Belmo in the dog’s eye

Often the health of the dog is judged by the state of the eyes: if they are alive and shiny, the animal is in excellent condition. However sometimes owners have to face dog worming eye (otherwise this ailment is called a leukemia). With such an eye defective retina, cornea, or iris of an animal’s eye covered with a whitish film, and the vision of the animal worsens down to complete blindness. A cloudy spot may cover the animal’s eye completely (total location of the thorn), partially cover or completely only the pupil (central location) or cover the protein of the eye and partially the iris (peripheral location). Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to save the animal’s vision it seems possible if the location of the walleye is total or central. In some cases, light spots form on both eyes of the dog, which significantly reduces the pet’s chances of gaining clear vision. Let’s try to figure out what can cause a thorn on the dog’s eye.

Causes of the development of an eyesore in a dog

Many can contribute to the appearance of an eyesore causes. We list the most common of them:

  • Viral, fungal and bacterial diseases (viral keratitis and conjunctivitis, blepharitis, cryptococcosis, etc.);
  • Eye injuries (burns, wounds);
  • Ulcers or erosion on the surface of the eye (caused by infectious problems, injuries of the cornea);
  • The consequences of surgery on the eyeball (for example, after removal of the neoplasm);
  • Degenerative age-related changes in the eyes (nuclear sclerosis, cataract);
  • Genetic eye diseases (degeneration or dystrophy of the cornea – the formation of bright spots in the eyes of the dog);
  • Malignant and benign eye tumors;
  • Entropion (turning of the century), as a result of which the edges of the century and the dog’s eyelashes come in contact with the eyeball;
  • Increased intraocular pressure (glaucoma). As a result the disease forms a thorn, the optic nerve dies, resulting in severe visual impairment or blindness.

Symptoms of Leukemia in a Dog

The most obvious sign of the formation of the thorn is a cloudy spot on to the eye. In addition, the owner can see the following symptoms:

  • Lacrimation
  • Purulent discharge from the eyes;
  • Photophobia;
  • Change in the texture of the cornea of ​​the eye (it becomes rough);
  • Protrusion of a thorn out.

How to identify the cause of the thorn

What to do if the owner saw an eyesore doggie? First of all, you should contact the veterinarian, as a specialist with a high degree of probability will help preserve the animal’s vision (although in some cases, unfortunately, the leukoma is incurable, to for example, with age-related changes). Before treating a thorn dogs, a number of studies are needed to establish causes of the development of pathology:

  • Cytological examination of the tissues of the cornea of ​​the eye;
  • Conjunctiva and corneal swabs for confirmation or rebuttal of a viral or bacterial infection that caused thorn formation;
  • Analysis of samples of intraocular fluid;
  • The study of the retina (electroretinography);
  • Serological blood tests for pathogenic fungi;
  • Ultrasound of the eyeball.

How to help a dog suffering from leukemia

To cure a dog’s eyesight on its own, unfortunately, not allowed. Without the right treatment, the veterinarian can handle will not work. However, a number of manipulations can be carried out, which are slightly improve the condition of a sick animal:

  1. Does a dog have eye discharge if there is an eyesore? Them must be removed using a solution of boric acid known disinfecting properties. To prepare this medicine, boric acid (in powder) is dissolved in boiled or distilled water (based on? tsp powder per 75-80 ml water);
  2. Dog’s eyes can be washed with safe broths chamomile and calendula fighting microorganisms and removing eye inflammation. To make a herbal decoction, you should take 1 Art. l dry flowers that need to be poured 100 ml of cool boiling water, and then stand for 1 hour and strain before using;
  3. Treating an eyesore in a dog’s eye is sometimes done with natural honey. To obtain an aseptic solution, it is necessary dissolve 1 tbsp. l honey in 100 ml of warm (not hot) boiled water. The resulting product is instilled into the eyes of a sick dog.

These actions only slightly alleviate the condition of the animal, but they certainly cannot defeat the leukoma. Because how to treat only a specialist knows the eyesore in a dog’s eyes, determining the cause of the defect. Depending on the the disease that caused the disease, the veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs (usually in the form of an ointment), corticosteroids, absorbable injections, antioxidants and vitamins. In some cases (for example, with corneal dystrophy), the dog may surgical intervention should be prescribed. The most correct the action of the owner of the dog with an eyesore – an early appeal to competent veterinarian.

Prevention of leukoma

Of course, the appearance of a thorn in the eye of a pet is not always possible to warn. However, the following steps will help minimize development of a health hazard:

  1. Thorough dog eye care (daily cleansing with attracting anti-inflammatory decoctions or boiled water);
  2. See a doctor if you suspect an eye infection. (lacrimation, clear or purulent discharge, redness of the eyes and etc.);
  3. Annual vaccination against a number of dangerous diseases;
  4. Conducting preventive or therapeutic measures to eliminate endo-and ectoparasites that can spread infectious illnesses;
  5. Maintaining the quality of life of the dog at a high level (nutrition good balanced feed; hair, eyes care, ears, nose of an animal; timely visits to the veterinarian at suspected disease, etc.).

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