Australian Silky Terrier

This is a real friend full of love and energy! Silky the terrier will bring a lot of joy and warmth to your life, and Add fun and not very memories. Long wool will certainly attract attention while walking, but not worry: it does not require scrupulous care. And the temperament of these dogs fully matches the title of a terrier, so do not give them small size and charming fool yourself!


  • 1 Australian Silky Terrier: breed characterization
  • 2 Key Features
  • 3 breed history
  • 4 Character
  • 5 Health and possible problems
  • 6 Care features
  • 7 Feed mode
  • 8 Wool and care
  • 9 Cohabitation with other animals and children

Australian Silky Terrier: breed characterization

Adaptability above average
Learnability high
Essential care above average
Friendliness above average
Necessary physical activity high
Group companion dogs
Height up to 26 cm at the withers
Weight 3.5-4.5 kg
Life span 12-15 years old

The name speaks for itself: long hair makes this dog recognizable. By the standard of this breed, the wool grows to about 13-15 cm and has a blue and fawn color. Despite his delicate look, silky terrier has a real character a bold terrier. If you are not familiar with this breed, you will surprised what excellent guard dogs come from these toddlers.

Silky terriers are usually not taken for walking, but for them it is very useful. They will always go near you or even ahead. The character of the terriers is fully disclosed in this breed: they like to dig, track, bark, they are stubborn and pugnacious. If you are not ready for all this, think about another the dog.


Long silky hair makes this dog recognizable.

If you leave this impudent temperament aside, you will get a loyal family dog that loves being around their people. The pet is perfect for families in which it is not will be left alone at home for a long time, but will be loved despite what.

These smart dogs need to train their body and mind so as not to get bored. Take them for long walks, play different games, so that your pet is happy and releases its energy. But even with of all their activity, they can live in apartments, only you you need to teach them the team “quietly” so that there are no problems with neighbors.

Silky terrier will be a good family dog, and excellent get along with the children. It’s best for children to be over 10 years old and They knew how to behave properly with a dog. With this dog you need handle kindness and care because she will not endure rudeness.

Main features

  • These are very active dogs! Still, they are terriers. They need mental stimulation and exercise, but not so much how many other terriers. They need a little more than just playing with with a wand. A long walk will be enough.
  • They live well in homes. Even though necessary exercise, the size of silky terriers allows them get along comfortably in small apartments.
  • This breed likes to track prey. Do not be surprised if You will see him crouching behind a cat, squirrel or rodent. Keep in mind this interest in hunting, if other people will live in your house small pets.
  • The baby feels happiest of all next to his family. Not leave him alone.
  • The coat is long, but few worries! Despite its length, care it will take quite a bit. Regular bathing and combing будет достаточно.Silky

    Шерсть длинная, а забот мало

  • If you have your own yard, most likely you will sometimes find holes in it. Silky terriers love to dig, so you should choose a different breed if you want to grow flowers in yourself in the garden. Or you can teach your dog to dig only in a certain place.
  • Lovers of barking. This feature of the terriers did not pass them by. You you can train your pet as you like, but he’s still will bark when necessary in his opinion. Exactly therefore, excellent watchmen come out of the dogs of this breed.
  • Great for families with children over 10 years old.
  • Usually friendly to other dogs, but if your the dog is poorly socialized and trained little, it can be aggressive and defend your territory.

Breed history

Silky Terrier is a relatively new breed bred in Australia at the very end of the 19th century. The breed was bred by crossing Australian Terrier with introduced Yorkshire Terrier. Some of the puppies received were similar to yorks, and some to Australian terriers, and another part resembled modern terriers – they were crossed among themselves so that as a result a new breed appeared “Australian Silky Terrier”.

The first time in the requirements for the breed was present uncertainty, as there were two standards: Sydney and Victorian. The difference was in the shape of the ears and preferred weight, but in the end it turned out to reach a compromise, and in 1929 appeared the unified standard of the American silky doggie.

The breed changed its name several times. First she called “Sydney Silky Terrier”, then bore the name “Australian Silky Terrier”, and now they are increasingly saying just a silky terrier.


Self-confident, smart, brave. Silky terrier loves very much to track small animals. If he has to take part in a fight, he will never give up first. Despite its small size, can serve as an excellent guard dog. This baby is a must barks if he sees or hears something suspicious so that to warn you.

The pet feels happiest next to his family. He will follow you around the house and be the first to meet you. guests. This is a very independent dog, but she will be happy to hold all day with his master. Even if you travel a lot, don’t refuse to choose this breed, because silky terriers are very easily adapt to new conditions, and they also take up little space, therefore, they are easy to take with you.


Confident, intelligent, bold, silky terrier loves very much track small animals

A lot of things affect their character: training, socialization, heredity. When choosing a puppy, give preference to the fact that will be more playful and more interested in people. If it is possible, meet the parents of your future puppy, or at least with one of them to get a first idea of his character. Look at the brothers, sisters and other relatives will also be good idea.

Introduce your puppy to different places, sounds, people and events, and then he will form a good temperament.

Health and possible problems

This breed has good enough health, but still silky terriers are prone to certain diseases, oh which you should know in advance:

  • Legg-Calve-Perters disease is a hip problem the joint. With this disease, the head of the hip joint begins die as a result of poor blood supply. If your dog this disease will appear, you will notice it, as it will limp, she will be hurt, and the thigh muscles will begin atrophy. The first symptoms may appear in puppies 4-6 months. The problem is solved with the help of the operation: after it, your the pet will be able to live a happy, painless life.
  • Dislocation of the patella. It is quite common problem among small dogs: the patella shifts and hurts. It happens that an animal with this condition becomes disabled, but in most cases dogs can lead ordinary life.
  • Diabetes. Like humans, diabetes in a dog means that her body is not able to independently regulate blood sugar level. If the dog began to urinate more often, he lost weight and eat more, show him to the vet – maybe he has diabetes. In this case, so that your dog can live normal life, she will have to follow a certain diet and do insulin injections.
  • Collapse of the trachea. Another common among small breeds problem. As a result of subsidence of the tracheal semirings, the membrane the trachea becomes mobile, interfering with free breathing. If you hear your dog start coughing, sniffling, or shortness of breath appeared, show it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Also symptom is fatigue. This disease can cured with medication or surgery.

Care Features

Someone believes that since these dogs belong to companions, then they don’t need to spend much time on exercise, but this is not true. They need daily exercise. Long walks, games in the yard or on the dog playground are perfect silky terrier to spend energy. But if you do not have opportunities for long walking your pet every day, playing with a wand in the house is also suitable.

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The silky terrier likes to be outside, but he’s better be near the owner. This dog should not be left alone. in the yard because she is small enough to attract predators. The breed itself does not worry at all because of its size and can easily get into a fight with a larger dog, dared to enter its territory.


Silky Terrier likes to be outside

It is very important to train a silky terrier, and it will come out of it great student. Representatives of this breed are very smart, so if you will not be constant in training, they can begin to impose own rules. Always make classes interesting and fun for After all, this is the most effective way to teach to something.

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Teach your pet to a home cage – it will benefit both to you and to him. If you do, you don’t have to worry about dog safety when you leave it alone at home for several hours. Let the cell be a positive and safe place to your silky terrier wanted to spend time there. Lay go there his favorite toys and keep the cage door open while you at home so that the dog can sleep and rest there. This experience is also useful if you need to take your pet on board aircraft or leave at the veterinarian.

But don’t leave your pet in the cage for a long time, because it’s will bring nothing but bad associations, which is fraught with problems in future.

Feed mode

Silky terriers need to eat dry food twice a day. The optimal amount would be about half a cup for an adult animal and a quarter or less for puppies.

The daily amount of food of any dog depends on its metabolism, age, physique, size and level of activity. Some animals need more food, some less. You yourself notice that if your dog is more active she will be ask for supplements. If she is lazy lying still, and you will to put less food, then it will suit her. Serving Size Also Affects and feed quality. If you use high quality food, then it will need less.

Wool and care

This breed will charm you with its long hair. light brown with a touch of blue. She streams from the back and is usually 13-15 cm long.

The silky terrier looks like it needs a lot look after, but in fact it is not. Regular combing 2-3 times a week and bathing once a month will be enough for this long haired cutie.

The occurrence of tartar is quite common, therefore the dog needs to brush his teeth 2-3 times a week. That’s enough to avoid infections, gum disease and bad breath the mouth.


This breed will charm you with its long hair.

The silky terrier needs to cut its claws regularly, like any other dog. However, these dogs are so active that This procedure should not be carried out so often. You will be required watch when the claws grow too much, and then cut them. If you do not know how to do this, take your dog to to the veterinarian or groomer.

Check your pet’s ears once a month redness, odor, or inflammation. You can wipe them with a cotton a ball soaked in a pH-neutral solution for ear cleaning.

If you regularly care for your pet from the first months of it life, you will not have problems when he grows up. Your dog get used to all these procedures and will behave quietly and calmly at the veterinarian or groomer. Use positive motivation when you care for your pet so that neo positive associations have formed. Just don’t be greedy treats and rewards for your puppy and he will like it!

Cohabiting with other animals and children

This is a good family breed. Terrier is even better when near children live, he quickly gets used to their behavior and games. But anyway it’s a terrier, so it’s more suitable for families with older children, at least ten years. Children need to be taught how to handle with a dog because the silky terrier will not tolerate torture.

Children should be shown how to behave next to the dog, how it keep it right, do not take her food and water and be careful during games time. Even if your pet is the friendliest in the world dog, never leave her alone with a child without supervision.

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silky terrier and other animals

Silky Terrier – a good family breed

Silky terriers are friendly towards others to animals. If another dog comes into the house, between them may start a little competition for people’s attention, but this fine. This terrier likes to hunt small animals, so if you already have a cat or rabbit, perhaps this breed it will not suit you.

If you are a fan of terriers, but want to have a sweet and a delicate dog, a silky terrier will definitely suit you! Your life will be filled with joy and delight, because this kid is capable of surprise every day with something new. Friendly with people, easy to care despite the length of his coat – he will be wonderful to you friend. He will warn you about everything that he considers unusual, and will let you know if someone came to your front door. If you decide to take a puppy, you will certainly love him and you will enjoy every minute spent together!

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