Tonkin cat (photo): A unique creation with aquamarine eyes

Tonkin cat


Origin: Canada.

Class: WCF – Siamese-Oriental Shorthair, CFA – Tonkinese.

Color: “natural mink”, “champagne”, platinum mink, blue mink.

Sizes: medium, weight reaches from 2.5 to 5.5 kg

Life expectancy: 9 to 12 years.

It’s hard to imagine a more affectionate and gentle home pet than a cat of the Tonkin breed.

Due to her character, she won fans over to the whole globe, despite the fact that they did not want it for a long time recognize as a separate breed.

It is also popular because it is completely unpretentious in leaving: short hair is very easy to follow.

Tonkin cat

In this look you pay not only to the color of the eyes, but to the whole the seriousness with which the cat looks at you and as if reading yours thoughts


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  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a kitten
  • 5 Care features
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  • 6 Health
    • 6.1 Vaccinations
  • 7 Knitting

Breed history

Although officially this breed appeared only in the 60s of the past centuries, the first mention of cats of the Tonkin breed met in Siam’s literary sources as early as the 14th century.

For a long period, even when in the 18th century they were brought to England, their name sounded like “chocolate Siamese. “One such representative, nicknamed Wong Mau in the middle of the twentieth century brought to Canada by Dr. D. Thomson.

The birthplace of cats of the Tonkin breed is Canada because it was here that the cross-breeding program between Siamese and Burmese breed.

The reason for this was a very shy Siamese cat breeders M. Conroy.

The pet completely did not want to “build relationships” with cats his breed.

She only liked the Siamese cat, as a result of which they were born kittens with an unusual eye color of the sea wave.

After some time, they began to be mixed with the descendants of the imported formerly Wong Mau.

Tonkin cat

Gentle purses with aquamarine eyes – what could be it’s better?

This cat received its current name only in the year 71 of the 20th centuries.

Before that, it was often also called the Golden Siamese.

But, to eliminate any confusion M. Conroy gave her a name in Honor of the Asian city of Tonkin (Vietnam).


According to the observations of breeders, these cats combine only the best features from their ancestors.

They incredibly love the attention of the owners, their warmth and affection.

As soon as the owner or members of his family are on the doorstep of the house, these representatives of the cat family will certainly be nearby.

Compared to chartreuse, tonkinesis is more talkative.

They will not miss the opportunity to remind themselves. But still, these pets are not as loud as, for example, orientals.

Interesting! Tonkinesis is not very love conflicts in the family and immediately feel if tense situation. The cat will seek to soften by any means conflict atmosphere.

Tonkin cat

Has the landlord come?

Guests will not be the subject of worry, because Tonkin cats breed will instantly play with children.

Get along well with other animals, be it different breeds dogs, ferrets, and even chameleons with geckos.

From the very first months of life, kittens try to find an approach to to every member of the family.

With each person they behave playfully and benevolently.


Tonkin cats are a great option for families with child.

For walking on the street are not intended, because of their friendliness and affection are easily in the hands of strangers, because of which they may be lost.

Even if you are still going for a walk, for protection an animal from parasites like ear mites, Be sure to wear a special collar.

How to choose a kitten

Kittens have a very high level of adaptation.

After moving to a new place, the pet will quickly learn not only character and habits of the owners, but also their rhythm, under which it will be to adapt.

Tonkin cat

Both young and adult cats will always be inclined to fool around with the owner

When choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to color wool.

For this breed, it is customary to distinguish the following types of colors:

  • natural mink: wool has a basic warm brown tone with marks of a darker color;
  • champagne mink: wool of a lighter beige shade with markings of pale brown;
  • platinum mink: pets are distinguished by a pale silver color with darker gray spots;
  • blue mink: wool of a blue shade with gray-blue marks.

Interesting! In the litter also kittens of color points and burmese color are born, but they are forbidden use for exhibitions and breeding.

Tonkin cat

The most valuable species are mink

It is also worth remembering that the final color is set only in 1.5 years of life of a kitten.

How to determine the age of a kitten is described in articlehttps: //

In addition, there is a tendency for a cat to darken with age.

Famous Aquamarine Eyes, a Business Card of this breed are not present in all colors.

In some cases, it may be blue or greenish yellow. Colour.

Tonkin cats are famous for the fact that their complexion is good balanced.

They are medium in size, fairly dense and muscular.

Therefore, when choosing a kitten, you should pay attention to the presence of distinguishing features:

  • The ears are large enough and tilted forward. They are delivered wide but neat on the sides of the head. Tips should be rounded off.
  • The head is wedge-shaped. The contours are very soft and rounded. Has a strong chin and massiveness.
  • The nose has a harmonious profile. The nostrils are open, and the lobe itself wide enough.
  • Wool soft texture. The undercoat is missing.
  • The body is elegant and thin with well-developed muscles.
  • Paws have a rounded shape. The legs are slim and long.
  • The tail is long and thin at the base. Narrows to the tip. By length should be approximately equal to the body.

Tonkin cat

Tonkin cat is incredibly elegant and well-built

Prices for a kitten of this breed in nurseries start at 20,000 rubles.

This applies to the pet class (pet animal).

If you want a show-class kitten, the price will be absolutely other.

Moreover, not the last criteria in determining the value are pedigree, external characteristics and gender.

Care Features

Tonkinesis is one of the easiest cats to care for. known today to the world.

Wipe your ears with wet swabs.

Read more about how to clean your cat’s ears. here: https: //

Do swimming as necessary, but be sure to ensure that so that drops of water do not get into the ear canal.

Tonkin cat

Even while the kitten is small, you should not let him do everything that whatever. If he did “Skoda” be sure to show that you do not liked. Otherwise, the pet will perceive this as a game

Since cats are playful enough, especially in the early years of life, it’s recommended that she have toys, scratching post.

You can also use anti-scratch.

Otherwise, until the owners are at home, the pet will Play with wallpaper and furniture.

Interesting! Though Tonkin breed cats love to “play pranks” if they see negative reaction from the owners to their action, be Sure they won’t repeat it again.

The cat prefers to sleep with people, therefore, a separate sleeping place in the form of a house or Sunbed is unlikely to be useful to her.

However, since it lacks undercoat, drafts and the scorching sun is best avoided.

In addition to brushing your ears, you must also brush your teeth.

Recommended frequency – once a week.

Walking animals is not recommended because they are easy to walk in the arms of strangers, and can also in a fit of curiosity run out onto the road with moving cars.

In addition, their hunting instinct is poorly developed and may manifest only in the process of games.

Care must be taken to monitor the toilet for cats.

This breed is very clean, therefore in its tray should always be clean, cleaned and poured fresh filler.

Otherwise, you should expect surprises in the most unexpected places.


Since the cat is short-haired, with grooming she almost completely copes herself.

Furminator will be superfluous here, but the usual comb brush suitable for scratching once a week.


The key to good health of any cat is its proper food.

Home-made food, top dressing with sweets and salts will not result in to what good.

For tonkinesis, you can choose two ways: feeding natural food or the purchase of ready-made balanced feed.

If it was decided to feed the kitten only with natural food, start best with dairy products, chicken eggs, oatmeal porridge.

Gradually, you can gradually add boiled chicken to the diet, fish, cottage cheese and beef.

Tonkin cat

Well, can you not fall in love with these eyes?

Since preparing natural food specifically for the pet is time not everyone has, the most common option is purchase of feed.

It is worth remembering that for the normal functioning of the body pet, he needs both dry and wet food.

Due to the tendency of cats to gingivitis, vets are recommended acquire only high quality solid feed.

You also need to monitor the bowl of water: her need to be changed regularly.


As a rule, tonkinesis have good health and last a long time. their masters with tenderness and affection.

Even at the most advanced age the animal will try to improve mood and calm sadness.

Interesting! Tactile sensations very important for tonkinesis. Even when the owners are sleeping, the cat be sure to sit next to them.

It is worth noting that the inheritance from the Siamese representatives, tonkinesis got a tendency to such ailments as:

  • asthma;
  • gingivitis;
  • amyloidosis;
  • strabismus;
  • heart ailments.

Also, it is worth remembering that this breed of animals is very sensitive to anesthesia.

To maintain good health, it is recommended that you follow the basic grooming recommendations, bring the animal to regular examinations to to the veterinarian, to do the necessary vaccinations, and to make sure that Pet was a quality balanced feed.


Before vaccinating kittens, you need be sure to deworm.

According to the instructions of the veterinarians, this procedure should be carried out 10 days before vaccination.

It is carried out by taking anthelmintic animals preparations.

Tonkin cat

However, not all representatives of this breed have color eyes. aquamarine

Another important point during the vaccination period is the diet nutrition.

Experts do not recommend changing it half a month before and after vaccinations.

Rabies vaccines are given at the age of three months. all cats, after which it is repeated annually.

At the age of 8 weeks, vaccination against leukemia is carried out, and also FIE, FVC and FVR vaccines.

Marks for all procedures should be in veterinary passport of the animal.


A feature of this breed is that cats have heterozygous inheritance.

That is, in one litter, half will have the color “mink”, and the remaining kittens will be of Burmese color and color points.

Only pets can take part in breeding and exhibitions with mink colors.

Healthy animals are allowed to mate.

For females, the optimal age for the first mating is 1.5-2 of the year.

Read more about feline pregnancy in articlehttps: //

Tonkin cat

It’s hard to take your eyes off these beautiful animals

The Tonkin breed, although bred from two other breeds, is a great friend to every member of the family.

Thanks to her goodwill and affection, she conquers hearts and uplifting, settles family conflicts.

Buying a kitten is best in a specialized nursery, where, in addition to the pedigree, you can get recommendations about leaving and vaccination data.

If you are looking for a good friend and comrade, then tonkinesis for you.

This is an incredibly sociable cat that speaks out not short “meow”, and with whole sentences trying to adapt to host speech.

Tonkin cat: Unique creature with aquamarine eyes

Tonkin cat or tonkinesis is the result of a cross Burmese and Siamese breed. The result is cats, possessing all the good qualities of their Asian ancestors.

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