Basset Hound (photo): a lucky hunter and real comedian

-"Джек, ты видишь то же, что и я?"-"Да Билл, этой крыше явно нужен ремонт!"


Origin: UK

IFF classification: group – hounds, section – hounds, N163

Use: Hunting Dog

Color: 2-color red-white, 3-color black white in blush; any color like hounds.

Sizes: growth at the withers: 33-38 cm, weight: male 23-28 kg, female 20-27 kg.

Life span: 10-12 years

Basset Hound will be a great companion to the person leading active lifestyle, loving hunting and fishing.

This animal belongs to dog breeds which suitable for patient, sensitive and attentive dog breeders who willing to devote a lot of time to the pet.

Breed history

Where the Basset Hound breed came from is not known for certain.

Its name comes from the French word “bas” – low and The English word “hound” is a hound dog.

The most plausible theory is that the basset hounds are descendants artesian-norman hounds from France.

The amazing appearance of the dogs was perfect for the underground hunting, later they were used to catch rabbits.

Each basset hound should have its own comfortable place.

Each basset hound should have its own comfortable place.

Only in the 60s of the last century with basset hounds interested breeders aristocrats: Mr. Lan and Count Lakute.

They gave the world two fundamentally different types of dogs:

– “Lana basset”: large, curved dogs with long ears and big heads;

– “Lakute basset”: small dogs with straight or slightly twisted paws.

Character Psychology

The charming dog will become a true friend and member of the family.

But before buying a puppy, you must be aware that you take under your responsibility is not just a dog, but a self-sufficient person.

The dog has a personal opinion that she will defend with a sense of humor inherent only in basset hounds.

This is not to say that the dog is a tyrant, he just knows how to receive from the owner is desired.

Watching the tricks of a sly man is a real pleasure.

Upon reaching adulthood, every basset hound undergoes combat training.

Upon reaching adulthood, every basset hound passes combat training

Raising a basset hound, you need to show consistency, perseverance and patience. Otherwise, the dog will cause unrest in the future.

He is capable, like Russian or Estonian hound, just run away into the forest, obeying your hunting instinct, not your team the owner.

The character of the basset hound requires constant communication with the person and training. He must feel attention and love of the owner.

In this case, your dog will be the most wonderful and smart pet.

Leaving him for a long time alone, you will get unhappy and badly brought up dog who howls for hours.

It is advisable not to leave the basset hound alone for long.

What dogs can do when left alone at home can find out in articlehttps: //


In the past, basset hounds were considered ideal dogs for hunting. for small game: squirrels, raccoons, hares, rabbits.

Today, hunting talents are much less popular, but it’s not prevents the dog from staying active and playful.

The owner will have to show sports qualities, otherwise he risks Do not keep up with the pet.

If you need a calmer dog, we recommend read the following list: https: //

Basset Hound and his shaggy friend are going to hunt

Basset Hound and his shaggy friend are going hunting

Basset Hound sounds like a lazy introvert, but it’s deceiving impression.

In the open air, in the forest, when playing and running, he reveals himself as a real athlete.

His need for an active lifestyle will have to be provided for one hundred %.

How to choose a puppy

Pedigree Basset Hound puppies are sold in kennels, which easy to find by contacting your local dog breeders club.

As with the choice of beagle puppies, choosing animal, look at a few litters.

Pay attention to the place of keeping babies, their fatness and Mom’s condition.

In the enclosure where the bassets grow, there is no naval order, but it should be tidy, spacious and bright.

Healthy puppies: well-fed, mobile, with clear eyes and good appetite. Look at the behavior of the breeder.

If he is calm and talks a lot about his dogs – this is good a place to buy a puppy.

The enthusiastic owners will surely tell about the parents of the kids – their titles and victories in the ring.

With the advent of a little basset hound, your life will be filled with joy and fun games.

With the advent of the little basset hound, your life will be filled joy and fun games

Inspecting the puppy, assess the condition of the coat. If it is clean, and skin is mobile – everything is in order. Puppy’s eyes and nose should be clean.

Ears are long, without sores and dirt. Look at the baby’s teeth. Make sure the bite is correct.

Feel the tail: there should be no creases. Look at the tummy lack of hernia. Take a closer look at the paws.

Plump and straight – they talk about a strong skeleton.

Pedigree dogs with a pedigree always have a mark in the groin. It matches the puppy’s document number.

Care Features


Caring for the basset hound is quite simple. Animal hair need to be brushed every day with a natural bristle brush or by the facilitator.

A simple procedure will help remove dead hair from the skin and restore normal skin fat balance.

Fallen wool will not stick to upholstered furniture, carpets and clothes.

Basset Hound loves comprehensive self-care

Basset Hound loves comprehensive self-care


Small basset begin to regularly walk on harness after vaccination, aged 3-4 months.

Be sure to take the doggie to the city, where he will see a lot people getting to know the smells and sounds of the big world.

The stage of socialization is necessary for the dog to grow bold, not afraid of the natural noise of the city and crowds.

Start walking with short 15-minute walks. Every month increase the duration by 5 minutes.

Too long trips with a small puppy can cause undesirable consequences.

Basset hounds are very gambling in games, so they are constantly on the move

Basset hounds are very gambling in games, so they are constantly in move

At 4 months you can walk for 20 minutes, 5 months – 25 minutes, 6 months – 30 minutes.

Do not walk quickly on asphalt and tile. Better to find clearing with grass, which absorbs the load on the legs.

The puppy should not be allowed to jump from sofas and armchairs, to go down down the stairs, pull the leash.

The load on the front legs is excessive during long walks up to puppy reaching 6 months of age.

This is due to the rapid growth of the animal. Injuries received baby, can cause abnormal skeleton formation.

Always remember that a basset hound dog, like Hungarian surviving, Weimaraneru and Wire Fox Terrier – Natural hunter.

Having become interested, the dog can forget all the commands and run away.

Distracting the basset hound who has taken the track is problematic.

From a very young age, the dog is taught the command “to me”: he must give up all your “important” business and go to the owner.

"Кто не спрятался, я не виноват!"

“Кто не спрятался, я не виноват!”

Teaching a puppy to ask outside, you need to take him to the grass every three hours for 5-10 minutes.

Praise the baby and treat him when he does everything right.

An adult basset is walked twice: morning and evening.


Up to one and a half months, the puppy is fed 5-6 times a day. Mode calculated based on the convenience of the owner.

With adulthood, the number of feedings is reduced.

Food should be warm, with a consistency reminiscent of sour cream. An adult dog is fed twice a day.

The diet of a month and a half puppy includes cereals, lean meat, cottage cheese, broth, eggs, soaked dry food.

About what cereals you can feed dogs, it is written in articlehttps: //

In addition, the baby should consume minerals and vitamins in a sufficient amount.

In order for the dog to receive the necessary substances, food is needed for sensitive digestion: Royal Canin, ProPlan, Hills.

Basset Hound really loves to eat to hell

Basset Hound really loves to eat to the dump

Basset is not suitable feed, which includes soy, wheat, grain.

Natural food, raw meat, probiotics are desirable in the diet. Water should be at room temperature, and dry food slightly soaked.

Basset can not be overfed, because the breed is prone to obesity.

The amount of dry food is measured on the basis of age and weight of the dog. It is unacceptable to feed products from your the table.


Characteristic diseases

The following diseases are characteristic of this breed:

  • Genetic predisposition to entropy and glaucoma
  • Von Willebrand disease
  • Back pain due to overweight
  • Volvulus
  • Hip Dysplasia

Basset Hound trains to do artificial respiration on a bear

Basset Hound trains to do artificial respiration on bear


Basset Hound puppies are vaccinated in a month and a half.

Prior to this, they are not taken out into the street. 7-10 days before vaccinations poison worms with prazitel, donton plus or cestal plus.

Anthelmintic is given in the morning on an empty stomach, after 6 hours the puppy is fed with activated charcoal.

The choice of vaccines is wide, but it is advisable to use imported ones.

In this case, there will be no problems when leaving the dog for border: domestic vaccines are not recognized there.

A little airing will not hurt

A little airing will not hurt

The most famous vaccines: Nobivac, Vanguard, Hexadog, eurikan.


The dog is ready for breeding at the age of about a year, but preferably wait until the body is fully formed: for dogs – 2 years, for females – 20 months.

The first estrus takes place at the age of six months, to the third estrus a bitch ready for knitting.

Basset Hound can be played 10 days after the start estrus.

The readiness of a bitch is determined by body temperature – it is noticeable goes down.

Scratch the dog ridge: if she takes her tail to the side, she ready.

Gentle, affectionate, showy dogs make a great impression.

Gentle, affectionate, showy dogs produce great impression

The choice of male is of great importance. Dogs are enough selective and partner may cause rejection. For this case should be stockpiled “understudy.”

The first mating may be problematic due to the nature of physique of basset hounds.

A small dog may need to be placed under its hind legs pillow.

With a successful course of knitting, the procedure takes up to 40 minutes. IN This period is important to control dogs to avoid injuries.

The basset hound dog has a developed intellect and wonderful sense of humor.

If you manage to raise a puppy correctly, you will fall in love with breed and will forever remain her loyal fan.

Basset Hound: a lucky hunter and a real comedian

Basset Hound will be a great companion to the person leading active lifestyle, loving hunting and fishing. This is a breed for patient, sensitive, attentive dog breeders who are ready give your pet a lot of time.

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