Border terrier

Border Terrier

Border Terrier

Breed characteristics

  • Popularity: 5
  • Training: 7
  • Size: 2
  • Mind: 7
  • Security: 6
  • Relations with children: 10
  • Dexterity: 5
  • Shedding: 1


This breed was bred and used on the border between England and Scotland, which is why it got this name in 1880 year.

They were used for hunting foxes, otters, badgers, martens. Today the Border Terrier is highly regarded as a companion dog and continues to be used on farms as a hunter for parasites.


It is a small, robust dog with a long and strong body. The head is large and wide, the muzzle is short with a black nose, with mustache and beard. The eyes are medium sized, dark brown. The ears small, have a V-shape, half folded forward. The tail is short and holds. Color can be: red, wheat, “pepper and salt”, reddish blue.

  • Border Terriers are easily overweight, so you need to control his nutrition.
  • This breed thrives when they are with their family, therefore, they are not intended to live outdoors.
  • These dogs will find a way out of the fenced yard if time is given. and opportunity. They have a natural instinct to dig.
  • These dogs are active and alert. They like to jump up on people to greet them.
  • Border Terriers love to chew. Some of them will chew inappropriate items such as furniture or shoes. Give them a lot matching toys is the best way to prevent spoilage things in the house.
  • Border Terriers have a high instinct for prey and will chase / attack and even kill neighboring cats, squirrels or other small animals. So make sure the yard is secure fenced and do not let your pet walk without a leash in unfenced areas.
  • Border Terriers can be great companions for children, but they can be irritable, especially when young, and can inadvertently bite.



This breed is small and very energetic. Border Terrier has vitality and stamina. They are reliable and good-natured. how term grazing they are capable of independent thought and action.


Friendly and playful, the Border Terrier is very affectionate and thriving. on human interaction and attention. This breed is more calm than is typical for other breeds of terriers. They like usually get along with other dogs, but not recommended for houses with cats or other small pets. This breed not recommended for beginners, lethargic or sedentary to the owners.


This dog is easy to train because it is smart and learning fast. Training should be consistent, alright balanced, gentle and made with pleasure. Loves exercise and has an interest in life. The breed loves sports and agility competitions.

Border Terrier shows his talents in areas such as tracking, agility, obedience and hunting.

A haircut

Border Terrier does not require much care. This dog’s fur needs cleaned once a week.


This dog is resistant to atmospheric changes. Likes physical exercise and outdoor life but can adapt to living in an apartment, in which case it will not be so dynamic and lively. The dog needs socialization and professional preparation.

Common diseases

Border terrier is quite resistant to diseases. They can suffer from diseases such as:

  • hip dysplasia;
  • Perthes disease
  • various heart defects;
  • early cataracts;
  • progressive retinal atrophy;
  • cramps
  • dislocation of the patella;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • cryptorchidism.


The dog is used for hunting small wild animals, as well as in as a pet.

Breed Information

A country England
Life span 12-15 years old
Height Males: 33-40 cm Bitches: 28-36 cm
Weight Males: 6-7 kg Bitches: 5-6 kg
Long wool Short
Colour Red, wheat, pepper and salt, reddish blue
Group for kids
Price 700 – 1300 $

Breed photo

Border Border Border Terrier photo Training Border Terrier Dog Border Terrier Puppy Border Terrier

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