10 touching stories about faithful dogs

The dog, as everyone knows, is man’s best friend. Some prefer, of course, seals, but if you want to the pet was always betrayed and was near you in grief and joy, it is worth having a dog. There are no more faithful creatures in the world than doggie. Their feelings are so strong that they persist even after death. beloved master. In this article you will find 10 stories about the most loyal dogs, having read that, you probably want to hard hug your four-legged friend.


  • 1 Most Faithful Dogs in the World: Shep
  • 2 captain
  • 3 Gellert
  • 4 wagha
  • 5 Fido
  • 6 Lapdog Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland and France
  • 7 Rusvarp
  • 8 Kostya
  • 9 Hachiko
  • 10 Greybriers Bobby

The most faithful dogs in the world: Shep

This story happened in the 1930s in the state of Montana (USA). Local Farmer Admitted to Fort Benton Hospital straight from the pasture. The name of the farmer has long been forgotten, but everyone remembers his name faithful dog – Shep. Shep sat at the hospital door and waited for him to come out. his master. Unfortunately, he never came out.

The dog followed his master when the farmer’s body was taken to the nearest station to send it to their native places. Later station workers recalled how a dog whined mournfully when the coffin was loaded into the carriage and taken away from the devotee forever animal.

Five years have passed. And Shep was still waiting for his master. Revived he only with the approach of the train (per day to the station arrived in four passengers on average). The dog carefully studied all passengers leaving the wagons, but, again, not seeing a familiar face, lost interest in what was happening. True the animal has become a local celebrity. Over time shep is strongly aged and almost lost hearing. In one not the most beautiful day the dog did not hear the approaching train and died under the wheels.

In 1995, a bronze statue was placed at Fort Benton Station faithful dog. Bronze Shep looks at the rails and waits for when finally his master will return.


When Miguel Guzmán died in 2006, he disappeared somewhere favorite dog Captain. For a whole week, the Captain disappeared somewhere, after what appeared on the grave of the owner. Relatives of the deceased could not understand how the dog managed to find the burial place.

most faithful dogs top

Sometimes the dog looked at a visit to the family, but in the evening always returned to the grave of the owner

Every Sunday, the Guzman family came to the cemetery. And everyone since a dog met them at the grave. Relatives brought the animal food and from time to time tried to take him home, but the animal escaped and again ended up in the cemetery.

Sometimes the dog looked at a visit to the family, but in the evening always returned to the grave of the owner. Cemetery workers said that in the afternoon, the Captain could go somewhere, but at exactly six in the evening necessarily came back. In 2016, a faithful dog died on grave of his master.


According to legend, the king of the kingdom Gwynedd Llewelyn The great, who lived in the XIII century, was the beloved dog Gellert. Once, preparing to hunt, Llewelyn blew his horn, calling the dogs. Everyone came except Gellert.

Llywelyn went hunting without waiting for the dog. Upon return Gellert, cheerfully wagging his tail, greeted his master, but something was wrong with him … The dog was covered in blood. Llivelin right there thought of his little son and rushed into the chambers.

Something unimaginable was going on in the castle. Baby crib turned upside down and empty, and the floor was stained with blood. Assuming the worst, the king drew his sword and slaughtered Gellert.

the most loyal dogs in the world

Oddly enough, the French have a very similar legend

And suddenly he heard the baby cry. The child was lying on the floor, and near he was lying around a huge dead wolf. It turned out that Gellert saved baby from a terrible death from wolf fangs, killing the attacker dangerous animal. Prince buried his beloved dog with everyone honors.

Oddly enough, the French have a very similar legend. In their version the dog’s name was Ginfort, and she saved the child not from the wolf, but from snakes. And Ginfort, unlike Gellert, was awarded more than just a magnificent funeral. For several centuries, the faithful dog was considered to local saints, despite opposition from the official church.


In the 17th century, the great warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji lived in India Maharaj, or simply Shivaji. He declared himself the protector of the oppressed and embarked on a struggle with the invaders. Shivaji is still known as the founder of the Marath Empire and the national hero of India. But, as legend has it, a warrior did not commit great deeds alone.

most loyal dogs

Until 2012, the Waghe monument was very popular among most community

Near Shivaji for many years was his dog Wagha. When the ruler of the Marathas died; according to local tradition, they burned him bonfire. But Vagha could not survive parting with her master and followed his body into the flames. Subsequently, in honor of Shivaji erected many monuments. And one of the memorials is dedicated to the faithful dog of the national hero of the country.

Until 2012, the Waghe monument was very popular among most communities. However, he also found opponents. They claimed that the story of the dog is just a legend and that the monument to the animal offends the memory of a national hero. In one not the most beautiful day a group of opponents of the monument broke the pedestal and dropped bronze figure of an animal with a pedestal. Vandalism case 73 people were arrested, but the monument still hasn’t restored.


Many dogs remain faithful to deceased owners. Unfortunately, it turns out only after the death of the latter. To even more Unfortunately, loyal dogs usually get recognition after of death. The Italian dog Fido, whose name translates to “Faithful,” became one of the few exceptions to this rule. In honor of the dog erected a bronze statue during her lifetime.

Fido was a stray dog ​​until 1941, when he was picked up from the street Carlo Soriani. Carlo found a puppy in a roadside ditch from which the baby could not get out on his own. Fido completely match your name. A faithful dog accompanied Carlo every morning to the stop, from where Soriani went to his factory. In the evening the dog came to a stop again and waited there until the owner will come from work.

most loyal dogs

For loyalty, the city awarded Fido a gold medal

It all ended in December 1943 when Carlo Soriani died from Allied bombs falling at his factory. That night the faithful dog also waiting for his master, but he still did not appear … Fido lived with the widow Soriani, but every evening he came to a stop and waited for a man, who will never return. This went on for 14 years, until death the dog itself.

For loyalty, the city awarded Fido a gold medal, freed his mistress from paying taxes and erected a bronze statue of the faithful the dog at that very stop.

Lover of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland and France

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, was full of adventurous life. She became the scottish queen infancy. After a few years, she managed to stay a bit. Queen of France, lose the French crown, almost lose life and forced to return to Scotland. She later had to flee to England, where, after many intrigues and conspiracies, Mary was beheaded by order of the queen, who saw in her cousin a threat the English throne.

Mary Stuart’s life was marked by inconstancy and changeability, but there was also something unchanging in her – a flock of doggies, presented to her by French subjects in 1559. In recent years life, being imprisoned in Sheffield Castle, Mary I talked with my dogs so as not to go crazy with loneliness.

most loyal dogs

They say that when Mary’s head rolled off the block, from under a tiny dog ​​got out executed

And so the trial of Mary Stuart came to an end and Elizabeth I signed the death sentence to her sister, accusing her of conspiring with aim to capture the throne. The convict was led to the scaffold, but at first no one did not notice that the woman sentenced to death is not alone. Under the lush the little lap-dog was hiding by the garment of the unlucky queen, alone from Mary Stuart’s favorites.

When Mary’s head rolled from the block, from under the dress of the executed a tiny dog ​​got out. The animal covered in fresh blood lay down to the body of his dead mistress. They say it was worth it to drag the dog a lot of work. Later, the poor animal died of exhaustion.


One day, Graham Nuttall did not return from a daily walk in the mountains. Wales and his family and friends sounded the alarm. New started 1990, the weather was disgusting. They walked for a week in the mountains searches, but nowhere was there a trace of Nuttell and his dog Rusvarpa.

most loyal dogs

Eleven weeks, in snowstorms and showers, faithful dog guarded his dead master

Over time, the search ceased. After almost three months on the body Nuttella accidentally stumbled upon a traveler. Dead man lying on the shore of a mountain stream, and near it the traveler saw exhausted and weakened dog. Eleven weeks in the snow snowstorms and showers, a faithful dog guarded his dead master. Rusvarp was so weak that he had to be lowered from the mountains to hands, the animal was no longer able to move independently. The dog survived to Nuttell’s burial, but almost immediately after the funeral has died.

19 years after the above events at the railway station, in the restructuring of which Graham took an active part Nuttell, put the bronze figure of Rusvarp. Previously the owner and his the dog saved the station from closing. When the locals made up petition to save the station, Graham signed on paper, and next to hundreds of human signatures put a paw print of his faithful dog Rusvarp.


This story happened in the Russian city of Togliatti. People constantly saw a dog sitting all day on the sidelines busy roads and seemed to be waiting for someone. Local residents have repeatedly tried to find a new home for the dog, but the dog all the time returned to the place from where they took her. It turned out later that the past of the animal hides a very tragic story.

the most faithful dogs in the world

Kostya, until his death, sat on the side of the road and waited for his the hosts

It turned out that the dog was sitting at the scene of a terrible accident that claimed the lives of two people. The girl died immediately, during an accident, and her father He died from his injuries a little later, already in the hospital. Alive only their dog remained. From then until his death he sat on by the side of the road and waiting for his masters, who have never will be back. For loyalty, the inhabitants of Togliatti called the dog “Faithful” or just “Bones” (“Constantine” from Greek translates as “Permanent” and “Faithful”).

Kostya kept his watch for seven whole years. Locals strongly grieved when the dog died. A little later, the city put Costa monument and called it “Fidelity.” Since then, a monument to the devotee the animal became a place of pilgrimage for the newlyweds. Grooms and brides Tolyatti touch the tip of the nose of a bronze dog – it is believed that after this simple ritual, marriage ties will be as strong as Kostya was faithful to his family.


University of Tokyo Professor Hidesaburo Ueno taught at Department of Agriculture and dreamed of a dog breed Akita. Into one a beautiful day his dream came true: in 1924 Ueno sheltered a dog and called her Hachiko. Since then, man and his faithful four-legged friend did not spill water.

Every day, Hachiko escorted her friend to the station. And each evening came to the station to meet the professor. Passed all a year from the moment of their first meeting and, on one not the most beautiful day, Hideasaburo died right at the lecture. And Hachiko was waiting for everything at the station …

most loyal dogs

This dog became famous thanks to the film “Hachiko: the most faithful friend”

Soon, people began to recognize a faithful dog. They brought her food and gave goodies as a reward for devotion. Story Hachiko thundered throughout the Land of the rising sun, and then across to the whole world. In 1934, a monument was erected in honor of the faithful dog. the form of a statue.

When the animal died in 1935, it was announced in honor of Hachiko national mourning. On the yellowed photographs of those times, you can see how many people came to say goodbye to an amazing dog. Stuffed Hachiko exhibited in one of the halls of the Tokyo Museum natural sciences.

Greyfriars Bobby

In one of the corners of Edinburgh there are always many tourists. Local residents and guests of the city constantly crowd around the small bronze statues of dogs. People look at the monument and take pictures on it background. Across the road from the monument is the Greyfraers Cemetery, famous thanks to a dog that went down in history under the name Greyfrayers Bobby.

The story tells of the Edinburgh policeman John Gray and his sky-terrier Bobby, who helped his master patrol Streets of the Scottish capital during night walks. When Gray died he was buried in the Greyfraers cemetery. But Bobby couldn’t part with your master.

most loyal dogs

Bobby was constantly in the cemetery, next to the grave of the deceased. the owner

The cemetery watchman repeatedly tried to drive the dog away, but each time the dog returned to the grave of its owner. Local residents appreciated the allegiance of the animal and even paid for a license, so that the dog can officially keep watch at the tombstone of his deceased friend. After 14 years, Bobby died and he was erected a monument with the inscription, which reads: “Greybriars Bobby: died January 14, 1872, in age 16 years. May his devotion and loyalty be a lesson to us all. ”

There are people who question the credibility of this stories. One of them claimed that the watchman was specially lured dog at the cemetery treats to attract more visitors to the surrounding pubs.

Another “researcher” suggested that the present Bobby actually died even earlier, but he was replaced by a double, to continue to do business on a legend. However most people prefers to believe in the story of a faithful and faithful dog.

There are still a great many legends and stories about the faithful dogs. And this is not surprising, because dogs are actually very loyal beings. Do you have your favorite dog story? loyalty?

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