Cestal for cats

Worms are endoparasites that can not only significantly worsen the quality of life of the cat, but also lead the unfortunate pet to death. Moreover, helminths are dangerous for humans, especially if immunity its weak. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly conduct deworming pets using modern means: tablets, sprays, drops, suspensions. One of the time-tested anthelmintics – Cestal preparation for cats (or more precisely, Cestal Cat) Hungarian production, developed by French specialists. Consider this deworming in more detail.

What is cestal?

“Cestal” – flat round tablets of a gray-yellow shade with taste of the liver, packed in 2 pieces in blisters. In each package the drug contains 5 blisters, that is, only 10 tablets. Instructions for use “Cestal” states that the current the substances of the tablets are praziquantel and pyrantel embonate (which is one of the safest means for prevention and treatment of helminthiasis in cats). The goal of Cestal is prevention and treatment of cestodoses and nematodes. The action of the drug begins approximately 2 hours after taking the pill. Exactly then muscle contraction of the worms occurs, and after paralysis and inevitable death of parasites. If we consider the properties of “Cestal Cat” more in detail, it allows you to save animals from the following diseases:

  • Toxocariasis, toxascaridosis, uncinariosis, hookworm, trichosephalosis – these diseases caused by worms belonging to the class of nematodes. All of them parasitize in the small intestine and sometimes the stomach. Infection can occur in utero, after eating an infected rodent – carrier of worm eggs, through skin, food or water where there are eggs helminths. Symptoms of the listed invasive ailments – refusal food or increased appetite, perversion of taste preferences (a cat can eat its own or someone else’s stool), cough, frustration intestines, bloating, dull hair, pale mucous membranes integument, impaired coordination of movement, exhaustion;
  • Dipyllidiosis, diphyllobothriasis – diseases caused by cestodes. In this case, dipilids affect the cat’s body with intermediate hosts – ectoparasites (fleas, etc.), and diphyllobota – at the expense of residents of freshwater bodies of water (fish, crustaceans, etc.). If the cat is sick, she may experience apathy, diarrhea or constipation, vomiting, discharge from the eyes, pallor of mucous membranes, clumping untidy hair. With diphyllobothriasis, anemia and Vitamin B hypovitaminosis. Cestodoses in a cat may occur. damage to the nervous system.

As can be seen from the listed symptoms, untreated helminthiasis can lead to the death of a pet, therefore it is better not to wait for disturbing calls, and conduct anthelmintic therapy as a prophylaxis. By choosing pills for worms for cats “Cestal”, can be protected caudate friend from vile parasites.

Features of the drug Cestal Cat

To deworming was done correctly, to the owner keep in mind:

  1. “Cestal” is stored no more than 24 months in a dry, devoid of light place at a temperature of 15-25 degrees. After the expiration of this period the drug for cats is losing its effectiveness;
  2. Before deworming, the cat is not put on a hungry diet, but also do not give her laxatives;
  3. “Cestal Cat” is forbidden to give a cat with pills “Piperazine” – an anthelmintic with a wide spectrum of action;
  4. “Cestal” is allowed kittens older than 3 weeks;
  5. As a rule, the drug does not cause allergies, even with overdose (it’s better, of course, not to experiment and count dose correctly). However, if the cat suddenly felt bad after deworming, an antihistamine should be used and consult a veterinarian. Component Sensitive Animals Cestal should not be given.

How and in what doses do Cestal give cats?

To deworm the drug in three ways:

  1. Mixing a tablet with food;
  2. Putting the right amount of medicine on a cat’s root language
  3. Mixing the crushed tablet with a little water. IN In this case, the drug is given to the cat with a syringe without a needle.

As a prophylaxis, “Cestal” is given to the pet once every 3 months during morning feeding. If the cat needs treatment for helminthic invasion, the dose and frequency of the drug are prescribed veterinarian. Also deworming is given to cats 2 weeks before vaccination and a week or two before the alleged mating. Tablets from worms for cats “Cestal” is used in the following dosage:

  • Less than 1 kg – 0.25 pcs.
  • 1-2 kg – 0.25 pcs.
  • 2-4 kg – 1 pc.
  • 4-8 kg – 2 pcs.
  • More than 8 kg – 3 pcs.

Reviews about the drug Cestal for cats

For most hosts, Cestal tablets are deworming like. Among the disadvantages of the drug is usually called uncomfortable dosage (an adult heavyweight cat has to eat as much as 3 tablets); high price for a package of medicine (10 pieces); strong a specific smell, not too similar to a natural liver. So, read reviews about this anthelmintic: Review number 1: “We” Cestal “prescribed by a veterinarian before doing vaccinations. My cat is rather big (6 kg), so I had to give 2 immediately tablets. With dry food, the cat did not swallow the tablets, therefore chopped them with a spoon, and then mixed them with raw meat. Ate but somehow reluctantly. I did not notice any side effects, the cat was funny, next time he ate well. I recommend these pills but I think that 2 pieces at once is too much … “; Review No. 2: “I bought” Cestal “my Orange in a veterinary pharmacy last month for 80 rubles (this is the price for a little thing). The drug removes worms, and the cat tolerates it well, only the appetite is slightly reduced. I think these tablets are much more effective than similar domestic remedies. true sell them individually not everywhere, so for the whole package the price will be impressive – about 800 rubles, or even more … “; Review No. 3: “I tried a lot of all anthelmintic drugs, until I bought “Cestal.” I like everything about him, only giving them to the cat is difficult: not he wants to drink chemistry in any form. And scratched, and under his sofa I catch. Together with the husband we hold, and that part of the pill is our cat, nicknamed Kuzya spits out. But there are no side effects from Cestal, but from other tablets he couldn’t leave a couple of days: and vomited it, and the chair was loose … ”

Drug cost

The price of “Cestal” in different pharmacies may vary. So in some online pharmacies can purchase packaging at least 550 rubles, the maximum price can reach up to 850-900 rubles. In ordinary veterinary pharmacies, medicine for prevention and helminthiasis treatment can be bought individually for 65-75 rubles or more. Before buying medicine without packaging, be sure to ask a box where the date of manufacture is indicated, as well as ask instructions for familiarization.

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