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Itching and inflammation amid allergies and dermatitis are a concern, scratching the body to blood, poor sleep, decreased appetite in animals. To understand the pet, the owner just needs to remember how unpleasant, when the body itches, for example, after mosquito bites or when irritation. A large number of claw and tooth marks on a dog’s body is a real breeding ground for bacteria that turn can bring a pet to death. Unfortunately, immunobiological, antihistamine prescribed by the veterinarian, antibacterial and antifungal therapy is not always able rid the dog of unbearable itching. In these cases to the rescue Apokwell tablets for dogs may come – a new drug (issued since 2017) from the company “Zoetis”. Consider that Instruction and buyers, owners of dogs, report this tool.

What are Apocwell tablets?

“Apocquel” (“Apoquel”) – white or milky oval tablets with a dividing strip and engraving “AQ” and “S” (or “M” or “L”). Each package contains 20 or 100 pieces. tablets of the drug and instructions for use. Apocwell divided into three types according to the amount of active substance – oklacitinib:

  • 3.6 mg – for small dogs;
  • 5.4 mg – for light and medium pets;
  • 16 mg – for animals of large breeds.

Oklacitinib, which ensures the effectiveness of the drug, allows you to fight itching, inflammation and allergic reactions various genesis. The action of the product begins in less than hour after administration of the pill. Excreted in urine after 3 hours or more after administration. Apokvel tablets are used for prophylaxis and treatment of such diseases:

  • Dermatitis of various nature is skin inflammation, which manifest themselves in the form of itching, rash, redness on the skin, hair loss, pain. The reason for the development of dermatitis may be:
    • Parasites (both internal and external bloodsuckers);
    • Long stay of a dog under the rays of the scorching sun;
    • Medicines;
    • Permanent or frequent contact of dog skin with any materials (leather or fabric collar, plastic muzzle and etc.);
    • Injuries to the skin (bruises, abrasions, scratches, cuts);
    • Heredity to allergies.
  • Itchy skin and inflammation due to allergies (parasitic, contact, food, etc.). Allergy – an immune response to introduction into the body of foreign antigens (flea saliva, products, dust, smoke, pollen, etc.). In addition to skin irritations, allergies dogs are often accompanied by active sneezing and coughing, lacrimation, indigestion and swelling mucous surfaces.

Features of Apokvel tablets for dogs

  • The drug is designed for dogs over the age of 1 year and weight over 3 kg;
  • To pregnant and lactating pets to introduce “Apokvel” prohibited;
  • Admission to male dogs during the period is undesirable mating with bitches;
  • The drug is contraindicated in dogs with low immunity, with elevated levels of the hormone cortisol in the blood. Not suitable “Apokvel” for dogs with oncology;
  • Apokvel should not be administered to a dog for longer than 2 weeks;
  • Among the adverse reactions to the drug are apathy, vomiting and diarrhea, inflammation of the bladder;
  • If the drug is taken for more than 14 days, the dog increased appetite, worsening behavior, skin infections and neoplasms, enlarged lymph nodes;
  • Apokvel is acceptable to use together with antiparasitic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed a veterinarian;
  • Apokvel cannot be used together with anticonvulsants substances and means for artificial suppression of immunity;
    • Dogs should not be given vaccines during treatment against infectious diseases. Wait at least 2 weeks after the introduction of “Apocquel” before vaccination;
  • The shelf life of Apokwell is 24 months at 0-25 degrees
  • If a dog needs only half a tablet, unused portion should be accepted within three days.

Dosage and route of administration of Apocwell tablets

3.6 mg tablets are used as follows:

  • Dogs weighing 3 – 4.4 kg – 0.5 pcs.;
  • Dogs weighing 6 – 8.9 kg – 1 pc.

5.4 mg tablets are used as follows:

  • Dogs weighing 4.5 – 5.9 kg – 0.5 pcs.;
  • Dogs weighing 9 – 13.4 kg – 1 pc.;
  • For dogs weighing 20 – 26.9 kg – 2 pcs.

16 mg tablets are administered as follows:

  • Dogs weighing 13.5 – 19.9 kg – 0.5 pcs.;
  • Dogs weighing 27 – 39.9 kg – 1 pc.;
  • Dogs weighing 40 – 54.9 kg – 1.5 pcs.;
  • Dogs weighing 55 – 80 kg – 2 pcs.

Dogs are fed a tablet voluntarily with their hands or mixed with feed. If the pet does not want to swallow the medicine, Apokvel is placed to the root of the animal’s tongue forcibly and wait for the tablet will be swallowed. You can take this medicine as after meals, and on an empty stomach.

Reviews on pills against itching “Apokvel”

Consider the reviews of the owners of four-legged pets suffering from pruritus and inflammation, about Apokvel: Review No. 1: “My Jack (5-year-old German boxer) is allergic to a number of products. The veterinarian advised to buy “Apokvel” – a tool, allowing the dog not to itch every minute. Pricey of course but look at the dog, constantly tearing the skin into blood, more expensive. The itch really disappeared already on the 2nd day of admission. The only negative – the dog had one-time vomiting “; Review No. 2: “Parents in the village live dogs in a street aviary. No, no, and fleas appear, although they are periodically destroyed. Sorry for the dogs: itching constantly, even whimpering sometimes. Bought in veterinary pharmacy packaging “Apocquel” (recommended by the seller). Great means! Used simultaneously with imported drops from fleas. Now the dogs named Tuzik and Mukhtar are clean, without parasites and itching “; Review No. 3:” Diagnosed with dermatitis in patients receiving the medicine of my 2 year old dachshund Mary. Veterinarian advised to buy Apocwell. I found the product with difficulty (I had to order through Network). Surprised by the price (2500 rubles per pack of 20 pcs.). But complaints no drug: the skin of my darling became smooth and light pink (before taking Apocquel, the skin was with burgundy spots and scabs from combing). The dog stopped scratching, she began again playful. ”

Drug cost

The price of tablets for dogs “Apokvel” is higher, the higher the dosage oklacitinib. By the way, on the web the cost of the drug is even the same the dosage is very different. Below are the rates of some Online Pet Shops: 3.6 mg Tablets:

  • Price for 20 pcs. – 800 – 2050 rubles .;
  • Price per 100 pcs. – 3200 – 4500 rub.

5.4 mg tablets:

  • Price for 20 pcs. – 910 – 2050 rubles;
  • Price per 100 pcs. – 3500 – 6900 rub.

16 mg tablets:

  • Price for 20 pcs. – 1420 – 3200 rub.;
  • Price per 100 pcs. – 6000 – 9300 rub.

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