Caesarean section in dogs

Such surgery is prescribed in order to to extract offspring from the uterus of a puppy female. Although they carry out cesarean cross section in dogs is quite common, it is considered serious surgical intervention and is carried out only with certain testimony. Most dogs tolerate surgery well and quickly. recover, but there are situations when the pet needs more attention and care for the emergence of offspring. The owners must be prepared for this and know how to behave with operated animals.


  • 1. In what cases is caesarean section indicated?
  • 2. Complications of caesarean section in dogs
  • 3. The differences between large and small breeds
  • 4. Cesarean section price in dogs
  • 5. Care after surgery

When is caesarean section indicated?

Ultrasound to a dog during pregnancy

Do I need to focus on the fact that any operation recommended if conservative methods do not expected result? Of course, natural childbirth, in humans, that in animals, are the most preferred outcome pregnancy, but often there are situations when this option impossible, and not only puppies, but also mommy are at risk. it occurs in the following cases:

  • Incorrect offspring, for example when puppies are lying across.
  • Caesarean section is recommended if the original bitch ultrasound revealed the presence of a large number large puppies.
  • If malformations or malformations are detected during ultrasound puppies. Often there is a pathological enlargement of the skull and other body parts.
  • Bitches with an abnormal can’t be born on their own the structure of the pelvis, in this case, the birth canal is very narrow, and offspring cannot fully pass through them. Similar pathologies can be congenital or acquired, for example, if the dog, being a puppy, received less calcium-rich food. Given the phenomenon leads to the development of rickets and subsequent degeneration bone tissue.

Complications of Caesarean section in dogs

The owners are interested in the question of whether it is possible and when to find out in advance, whether the dog will need surgery. Of course, fetal presentation is often changes before childbirth, but the remaining points can be fully identified much earlier.

Caesarean section in dogs

To do this, bring the bitch to a veterinary clinic on 50th day of pregnancy. Here she is examined and based on diagnostic data will produce a result. Naturally, similar an event costs money, however, negative consequences can cost much more.

If the dog has already had a cesarean section, this does not mean that subsequently, she cannot be born herself. Since generic activity in animals is much easier, and regeneration tissue flows faster, then the chances of a full independent dog birth more. Of course, when it comes to a young, healthy animal. Naturally, in this case you need to consult with a specialist and get clinical evidence that the dog can give birth in a natural way.

  • how to feed a pregnant dog;
  • nicknames for dogs boys.

The differences between large and small breeds

If we talk about technology, then surgical intervention held in the same way for huge mastiffs, and for tiny chihuahua. But experts note that a cesarean section small dogs are a bit more complicated.

This is due not only to the smaller size of organs, but also to accelerated rhythm of metabolic processes, since in this case it is much it’s more difficult to choose the right dosage of anesthesia. The operation is performed using general anesthesia.

Price for Cesarean section in dogs

To say unequivocally how much a cesarean section will cost, impossible, since the cost of the procedure is influenced by many factors. But the price ranges from 4,000 to 10,000 rubles.

Care after surgery

Females undergoing caesarean section need special care. Upon returning from the clinic, owners should take care of following:

  • until the animal has completely moved away from anesthesia, inject more often water into the mouth with a syringe;
  • after taking the dog out more often;
  • offspring apply to the bitch only after she fully come to;
  • provide mom high-calorie, well-digestible food if the dog eats ready-made rations, then you can offer in small portions feed for pregnant, lactating bitches or for puppies.

The surgeon prescribes the care of the postoperative suture, or he carried out in a clinic setting. Veterinarians can confidently say that cesarean section does not affect the well-being of puppies, does not worsens lactation processes and is not a contraindication for subsequent reproduction by the female offspring.

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