Rescue dogs – let’s talk about heroes

The rescuer is not a breed, it is a vocation!

No, they cannot provide first aid, they cannot give a person life-giving moisture and will not relieve pain. But rescue dogs are able to give more – life in a timely manner after finding the victim and notifying people about it. Representatives which breeds can engage in such a necessary and important activity, and What skills and abilities should they have?

Rescue Dog Breeds

In general, history holds a lot of evidence of devotion and the fearlessness of the friends of our four-legged. They showed remarkable courage and ingenuity during the war, saved people in time of floods and other weather disasters, sacrificed themselves for the sake of children. Moreover, these heroic acts sometimes are completely unrelated to dog breed.

Rescue Dogs

But still, for working in harsh conditions and due to the specifics activities, the dog requires certain inborn qualities, which the following breeds possess:

  • Saint Bernard – this breed has long been intended for rescue operations in the highlands, not without reason they can foresee an avalanche in a few hours and notify about it people. The second name of this breed is “avalanche dogs”. They can dig out a person buried under the snow and pull him into safe place, or bring rescuers before plot.
  • Newfoundland – These representatives work in a different environment. elements – water. Their anatomical structure and physiological properties are intended for finding an animal in water, and even icy, without prejudice to health. This is the third eyelid, paws and ear shells of a special structure, interdigital membranes and not wet coat. Newfoundlands have incredible abilities of diving and swimming, as well as an amazing instinct – rush for help at the slightest sign indicating that man in trouble.
  • German Shepherd Dog – protecting cattle from attack for a long time predators, and living in harsh conditions, representatives of this breed gained a lot of qualities necessary for survival. Naturally, that without developed intellectual abilities in this matter is not get along. Becoming an almost universal dog, German Shepherd proved to be in the rescue work.
  • Labrador – the history of the breed is such that from its very origins, dogs already were rescuers. They helped fishermen in fishing, and also searched for people during storms. In addition, due to the strength and stamina were draft animals and helpers during hunting. Modern intellectual abilities allow these dogs remember two hundred teams!

Of course, this is not the whole list, and in rescue operations representatives of other breeds are often involved. But for these dogs, whatever you say, the saving instinct is in the genes.

Rescue Dog Skills

Rescue Dog Skills

Among the skills required from rescue dogs, two the main ones is to find a person in trouble and report it to their colleagues – people. Of course, some strong dogs are capable of get the victims out of the rubble, dig them out in the snow, but more often than not, they need the help of specialists. Except thin smell, physical strength and desire to work, presented to the dog a number of requirements:

  • Sustainable psyche. A working dog should not respond to what is happening around and be completely focused on the task at hand.
  • Good nature and goodwill. Four-legged the lifeguard should be glad to see the victim he found, and not growl and grin, scaring. In addition, usually during an emergency the scene is filled by many people – doctors, rescuers, etc., and the dog should not be wary or aggression.
  • Ability to make decisions independently. IN critical situations when a person is not nearby, the dog must be able to act without waiting for a command.
  • Obedience. Dogs who like to run away, sensing freedom, or seeing another dog, is absolutely not suitable for the role lifeguards. This work requires strict discipline and implementation task at any cost.

Needless to say, the dog may be the only chance for salvation, risking yourself and not demanding anything in return? These friends less can do heroic deeds than once again reaffirm their dedication and fearlessness.

See how rescue dogs are trained:

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