Zhora continues to amaze: video where the parrot talking to the hostess

The parrot Zhorik is the star of various Internet sites. Video from his participation gaining thousands of views. The bird is not bright plumage, but shines with a sharpness of mind and high enough intelligence. The video where he talks with his mistress is still one confirmation of this.

Parrot Zhora – talented, curious and very active bird. In 2018, a video appeared on YouTube participation, which in one year has collected more than one million views. In this video, the mistress of the parrot played humorous performance in which he is trying to educate his playful ward. She calls a parrot far from flattering words: a terrorist, a pig, an impudent face – threatens to give on the head and on the pope. But all these words sound without any aggression and anger. It can be seen that the parrot is not afraid of the hostess and continues to continue Shkodnichat. He willingly enters into dialogue with her, while not only answers questions, but also asks them. During a conversation he it periodically funny enough simulates the sound of the phone.

There were a fairly large number of dissatisfied viewers, who condemned the mistress of the parrot for such a manner of communication. But big the part nevertheless beats her up and says that these are just simulated severity and rudeness.

Parrot Zhora

During the video, the parrot Zhora behaves like a playful child, he tries to nibble and taste everything

Video: a parrot communicates with his mistress

Personally, I believe that any pet requires a lot of effort and attention. So, even such a smart parrot will not speak Jacques, if with do not deal with it and constantly leave it alone.

Parrot Zhorik – a cute and charming parrot, as well as wonderful conversationalist. Such a pet is perfect for single people and brighten up their loneliness. But at the same time, talking parrots require a lot of time and attention. Therefore this fact must be considered when choosing a pet.

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