Bully Kutta (Pakistan Mastiff)

Pakistani Mastiff, Bully Kutta, Sindhi Mastiff, Bully

Bully Kutta (Pakistan Mastiff) Pakistani Mastiff, Bully Kutta, Sindhi Mastiff, Bully

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 1
  • Training: 7
  • Size: 10
  • Reason: 8
  • Security: 8
  • Relations with children: 6
  • Dexterity: 4
  • Shedding: 1


There are many theories about the origin of this breed. According to most logical theory, at that time there was already a mastiff breed in Indo-Pakistan, which was used for hunting, guarding and many other purposes. When the UK conquered the subcontinent Indo-Pakistan, British soldiers brought their dogs: mastiffs, bull terriers and other breeds. These dogs were crossed with local breed. And that is why there are different types of bulli kutta (Pakistani mastiffs). There is a theory that this breed arose in the desert regions of Sindh. That’s why it is also called Sind Mastiff. They are a kind of Molossian dogs from Pakistan and are located mainly in this region. The word “bully” comes from the root of the word punjabi (the language of the inhabitants historical province of Punjab in Pakistan) “Pain” which pronounced “boo-lee” means “very wrinkled.” And Kutta in Urdu means dog. So bullie kutta means “very wrinkled dog.”


Bully Kutta is a very large dog, also known as Pakistani mastiff. The breed is very rare and not suitable for inexperienced owners. During the reign of the British Empire in India, the breed improved. Bulli Kutta crossed with the English mastiff, English bull terrier and hunting dogs. In Pakistan breed used as a fighting dog, in India, more as a guard dog. Bulli Kutta used in battles due to its size and large power.


Massive, muscular and powerful dog. Mastiff is one of the heaviest breeds. Dog has impressive appearance and dominant behavior. They are fearless and very the bold. The temperament of Bully Kutta is alert, reliable and intelligent breed. They are extremely loyal and deeply devoted to their family. This breed thrives on human communication and love. The dog is best at home with adults and attentive children. They don’t get along very well with other household members. animals, an exception if they grew up with them. The breed is not Recommended for beginners, inexperienced or passive owners.


Early socialization and obedience are crucial to this. breed. Bully Kutta is needed by the dominant owner. They are not respond to harsh or severe teaching methods. This breed A solid, fair and patient coach is needed.

A haircut

The breed is short-haired and therefore does not require much maintenance. Enough sometimes brush with hard bristles.


Bulli Kutta daily walks required. Dog walking should be near or behind the lead person, so like dogs – the leader leads the way, and that the leader should be man.

Common diseases

There is no evidence of any health problems.


Due to the aggression of dogs of this breed, they are often used in Pakistan for dog fights. They stand out in guard and search and rescue operations.

Breed Information

A country Pakistan, India
Life span 8-10 years
Height Males: 76-112 cm Bitches: 71-92 cm
Weight Males: 70-90 kg Bitches: 70-90 kg
Long wool short
Colour white, brindle, brown, black
Group fighting

Breed photo

Bully Bully Kutta White Bully Kutta - photo Black Bully Kutta (Pakistan Mastiff) Red Bull Kutta - photo Puppy bulli kutta Pakistan Mastiff Bully Kutta White - Photo

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