Ashera (photo): The largest and wildest home cat



Origin: USA

Class: breed not recognized

Color: spotted – dark brown or brown spots on sand background

Dimensions: body length reaches 1 m, growth at the withers about 60 cm

Life span: 15 to 20 years

Despite the impressive dimensions and awesome external data, Beauty Ashera is the perfect pet. Cats of this breed love children and become very attached to their master

Asher claims to be one of the largest cats in the world. Representatives of this breed were considered a true exclusive, precious treasure, a rarity, about which eloquently testified to the high price and long lines in nurseries.

Such a cat is characterized by dog ​​loyalty, it has developed intelligence and she is able to become a true friend. But at the beginning of the XXI century, no one and I couldn’t imagine that it’s just the brainchild of a unique scams.


This animal was named after the Semitic goddess Asher, which the ancient Israelites worshiped and considered her mother all divine


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Breed history

In 2007, Life Style Pets biotechnology company announced about the creation of a new breed of cats – asher. Breeders claimed that this animal was created by them as a result of crossing genes Asian Bengal, African Serval and domestic cat.

Later it turned out that the creator of the usher simply fabricated data. Shortly before this sensation appeared, the false breeder acquired in the nursery of a certain Chris Shirk there are several kittens of the savannah breed.

Having included all his abilities, the new breeder designated himself as the creator of a new unique breed and deployed around it active promotional activities. Chris Shirk saw the photo exclusive animal and immediately recognized in it one of its pets.

According to a statement by the current owner of the usher, US Fish and Wildlife in 2008 conducted a DNA test, the result of which showed that this cat is a typical representative of the breed savannah.

The world saw these animals for the first time in the 80s of the XX century, and their ancestors really became home bengal and African serval, the first of which occurred as a result of wild crossing Bengal and ordinary domestic cat.

The claims of the breeder were very close to the truth, but with he was not the creator of the breed. This whole story is official version. She’s pretty confused and get to the truth it was very difficult.

The indisputable fact at that time was only the origin animal: this is a hybrid that descended from wild African and domestic cats.


Ashera is the largest of all existing home cats

Exotic appearance and size, comparable, perhaps, with Maine Coon, very many people liked it, and Asher’s cat became one of the most coveted pets in almost all over the world.

Gorgeous cheetah mini with natural spotty color charm has become a worthy competitor not only to other home cats, but also dogs, since representatives of this breed allowed owners walk themselves on a leash.


Asher cat at first glance is a formidable predator. But behind an animal grin, a powerful body and a wild color hid typical pet with the habits of an ordinary cat.

  • She likes to sleep, enjoys playing with children and affectionately purrs, being near his master. Genetic Biology Life Style Pets Announce That Asher’s Cat Is Compliant character, and therefore she is able to get along perfectly with all members families.


Caught in good caring hands, such a pet will always be to be affectionate and friendly

Important! However, the nature of the animal is largely dependent from his upbringing. Having wild roots, representatives of this breed cats in rare cases still show their essence. Therefore to socialization of the kitten should begin as early as possible!

  • Asher cat is highly intelligent and sociable. She fast will find a common language with guests who appear on the threshold of your home, and will not leave anyone indifferent to his person.

You can read about other sociable cat breeds. here: https: //

  • Such an animal can easily get along in the same house with others. pets if they don’t show aggression.
  • This big cat is playful like a child. She is having fun will chase a small ball, toy mouse or red point from the laser.


Asher is easy to train and quickly realizes that from her required

If the owner spends a sufficient amount of time and effort on instilling decent behavior and good habits, then in the future he will not have any problems with the behavior of his cat.

Any manifestations of aggression should be stopped in time, but beat the animal is by no means worth it.

Recommendation! Show who’s in charge, pretty simple – just raise the kitten by the scruff and shake it slightly repeatedly. But remember that the pet should not be hurt, so how strong fright will provoke him to further attacks in your address!


Asher cat breed was intended for wealthy owners with relevant living conditions. She is not just pet – such a pet always once again reminds guests about the financial situation of its owner.

A mini copy of the cheetah becomes an exclusive decoration of a chic home and overall metropolitan apartment. Exotically, it can compete unless caracal, home ocelot or Fenech.


Asher’s cat will imposingly walk on a leash and willingly show your splendor to everyone around

But representatives of this breed of cats are acquired not only for in order to emphasize your status. Ashera becomes faithful a friend who is always there.

She is affectionate and tender, loves to sit in her arms for a long time, affectionately looking into the eyes of his master.

Many fans of this predator were not scared away by his wild appearance and high price – Life Style Pets has designated the cost of this hybrid, which ranged from 22 thousand. up to 25 thousand $.

For this reason, the hopes of many potential hosts for the acquisition of a unique animal collapsed in an instant.

After all, a cat, depicted in all its glory on numerous the photos on the company’s website became practically gold, because for such a price it was possible to purchase a very decent car.

How to choose a kitten

Life Style Pets annually put up for sale no more 100 kittens, the price of which is constantly growing. But despite this, queues for the “branded” pet continued to line up.

The big cat attracted special attention, and acquired it as for maintenance, and for breeding purposes, but at the same time the price the latter was slightly higher.

In addition, for breeding, Asher could be bought exclusively specialized nurseries. In the hands of happy owners the “golden” kittens were already sterilized.

They could be selected from the photos displayed on the official sites of breeders, or on a personal visit to the nursery.


The price of a kitten fluctuated depending on gender and purpose acquisitions

To get a representative of such a breed of cats from hand was considered riding carelessness. At best, resourceful breeders offered a Bengal, who was handed over at an inflated price.

A purchase at Life Style Pets involved a security deposit. in the amount of about $ 6 thousand. The choice of potential owners were proposed babies at the age of 12 weeks. Considered healthy moving, funny kittens.

On the hands of animals were issued upon reaching 1 year. Reason explained as follows – at the age of 12 months completely determines the nature of the pet and its inclinations.

  • Before picking up the kitten, the future owner should once again examine it – from the ears and eyes there should not be any discharge
  • There should also be no odor.
  • And previously it was necessary to take care of the creations of all conditions for the new tenant of the house.

These conditions are mandatory when choosing any kitten. But breeders tried once again to remind potential owners, once again paying attention to the uniqueness of the animal.


An animal caught in a decent environment will develop well and easy to learn

Now, you can purchase a savannah cat in nurseries, True, its value will not be much different from “Asher”. Price for a spotted cat can vary from 4 to 20 thousand cu

Care Features

This breed of cats from other representatives of the cat world in grooming no different. She is like an ordinary domestic shorthair cat, requires standard hygiene procedures:

  • periodic bathing using mild shampoo – asher not afraid of water, so there are no problems in this case must; bathing such a big cat should certainly be in the spacious a bathtub;

Important! After water procedures, the body of the animal it is advisable to wipe dry and keep the pet for an hour away from the draft – this will help protect him from the common cold!

  • cleaning the ears and eyes – it’s convenient to use cotton swabs;
  • timely clipping using special clippers – this procedure will help keep the upholstery soft furniture.

Read more about how to wash a cat, tell articlehttps: //


Representatives of this breed of cats are short-haired, and therefore, combing them too often is not necessary. In addition, ashera she is capable of taking care of the beauty of her coat herself.


If necessary, such a pet can be combed thick comb no more than once a week. Ushers do not shed much, but because they don’t leave shreds of wool after themselves

It is recommended to use during molting furminator for shorthair cat breeds.


Breeders emphasize that Ashera loves freedom. She needs space and long walks in the fresh in the air. At this time, the animal will be able to warm up and get new sensations that will not let her not get bored.

This cat should be walked on a leash, while she is willing to will march next to his master.


According to experts, the big cat Asher, despite its impressive dimensions, very unpretentious in food. Feed her allowed as pre-made by professional feed, and natural food.

If you want to know how to choose the right bowl for your cat, we advise you to read articlehttps: //

At the same time, dry and canned foods must meet premium and super-premium class or holistic class, which is the most acceptable.


You can use vitamin supplements to help maintain not only the attractive appearance of the pet, but also keep his health

But dry food should not form the basis of the diet. Full there is no ban on them, but it is better that such food is only tasty additive – a treat.

The role of the main source of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should perform natural foods:

  • fresh beef and poultry, if you are not sure about the quality, then meat is better to pour over with boiling water;
  • sea ​​fish – it is desirable that it forms the basis usher menu;
  • plant food – it goes as a dietary supplement.

Recommendation! Any meat before you get in your pet’s bowl should spend two to three days in the freezer to the camera! It should only be defrosted in the main compartment the refrigerator!


Breeders say that the vaccinated Asher cat is not afraid of disease, and defining features are exclusively hereditary. Therefore, in any case, it is necessary to use genetic the control.

Characteristic diseases

Some owners note the weakness of the digestive system of these animals. Therefore, the preparation of the menu is suitable with special thoroughness.

Ready minced meat is replaced with natural minced meat. And when offer dry food, then a bowl with fresh filtered water.


Miniature cheetahs fall into the hands of their new owners already vaccinated. But this is only on condition that they are acquired in specialized nurseries.

Upon reaching the first year of their life, they received everything necessary vaccines, in the future should be a continuous control in veterinary clinics.

Vaccinations are given to the animal in the nursery, and then repeated periodically. Since the animal is most spends time in the house and walks on a leash, serious there are no fears of infection of the animal even in the absence of vaccinations.


Due to the ongoing work of professional veterinarians on representatives of this breed of cats in specialized nurseries, the risk of obtaining an animal with hereditary abnormalities excluded


Before giving the Asher kitten to the new owner, his sterilized – this was a prerequisite. For this reason mating a pet at home was ruled out. Explanation for this several:

  • secret of breeding, which breeders kept in strictest confidence – mass breeding could lead to loss of company income Life Style Pets;
  • due to splitting, the nature of the animal could change, which very dangerous, as the cat is quite large and strong, and it can bring tragic consequences for the owner and his family members.

But soon the scam was revealed. And today no one will buy a cat Asher from the “official” manufacturer, as everyone knows that this the breed is called savannah. The savannah of class F1-F2 itself can cost up to $ 20,000 dollars.

Ashera: The Biggest and Wildest Domestic Cat

Ashera is a cat with a wild appearance, natural charm, grace and elegance. Breeders claim all this magnificence is complemented by a complaisant character and simplicity in care.

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