Yorkshire Terrier Character

York is not the first year to occupy a leading position among the most popular decorative breeds, and for good reason. These doggies are small positivists, affectionate, playful, active and loving. But, despite their compact size, dogs not at all sissy and can show “teeth” if required situation. A variety of people choose York as pets more often they are favorites of the fair sex. ABOUT what future owners should know in advance, and what is the nature yorkshire terrier?


  • 1. If you look into history—
  • 2. Characteristics of Yorkshire Terriers
    • 2.1. A little doggie outside – a lion inside
    • 2.2. Yorkies can be quite shy
    • 2.3. York is a real cunning
    • 2.4. York is a professional runaway
    • 2.5. York is a full dog
  • 3. York and the child
  • 4. York and other animals

If you look into history—

Like it or not, but the “terrier” in the name of the breed suggests that it representatives belong to the class of “hunters”. Latin, terra means “land”, and terriers are called burrows. Difficult imagine, but yorkies are seemingly gentle and graceful creatures, quite recently in the mid-19th century they acted as working dogs. Then they were exterminators of rodents, most often rats. The character of the Yorkshire Terrier read the article

At that time, the popularity of these nimble terriers in Great Britain contributed to the fact that there was a law, forbidding ordinary people to start large and hunting dogs. AND although yorks were much larger than modern representatives breeds, yet they were not banned, and many farmers with this enjoyed.

The homeland of these dogs was the northern part of England, where The counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire are located. Yorkies were not only hunters, but also companions, so often traveled with by their owners – by land and sea, as a result of which the breed quickly spread not only throughout the country, but throughout to the world.

Today, owners take small pets with them in different ways. reasons – not to leave the baby at home alone, not to be bored in on the road, because a luxurious doggie on hand is very fashionable, etc. But once carrying a terrier with him was of a consumer nature – most people were not able to regularly take water procedures, and there was always a risk of getting bloodsucking insects – fleas.

In addition, the church advocated for the rare washing, inspiring believers, that bathing is a shameful activity. Against this background, small doggies the special role of bait for parasites was prepared. Don’t think that only women needed flea dogs, in fact, and men had such a need.

By the way, yorkies on handles in humans turned out to be very long ago – still since the Renaissance, so it’s not surprising that doggies immediately take harmonious poses and know how to sit on bent arm of the wearer.

Characteristics of Yorkshire Terriers

To better understand your four-legged friend and correctly evaluate his behavior and actions, the owner should take a closer look Get to know the main character traits of York.

A little doggie outside – a lion inside

What to expect from a dog that is inferior in size cat, but at heart imagines itself a minimum of a shepherd? Yorkie is pretty pugnacious and can fight with an opponent superior to them by dimensions. Doggie will protect himself, his master, his offspring, territory. No wonder many miniature terriers get injuries and even die in unequal fights.

To avoid this, it is advisable for the owner to withdraw a pet where there is no likelihood of meeting a potential enemy (owners of males should be especially careful). Should use a leash.

Yorkies can be quite shy

If the dog is constantly worn or carried, it will take a long time stays alone in the house, they play a little with him and pay attention, then problems can not be avoided. Without splashing out excess energy during active entertainment and walks, the pet begins to show in every possible way that he’s bored – the signal may be a torn pillow, torn off wallpaper or gnawed shoes.

It’s useless to punish a pet, it’s enough to satisfy him physical needs, and the problem will resolve itself. Easiest the problem is solved if York lives in a private house with a spacious, carefully fenced house territory. The dog will be with the pleasure of rushing around the yard, wasting energy without outside help. But it is worth considering that digging and running away for a terrier – a trifle, you need to think about how to deepen and strengthen foundation of the fence.

York is a real cunning

Most ornamental breeds are inherently infantile, but to this does not apply to york. They are smart, cunning and real. strategists, they don’t need to turn the situation around in such a way to manipulate the master. The Character of York

And what kind of acting is this charismatic doggie! He is very skillfully offended, making him incredibly pitiful gaze and shaking legs. And if the owner does not immediately understand of this, the dog will again and again simulate universal resentment, sharpening his skills as a “great combinator” and swinging away from duties.

York, like its larger brothers, needs to be educated, socialization and learning. If the pupil ignores commands, then he must be punished – not physically, but morally – a cold tone voices will tell the pet that the owner is unhappy. Moreover, this doggie needs the attention of a person, and the denial of it is very effective punishment.

Dogs of this breed for a long time remember insults and at a comfortable opportunities are avenged, so beat or scream at york during training is not recommended.

York is a professional runaway

Again, this is an ill-mannered dog whose owner does not paid due attention to the training of his four-legged friend. In no case should the owner miss the fact that the Yorkshire Terriers are representatives of hunting dogs, and workers their instincts are quite strong.

The pet is always ready to jerk after a running cat, bird or with the mouse, often in trouble. If the dog has not completed the full course obedience and behavior in an urban environment, then lower it off the leash in crowded places is very, very dangerous.

York is a full dog

A tiny terrier always remains a terrier, not a toy or fun, but an ordinary dog, albeit a small one. Doggie loves to be in the center of attention, however, and he needs personal space. Not it is worth patronizing the four-legged comrade 24 hours a day and constantly to be with him.

Often, dogs of this breed suffer from stress and neurosis by the fault of the owner, they become fearful or overly aggressive. This happens when a person constantly carries a pet with him – in guests shopping for noisy events, thereby preventing him be in silence, relax.

In addition, many owners think the best place to stay. Pet – master bed. But, in fact, like the rest dogs, york needs its own sunbed, its area where unauthorized entry is prohibited.

York and baby

What is the relationship with the Yorkshire Terrier and children? As for babies, such a tandem is undesirable – yet these doggies require attention, and they will not like that someone gets a lot more. Of course, the doggie does not represent any threats, but he can be very stressful. But if a similar situation has arisen, owners should not forget about the appearance of the baby four-legged friend. Games and affection should not be regular. York and the child

But with older children, Yorks have a relationship ideal, of course, if a child does not offend a little friend – intentionally or accidentally. York will not be neglected and may snap back – not maliciously, without bites, warningly, also there is a risk of injury. When are the younger members of the family know how to handle a small dog, it appears here real, strong friendship.

York and other animals

All dogs are individual, but despite the hunting instinct, little terriers get along well with other pets – dogs, cats, turtles, etc. It can be difficult York living in the same territory with small rodents, those doggie evaluates as prey.

The Yorkshire Terrier, judging by statistics, is the choice of many, and the breed for a long time does not lose popularity. But far from always the relationship between York and the owner develops ideally, and in almost all conflict situations, the culprit favors a person who is not serious about miniature four-legged friend. Yes, the dog is small, but that’s why it doesn’t stop to be a dog – courageous, energetic, and at times – impudent.

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