Assessment of breed characteristics

Adaptability Definition of how easy a dog is. can adapt to changes in life. Grade 3
Shedding Level Level and frequency of hair loss in animal. Grade 3
Level of tenderness Level and amount of tenderness and affection that the dog gives back in return for attention to itself. Grade 4
Need for Exercise Daily Activity Level dogs. Grade 5
Social need Required number of dog contacts with other animals as well as people. Grade 4
Housing ratio Factor that determines the level of noise and other inconvenience that the dog can deliver to the owners in the ratio the size of the apartment to the size of the dog. Grade 2
Grooming Number of bathing, combing, as well as necessary number of professional grooming sessions required the dog. Grade 2
Friendliness in an unfamiliar environment society with strangers or in an unfamiliar environment. Grade 2
The tendency to bark The tendency to bark and its frequency and volume. Grade 4
Health Issues Potential Health Status dogs. Grade 2
Territorial tendency of the dog to protect his house, yard or even a car owner. Grade 5
Cat friendliness A trend towards cat tolerance and reduced manifestation of hunting instincts. Grade 2
Intelligence Dog’s ability to think and solve emerging difficulties (not to be confused with learning!). Grade 5
Education and training Level of difficulty in training a dog perform certain actions. Grade 5
Friendliness for children Factor determining how much the dog friendly to children, whether she likes to play with them and endure some children’s pranks. Grade 3
Game activity The concept is determined by its very name, and, usually found in almost all dogs. Grade 4
Observability Dog’s ability to detect presence a stranger in his territory. Grade 5
Friendliness for other dogs Dog’s tendency to find common language with other relatives. Grade 2

Brief description of the breed

Beauceron or Shorthair French Shepherd – excellent guard dog of high intelligence and beauty. She Suitable for any families with experience in keeping dogs. Beauceron Is an animal of a sports warehouse, so regular training and training. It’s very easy for the dog’s short hair care. Beauceron is a short-haired French shepherd breed. Dogs of this breed are not only excellent shepherds, but also excellent guards. The breed is large enough, the weight of the dog varies from thirty to fifty kilograms. It is active, a sports breed that is only suitable for experienced dog breeders. Amateur dog breeders who decide to purchase a dog of this breed more often just can’t cope with her departure. That is why, in order to to avoid disappointment, do not start beauceron for those who still did not contain dogs of other breeds. Boseron is not the best dog for novice dog breeders. She is distinguished by her intellect, stubbornness. This is a real guard, because of its size the dog copes with the protection of not only the family, but also everything houses. Beauceron owner requires firmness and perseverance to in order to achieve excellent results in training and socialization of the animal. The probability that the Beauceron will be get along well with cats. Of course, this breed is hunting, and in the wild the animal is happy to chase the cat and other small animals, but at home this dog’s breeds very often find a common language with cats. should be exclusively energetic and active people. For those who love running and daily walks, various physical exercises, to for example, cycling, jogging, hiking, beauceron with pleasure will make the company! Such a dog is perfect for involvement in various rescue and search operations. The only thing that Beauceron cannot bear is boredom. dogs are aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs or others to animals. If you have your own yard, then it is a must to prevent the dog from leaving the compound, and also to prevent foreign animals from entering the yard. Some install an underground electric fence, hoping thus, keep the dog out of the perimeter. All this in vain, an electric discharge cannot stop the Beauceron. Therefore, a metal fence is the best option! Despite strict requirements for the arrangement of fencing, it should be remembered when the whole family is going home, the dog should be next to you. After all caress and attention of family members is very important for beauceron!

Beauceron Photos:

Beauceron photo 1 Beauceron photo 2 Beauceron photo 3Beauceron photo 4 Beauceron photo 5 Beauceron photo 6Beauceron photo 7 Beauceron photo 8 Beauceron photo 9 Photo of Beauceron dogs |

Origin history

Not much is known about the history of the origin of this breed. The earliest mention of Beauceron dates from 1578. This The dog is the largest French shepherd. Special she enjoyed popularity as a shepherd dog, helping while grazing sheep. Beauceron’s Second Calling – security. The name of the breed itself comes from the name of the neighborhood Paris – La Bossa. Most of the clubs whose work was dedicated Beauceron, were organized in the late nineteenth century. For the first time The breed was registered in 1893 under the name Berger de The boss. Soon after, the breed standard was described with all key features. The official Beauceron Club was organized in 1922. With the development of society and industrialization the popularity of this breed as a shepherd dog began to decline. Beauceron became popular as an assistant to the cops and the military. The search engine representatives of this breed manifested during the two world wars and continue to fulfill these functions in peacetime. Beauceron was recognized by the American Club dog breeding in 2007. Today the breed takes 153rd place among breeds registered by the American Club.

Beauceron Character

Beauceron is a strong and confident dog, with good developed mind. Vigilance of breed representatives is made from the Beaucerons of unsurpassed watchmen and companions who will suit for active families, as well as for those who live in rural terrain, because the independent nature and ability of logical thinking makes these farmers great helpers for any farmer. Despite the fact that the dog is huge, in fact these giants are kind and affectionate inside.

Maintenance and care

To remove hair loss, comb out every week. dog with a special brush. Shedding in these dogs occurs during all year, though she’s not strong. The most active molt can occur in spring and autumn, but with good care for beauceron it will not become a problem. Claws need to be trimmed as the need. The same applies to ear cleaning, as well as oral hygiene. Proper care of the dog will protect against the occurrence of infectious diseases.

Training and training

Special training and socialization of the dog must begin in early age. No particular difficulties should arise, because the animal is very smart and easy to train. As with any workout, you must not forget about the rewards for the dog for the right completed tasks and teams. Weasel, attention and goodies are the best companions in the training and training of Beauceron. Be firm persistent and consistent, while in no case show rudeness and force towards the dog!

Health and Disease

Beauceron’s major health problems include allergies and dermatomyositis (an inflammatory disease that affects the skin, muscles, blood vessels and fatty tissues). Quite often in these dogs diagnose diseases associated with the stomach.

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