York chocolate cat

York chocolate

York chocolate cat York Chocolate

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 10
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 10
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Total health: 9
  • Hair loss: 6
  • Friendliness for children: 8
  • Dog Friendly: 10
  • Love for meow: 10


The history of the breed can be considered since 1984, when a cat Brownie appeared chocolate, completely plain kitten Minky. He and his mother are the progenitors of York chocolate, and literally every modern york chocolate cat leads its own pedigree from these two pets. After 2 years, Brownie mated with Minky, and a lot of chocolate kittens appeared.

They were so beautiful that the landlady became interested and decided to read a book on cat genetics. After reading her It occurred to me to breed a new breed, and literally on my porch, she made a small nursery. Everything was going fine and literally 5 years later (in 1989), she already had 27 beautiful cats chocolate color (some had white blotches), with stunning wool and graceful outlines.

In the summer of that year, a veterinarian, to whom Janet from time to time appealed, introduced her to the breeder and, concurrently, judge of the CFF Cat Lovers Federation. Her name was Nancy Belser, and seeing the cats in Janet’s cattery, she was amazed to say that she had never seen such animals. It was at the insistence of Nancy, Janet took part in a cat show, with one of her kittens on named Prince, putting him in the appropriate category and taking first place.

Further, the newly minted breeder applied to the amateur federation CFF and ACFA cats. In 1992, the breed was given the official CFF Championship Status. In 1995, CCA assigned the status. K 1997 In the year in the world there were already several dozens of these nurseries cats, and breeders managed to obtain official recognition of the breed at the World Cat Federation, as well as the World Feline Federation in Moscow. By the way, many experts say that there are no purebred, real York cats in Russia, and indeed throughout there are quite a few of them in the CIS.


Chocolate York cat is distinguished by its graceful lines and fine hair of an unusual color. However, despite the name, may have a purple color, as well as a combination of chocolate and lilac. Sometimes there may be white “socks”, but other spots should not. Feet generally long, however, hind legs longer front, ears are medium, the muzzle is elongated, the total weight varies in area 4 – 8 kg. Females are usually smaller.

These are very emotional cats with a large supply of vitality and energy. They adapt perfectly, both to a single person, so and family with children. In any case, it will be a devotee, loving a friend who will bring a lot of bright colors to your life.


York chocolate cat has a high level of activity, and cannot sit idle for too long or sleep. On the other hand, these pets quite clearly feel the balance between playfulness, desire for active pastime and excessive playfulness.

Thanks to such valuable quality, their character is different poise, kindness, and at the same time they never get bored. Despite the love of activity and games, these cats will be happy to sit on your lap, like to be stroked and caressed. They are often choose one person as the most authoritative and beloved, on the other hand, they are wonderful for each of family members, including children, if they do not consider them as soft a toy.

Other animals are also well treated. York chocolate the cat has a very inquiring and sharp mind, and therefore she is interested in everything what’s going on around. It can be children’s games or household household chores – sometimes they can try to stick their own everywhere dark-skinned, cold nose. If you live in a private house, do not doubt that these cats will hunt from time to time bring home mice or birds.

Common diseases

Breed york chocolate cat, thanks to its origin, is distinguished by good health. These pets are rare get sick, and do not have a tendency to certain diseases.


The hair of these cats is rather semi-long, therefore, the requirements for care is minimal. You need to comb the pet a couple of times a month, and also do not forget about other “cat needs”. To them it is possible include bathing (you can bathe once a month or less, cat breed York is not very afraid of water, a lot depends on contact with the street or its absence), claw trimming (2-4 times a month), ear cleaning and teeth (it is advisable to brush your teeth daily).

Breed Information

Country of origin USA
Life span 13-15 years old
The size medium-large
Weight Males: 7-8 kg, Cats: 4-6 kg
Type of wool longhair
Color chocolate purple
Lifestyle outdoor / indoor
Group longhair, for children
Price 400 – 600 $

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