind and quick wits
    • 2.3. Incredible courage
    • 2.4. Difficulties in education and training
    • 2.5. Tray in the house
    • 2.6. Strong attachment to the master
  • 3. The health of sneezes – dog genetics failed

Big advantages of a small dog

If you ask any owner of the smallest doggie in the world – chihuahua, he can list for a long time, how good and handsome his pet is. Of course, at some points one can doubt it, but the sneezes definitely have important the benefits

Compact size

The standard states that an adult male of this breed at growth of 15-23 cm at the withers should weigh from 1.3 to 2.7 kg. Height in withers of bitches are the same, but their minimum weight is 1.5 kg. Naturally, maintaining proportionality and harmony is important. physique of the pet. Chihuahas are the smallest dogs in the world, and the smaller the individual, the higher its value. Chihuahua. Pros and cons of the breed. Read the article

Small sizes have undoubted advantages:

  • a tiny baby eats little, which means that even choosing for him food expensive feed, the owner will not notice the gaps in the budget. Natural feeding also does not cause any difficulties;
  • a dog can be started even if there is a small living space – in the smallest apartment there is a place for a small house or a mattress, although chiha prefer to be housed more often on the master’s furniture;
  • doggie does not need intense loads – to maintain a good fit chihu run a couple of times around the house and as many times jump from your favorite sofa to the floor and back;
  • in the case of such a miniature pet, the owner will not have problems with trips – he can take his doggie everywhere, and with they even let chihuashikas where there is a ban on entry with dogs.

Charming appearance

Chihi have to theirselves – their pretty face, big eyes with a smart, interested look, they cannot leave indifferent.


These dogs have protective qualities. Of course, baby, in force of size, will not be able to protect the house, property and owners from intruders intruders, but be sure to notify the entire district about their coming. This baby can bark loudly and loudly.

High sociability

Chihuahas well tolerate any changes – moving, travel, a change of housing, just to be close to your beloved host. But competent socialization of the four-legged is important in this matter favorite.

Character Pros

Chihuahua is a cheerful, positive kid who is able to raise the mood of the whole family. He sensitively captures the mood of the owner and always nearby to support. If a person is not in good spirits, the doggie will knowingly wait out the storm aside.

Representatives of this breed are calmer than, for example, toy terriers, they like to run and play, but not so choleric. Doggies are neither infantile nor hysterical.

High intelligence and good memory

With the right approach to education and training, the dog is capable of to master even a complex training program. Baby is not easy remembers information, it literally absorbs it like a sponge. No wonder many owners think that the pet understands them at a glance.

Good cohabitation with both people and other animals

To start such a tiny baby is recommended as lonely to people and families alike. The kid will find an approach to all households, but only the owner who is more than the rest will remain devotees spends time with him. Chihuahua on a skateboard

With children, miniature dogs have a good relationship – they like to spend time with older kids, play and frolic. In addition, if you make a sneeze for a child 7-8 years old and older, he he can take care of the pet, educate and engage him training.

With other pets “sneeze” also gets along well. Often these dogs become best friends with cats and even larger ones dogs.

Easy care

Chihuahuas do not need complex procedures, they are all standard: inspection and rinsing of the eye, brushing of teeth and ears, cutting claws as they grow. Doggie with long hair comb out every 2-3 days, for shorthair 1 procedure per a week.

Babies are bathed a couple of times a month, but given the size of the pet, This procedure does not take more than 15 minutes.

The dog can be accustomed to the tray

Not so long ago it was considered unnatural that dogs Celebrate the need for a tray. But with the growing popularity of pocket rocks, this quality has become an indisputable advantage of such doggies. At owners have the opportunity to stay at work or away, not worrying that their pet suffers or fulfills the need for inappropriate places.

But the tray is not a complete replacement for paddock – whose should regularly walk, chat with other people, dogs, get acquainted with new places.

Chihuahua is the owner of many positive qualities, what else more places dog lovers for this breed. But there is also a number nuances that can somewhat overshadow this picture. Truth, most problems are easily solvable.

About the disadvantages of a chihuahua

Actually, if you look at the benefits from a different angle, they easily turn into flaws, and vice versa. Does not exist as ideal people and dogs, but they are all individual and unique. All the same, what should be warned of future owners these amazing dogs?

Modest size

A tiny baby is more vulnerable than its larger counterparts. The owner should be more concerned about his safety at home, so and on the street. A threat to the physical health of the doggie is even half-year-old toddler, capable of inadvertently inflicting a dog mutilations. Chihuahuas are resting

It’s worth being constantly alert in the house so that you don’t inadvertently sit on the pet that has fallen asleep in the chair should not be pinched by the door or to step on. During the walks you must not lose vigilance. At whoever escaped from the owner of a sneeze has virtually no chance of surviving in harsh street conditions.

The mind and quick wits

Unfortunately, it’s more difficult to train such smart dogs, than less developed animals. Chihi won’t blindly perform teams, questioning the owner’s words, pondering whether him that.

In addition, thanks to high intelligence, such a pet capable of all sorts of tricks to avoid classes and subjugate the master. Owner needs to take tough leadership position and not give slack. Otherwise, he will not have time look back as this little one begins to set its own rules.

Incredible courage

This quality is often the cause of tragedy. Chihuashki not Thinking and not looking at the size of the opponent, they rush at the offender the owner, why often suffer. In addition, males of this breed quite pugnacious, it is advisable for the owner to prevent conflict situation.

Difficulties in education and training

The sneeze, despite its size, is very smart and cunning, and in addition, possesses amazing acting talents. He is obligatory will try to seize the initiative, take leadership positions, the main goal of the owner is to prevent this. Otherwise, this baby literally “sit on your head” and expect submission from him and obedience is not worth it.

Tray in the house

For many owners this form is unacceptable toilet, more suitable for cats. In addition, there are dogs harder to accustom to the tray. Often they, even being familiar with him, no, no, but continue to walk past. The second difficulty arises, when a dog starts to get acquainted with street conditions, many pets endure and “all their own” stubbornly carry home.

But it is worth listening to the opinion of veterinarians who do not recommend completely discarding the tray. Chihuashki have tendency to urolithiasis, and frequent abstinence able to provoke the development of this serious ailment.

Strong attachment to the master

Often, owners compare their tiny pets with a shadow, next on the heels. And really a sneeze doesn’t tolerate separation, they love to be near the owner, they can not be left for a long time in loneliness. In addition, many representatives of the breed are very jealous, they show obvious discontent when the owner pays attention other households and animals. Cute chihuahua

However, many behavioral problems are solved, and features character are perceived as a component of the full image of these extraordinary dogs. Do not think that crumbs weighing 500 g are not requires education and training. In addition, the baby really needs socialization. With a competent approach, most of the shortcomings can be eliminate, and bad habits and completely avoid:

  • who will not bark for a long time for no reason;
  • learns to behave well, being alone – will not panic, doing damage to things, and will relax and play, waiting for a beloved master;
  • you can avoid street shoots and fights that threaten the pet death;
  • the pet will not show aggression towards pets caused by jealousy, etc.

Raised Chihuahua – if not perfect, then close to it pet. He gives joy and becomes a real outlet.

Sneeze health – dog genetics failed

Having strong immunity, dogs of this breed also have many genetic diseases, which does not allow them to be attributed to healthy breeds. Of course, competent selection reduces the likelihood transmissions of mutating genes but all over the world continue to appear offspring from crosses of individuals with vices. Similar arises due to the fact that people in pursuit of profit are trying to hide diseases of pets and allow their mating.

Future owners should pay attention to the following:

  • chihuahuas have soft bones – this negatively affects the condition their teeth, limbs, some dogs have a puppy fontanel remains open for life;
  • problems can occur with cardiovascular, digestive system;
  • many individuals are obese, which can lead to tracheal collapse;
  • there is a tendency to eye diseases, due to their convex form;
  • a common pathology of a chihuahua is epilepsy;
  • an allergy is detected, more often food;
  • as with representatives of the rest of the dwarf breeds, in chihuas hydrocephalus is often diagnosed;
  • in males, cryptorchidism is often detected;
  • often females have problems during delivery, they help from a veterinarian is required.

You can reduce the likelihood of pathological processes – care and proper nutrition help in this, but 100% eliminate the probability of their occurrence is impossible.

Chihuahua is a tiny friend, favorite, family member and is it worth it talk about his flaws? Especially since most problems solved by a competent approach, love, care.

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