Boxer dog (photo): a sea of ​​kindness under the formidable appearance



Origin: Germany

Class: according to FCI classification – group 2 (schnauzers and pinchers, Swiss mountain dogs and molossians), section 2.1 (dog-like dogs, molosses)

Usage: bodyguard, working dog, perfect companion

Color: any shades of red, brindle, all there is a black “mask”

Sizes: growth at the withers: males – from 63 to 68 cm, females – from 58 to 62 cm; weight: males – from 30 to 32 kg, bitches from 25 to 29 kg

Life span: 10 to 12 years

Terrible appearance, kindness and children’s playfulness combined dog breed boxer.

According to the athletic composition of this dog, it is not difficult to guess that he refers to fairly mobile rocks.

And boxers are very sensitive to the mood of their master and by all means strive to cheer him if he is not in the spirit.

Adorable Boxer Puppy

Charming Boxer Puppy


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a puppy
  • 5 Care features
    • 5.1 Combing
    • 5.2 Walk
    • 5.3 Nutrition
  • 6 Health
    • 6.1 Characteristic diseases
    • 6.2 Vaccinations
  • 7 Knit

Breed history

The nature and appearance of boxers was influenced by two ancestors – Tibetan Great Dane and Bullenbaser.

These dogs were distinguished by perfect obedience and fighting abilities.

Bullenbeysers were also desperate dogs, a group they could attack a predator many times larger than itself.

Thanks to complex breeding crosses in 1850 Munich specialists were able to introduce the first dogs to the world boxers.

In this breed, the balance between intelligence was perfectly maintained, excellent physical shape, like fighting dogs like amstaff and tosa inu, correct aggression and perfect discipline.


Boxers are perfect obedience and fighting breed abilities


Along with other qualities, the dog is a German boxer characterized by some infantilism.

Throughout life, the dog loves to play and frolic.

Like boerboels, representatives of this breed are very touchy, in general, inside it is always small children.

  • Devotion. The boxer gets used to the hosts very quickly. The dog chooses only one member of the family, for which it is ready follow anywhere. The rest of the household she considers part of her flocks and in no way will offend.
  • Fearlessness. This dog doesn’t care what size the offender of her masters, she boldly rushes to the defense on the first order. And if a little family member cried, the dog is ready deal with the troublemaker even without a team. Fortunately, education does not allow him to immediately go to extreme measures. But a fierce look and a formidable bark is enough for the offender to realize his mistake.


Boxer is very devoted to his master

  • Attachment is expressed in a constant desire to protect his master. The dog will not be aggressive towards everyone, who is suitable, but strangers will not achieve much trust from her.
  • Sensitivity. Boxers very subtly understand in which the emotional state is every member of the family. Their rule is sad cheer, crying lick, play with fun.
  • Easy to learn. Dog German Boxer – a born capable student. Literally at the genetic level in she has a need to execute commands.
  • Iron discipline. Dog don’t need to repeat something twice or each time to remind how to behave at a party.
  • Sociability. Loneliness for a boxer dog – terrible test. These dogs are like golden retriever or kuvas, just do not think yourself apart from the owners. The same applies to others. pets – boxers perceive them quite friendly and good-naturedly.
  • Credulity. The character of boxers is devoid of any propensity to cunning. Therefore, boxers are difficult to tolerate when they are in they cheat with something or try to outwit.

Boxers are sociable and gullible

Boxers are sociable and trusting


German boxer is an excellent companion who does not require special conditions of detention.

The dog feels great both in the apartment and in the country home, living in a booth or aviary.

Thanks to its intelligence and easy learning, it is also wonderful working dog.

She performed well, as did Groenendael, “collaborating” with the police and security structures.

It can serve as a sensitive guide for the blind.


Boxer lends itself to training and training

How to choose a puppy

If you do not plan to participate in various exhibitions, do not be careful not to dwell on doggies whose parents have not the most high marks for training and exterior.

It is also not necessary that the ancestors of the puppy have high titles.

For a good companion, pay attention to following: boxer puppies – well-fed and strong babies, absolutely not afraid of new people.

The initial inspection should include:

  • At 2-2.5 months the eyes are already very dark – the darker the it’s better.
  • If there are no white marks on the face, then the nose is required completely black.
  • In the bite, the waste should be minimal.
  • By 3-4 months, in males, both testis.

Boxer puppies - well-fed and strong kids

Boxer puppies – well-fed and strong babies

Care Features


For this procedure, you need to purchase a brush with hard bristles and carefully comb the dog’s hair a couple of times a week.

The brush can be replaced with a hard cloth. Furminator Use is not worth it.

Often you don’t need to bathe a dog, a boxer can be cleanliness compare with a cat.

Therefore, for your pet, a comprehensive ablution using Shampoo may be an annual one-time event.

Every 1-2 weeks it is necessary to trim the claws. Boxers do not are black, so this process is not time-consuming, but very necessary for dogs.

After all, clipped claws are erased themselves and often not the most in a safe way.

In general, boxers have very delicate and easily injured paws, therefore you must inspect them after each walk, to disinfect wounds and abrasions on time.

Ears and eyes are usually clean, so no special attention deserve it.

German boxer is a very clean dog

German boxer is a very clean dog


Looking at the sporty exterior, it’s easy to guess how loving active boxer dog, video, both from professionals and from lovers, it confirms once again.

That it is better to choose: harness or Collar: https: //

Exercise is necessary for such doggies as well as good food. A normal walk would not be enough for them.

Since discipline is everything for a boxer, it’s necessary work out a clear schedule and schedule of his walks.

The best option would be morning and evening for 30-40 minutes. Good, if you walk it turns out in different places with different types of soil.

These events must include games like agility and training.

Boxers, like children - love to frolic

Boxers like kids love to frolic


Feeding schedule by age:

  • 5-3.5 months – 4 times a day
  • 5-12 months – 3 times
  • 1-1.5 years – 2 times
  • From 1.5 years you can feed once a day, depending on physical dog loads

If dry German food is selected feed, pay attention that they have the necessary protein content – not less than 30%.

This indicator can be increased if the dog is exposed. intense physical activity, pregnant or even a puppy.

When choosing a natural type of nutrition, protein balance should also make up 1/3 of the total diet.

Make sure that the food is not too cold or hot.

If your dog eats very fast, we recommend that you read the article how wean: https: //

After eating, do not let the dog get active for a couple of hours during avoid digestive upsets.

For the proper development of the puppy you need to carefully monitor his nutrition

For the proper development of the puppy, you need to carefully monitor his food

A dog’s natural diet may consist of:

  • Cooked lean beef and offal.
  • Boiled sea fish, from which they must be removed bones.
  • Raw liver.
  • Semolina, pearl barley, vermicelli.
  • Various vegetables (except starchy).
  • Curd.
  • Stale bread.

More on which cereals can be given dogs: https: //

It is strictly forbidden to give:

  • Sausages, sausages and the like.
  • Bones of any kind.
  • Pork and fresh chicken.
  • Starch-containing products (legumes, potatoes).
  • Spices, salty.
  • River fish.

Nice and friendly pet

Nice and friendly pet


Characteristic diseases

Some boxers can be prevented by their owners, in the rest – reduce the manifestation of symptoms.

  • Allergy. Immune system of these doggies are very sensitive, so you can not feed them from the table “human” food. For them, you need to cook separately. And also immunity of boxers cannot resist parasitic disease – demodicosis, which requires increased attention of the owners. Any a change in the skin is an occasion to undergo a veterinary examination.
  • Hip dysplasia. Her can provoke excess weight, therefore, you must ensure that Do not overfeed the dog.
  • Some forms of cancer. You have to be careful here if minimal seals and tumors are found, contact to the vet.
  • Diseases of the stomach and intestines. Digestive tract boxers are gentle enough. Regularity and balance reduce the likelihood of going to the doctor about this to to a minimum.
  • Hypothyroidism In this case, substitution helps therapy.
  • Colds. Boxers do not tolerate cold and dampness.
  • Hereditary heart disease. Here stands ask about parental health before buying baby boxer.

Active and healthy boxer puppy

Active and healthy boxer puppy


Vaccination schedule:

  • 1st in 8 weeks, before that it is necessary to do deworming;
  • 2nd vaccination 21 days after the 1st;
  • 3rd vaccination – after changing all teeth (about 6 months).

Boxers are very sensitive to the emotional state of their master

Boxers are very sensitive to the emotional state of their the owner


For knitting, you need to choose mutually complemented and compatible dogs.

For example, if a bitch has weak hind limbs, a male would be good choose one that will convey the best qualities to posterity attitude, and so on.

The main thing in mating is animal health; make sure that dogs did not cross the same disease.

If the color of future puppies is important for the owners, it is important here select not only dogs similar in color, but also specify the color of their ancestors.

The mating itself should be carried out after the attack on the bitch third estrus.

The key to mating is animal health

The main thing in mating is animal health

Boxer dog: a sea of kindness under formidable appearance

Terrible appearance, kindness and children’s playfulness combined dog breed boxer. The athletic composition of this dog is not difficult guess that he is quite mobile. And boxers are very sensitive to the mood of their master and by all means strive to cheer him if he is not in the spirit.

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