Photo of reed cats: all about the breed, character, the content

Many pet lovers will certainly want to get this rare cat at home.


Country: USA

Sizes: weight: cat up to 14 kg, cat up to 10 kg; height: height at withers up to 50 cm

Color: black, ticked tabby and silver ticked

Life expectancy: up to 14 years

The reed cat, as well as the caracal, savannah or bengal, is An ideal choice for exotic lovers.

Being larger than the usual representative of domestic cat breeds, he has a bewitching grace and plasticity.

Playful and very kind, this affectionate pet has already won thousand hearts.

The graceful cat impresses with its grace, plasticity and mobility

The graceful cat impresses with its grace, plasticity and mobility


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Characteristics of Psychology
  • 3 How to choose a kitten
  • 4 Care Features
    • 4.1 Combing
    • 4.2 Walk
    • 4.3 Power
  • 5 Health
    • 5.1 Characteristic diseases
    • 5.2 Vaccinations
  • 6 Knit

Breed history

The very first ones that the reed cat chose as its owner, the Egyptians are considered.

At least three thousand years old records, evidence of this.

In the houses of Ancient Egypt, two types of cats were brought up, one of which was Felis chaus, and another – incredibly beautiful Egyptian Mau.

This breed was preferable due to its attractive character traits.

The reed cat has excellent hearing thanks to its large ears.At reed cat excellent hearing thanks to its big ears

It is from the Latin that the modern interpretation comes from breed names – “house” or “house”.

In addition to Ancient Egypt, a reed cat or house still lived in about 25 countries of the world.

But basically there he was considered wild, and nobody came to head to invite him to your house.

Although these cats showed a genuine interest in the human housing, often approached him very close.

House is perfectly adapted to exist in dense reed beds

The house is perfectly adapted to live in dense thickets. cane

And only at the end of the XVIII century, in 1777, cat lovers bred a hybrid resembling a modern breed house.

Then, already in the twentieth century, Americans as a result of crossing domestic shorthair with wild reed cats got a modern a variant of these seals combining an unusual appearance and friendly disposition.

Character Psychology

If you want to make a lazy homemade bun, better go past the house.

This moving zipper will often require your attention.

Moreover, active communication is very necessary for him, otherwise the animal sad and may even lose interest in life or run wild.

  • Mobility. Temperament House – an eternal kitten, he constantly needs to play, hunt, climb somewhere, something to explore; the blood of wild ancestors makes itself felt. He does not love sit on your hands, which, in principle, is good, because the weight and dimensions of this the animal is relatively solid.

Reed cats prefer to be in large and spacious rooms

Reed cats prefer to be in large and spacious the premises

  • Easy to learn. The domestic reed cat does not require a special approach to teach him to open and close doors, go to your potty and so on. Despite the injustice he very obedient, ready to immediately respond to the orders of the owners.

About other smart cat breeds will tell articlehttps: //

  • The need for affection. If you want a cat there was a stable kind disposition, attention must be paid to her. Left to herself, she recalls her wild roots and can code. But, regularly receiving a portion of care from the owners, your woolly friend will be the personification of kindness and tenderness.
  • Survivability. Houses like scottish straights and fold cats, calmly react to the presence of other domestic animals, including squirrels degu and lemmings. They will not hunt them or Jealous, provided that you give them enough attention.

The reed cat, unlike almost all other feline representatives, is not at all afraid of water.

Reed cat, unlike almost all other representatives feline, not at all afraid of water

  • Curiosity. The reed cat is interested in everything: rustles, a knock on the door or the phone rings – it will run faster than the owners check what is the matter.
  • Love of water. Houses don’t just like to be bathed, they will be happy to keep company with those who decide take a swim.

How to choose a kitten

The future furry family member should be watched only from that the moment when the kittens turned three months old.

You can find out how to determine the age of a kitten. here: https: //

This is due to the vaccination schedule, designed just for this period.

If in front of you is a gentle, playful and gullible striped a three-month-old baby house, which means he had a good vaccination and ready to delight their new owners.

Moreover, at this age it is already easy to distinguish an ordinary kitten from a real house, because in one litter both those and others.

The kindness and lack of fear of man quickly made the Hausi true favorites for people

Kindness and lack of fear of a man quickly made a house true favorites for people

At three months, kittens should be fully socialized:

  • walk on need to the tray;
  • get used to cat house;
  • communicate calmly and friendly with other kittens and strangers people.

If you want to make a house for a cat with your own hands, we recommend become familiar with articlehttps: //

An important point is the documents; even if you are not going to participate in exhibitions and buy an animal for the soul, a breeder must provide the necessary package of papers.

Care Features


To comb a house every day is only during moulting, in the rest of the time is enough once a week.

Moreover, domestic cats have a schedule for changing hair unstable.

In winter, a dense undercoat is not observed, as the premises are well are heated, summer can be pretty cool, and the animal will begin to “warm up”.

In general, as soon as you notice an abundant separation of wool, take furminatori every day comb cat.

The reed cat has a smooth, shiny coat in the sun.

The reed cat has a smooth, shiny coat in the sun

The reed cat at home does not get dirty much, so usually in he does not need bath procedures.

Unless by need after a walk in wet weather.

If you house a pair of clawpots, your furniture doesn’t suffer will be.

These cats, like everyone else, do a great job with their “manicure” on their own, they should not cut their claws.


Ideal for keeping a reed cat out of town house. In such conditions, the cat will be able to run around and to bump into.

But if the house lives in an apartment, it would be nice to allocate time for walks. It’s clear that this is not a dog to walk everyday.

But the reed cat at home does not get natural ultraviolet radiation, a positive effect on health.

In addition, the limited apartment space does not give him throw out all your energy, which can lead to obesity and diseases originating from here, in fact, as is the case with turkish van.

Therefore, if the weather is nice outside, it’s worth organizing for its domestic predator forays into the fresh air.

Even in games, this pet is distinguished by royal posture and demonstrates well-developed musculature.

Even in games, this pet is different royal posture and demonstrates well-developed muscles


Homes are undemanding, but you should stick with them. some rules to maintain the perfect health of their pet.

Up to a year, the baby must be fed twice a day, then it’s worth switch to single meals.

It’s important to understand that live food plays a leading role in how full and healthy the animal will be.

Ideally, the house menu should consist of one rat or two mice and plus 200 g of lean meat.

Swamp lynx - one of the largest cat breeds

Swamp lynx – one of the largest cat breeds

You can also include plant components.

  • The main part of the diet is meat and offal; in wild nature reed cats successfully hunt birds, water rats, nutria and even hares and small boars.
  • Boiled fish should be given only once a week, as it excess in nutrition leads to leaching of calcium from the body and subsequent rickets.
  • Up to 1/3 of a house’s diet can be plant foods. Sometimes these mustachioed friends themselves beg for fresh cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin, sweet fruits – do not refuse them this pleasure.

Once a week, you need to have a hungry day.

The fact is that the reed cat doesn’t spend so much energy at home, as in the wild, therefore more susceptible obesity.

In particular, adult animals and kittens should be added to the feed minerals and vitamins.

This is important if you feed them artificial. feed or purchased meat, not live “food.”

The reed cat is a great hunter

The reed cat is a great hunter

House poorly digest cereals in any form, so do not experiment with cereals by adding them to your diet.

Many dry foods also have cereals, so when when choosing this type of food, get only specialized their premium options.


Characteristic diseases

Wild ancestors awarded houses excellent health.

And if vaccinations are done on time, then cats have a strong immunity, calmly respond to sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

With a balanced diet, the animal is always good feels and does not get sick.

House loves to climb as high as possible and watch what is happening in the room

House loves to climb as high as possible and watch happening in the room


Only healthy cats are allowed to vaccinate.

At the age of three months, the baby should be done vaccines against herpes virus infection, panleukopenia, calicivirosis.

After which there must be a booster.

Cat vaccinations should be done every year, in the general list of them should enter component against rabies.

Before carrying the animal to the veterinarian for vaccination, it is necessary to carry out deworming.

Representatives of this breed are in dire need of affection, and the owners need to pay attention to the housei

Representatives of this breed are in dire need of affection, and the owners you must pay attention to the hausi


Puberty in reed cats occurs at 18 months.

House can only be crossed with Abyssinian or ordinary shorthair cats.

In this case, the owner of the cat will receive offspring with the necessary exterior and a set of good qualities of character.

However, not only the desired individuals will be present in the litter, but also ordinary kittens.

At home, the reed cat is very obedient and easy to learn.

At home, the reed cat is very obedient and easy. is studying

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