Cat Devon Rex (photo): Playful pet and true friend



Origin: England

Class: FIFe Category III – Shorthair&Somali, по классификации WCF категория Shorthair

Color: based on Devon Rex standards any coat colors and eye color are possible. Since the breed is Devon Rex recently bred, kittens are not separated by color. At their exhibitions collect in color groups

Sizes: the weight of an adult cat is 3.6-4.5 kg, cats – 2.3-3.2 kg

Life span: 15-17 years

Devon Rex is known for its large ears, almond-shaped eyes and curly hair, the animal is sociable and playful, very much attached to its master. Cats and cats are strong health, small size, thin coat, when choosing an individual for mating, be sure to pay attention to the type of blood and pedigree.

The Devon Rex kittens give a unique charm to kittens almond-shaped eyes, large ears and curly hair. They have a variety of colors. Such a cat, along with Peterbald and the Don Sphinx, will not cause allergies, in addition, the animal is sociable and strongly attached to their masters. Devon Rex is mobile and active. Thanks to strong and fairly long legs, kittens will be able to get even to the most inaccessible corners of the house.


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  • 10 characteristic diseases
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Breed history

Devon Rex originates from England. Near the mine an unusual cat with curly hair was seen in Devonshire, next to which has always been a cat.

Subsequently, when the cat disappeared, his relative was taken away. She has several kittens appeared (different colors), one of which was with black curly hair. For the cute thrills he was called Kirlie (in translating “curly”, a suitable description of the breed). From this cat began to breed Devon Rex.

How did the breeding go?

To preserve the characteristic features of the breed, applied closely related mating. Then, to enhance the health of kittens, and also to diversify the colors, cat or devon rex cat crossed with other breeds.

CFA crossbreeding allowed british shorthair or american Shorthair breeds. The resulting kittens possess the outlines and habits of the Devon Rex, but their coat without curls. Because the characteristic wool curls are caused mutation of a different gene than that of Cornish Rex, crossbreeding with the latter also gives direct coat to offspring.



Devon rex kittens are very sociable

The Devon Rex breed is characterized by amazing sociability, in this its representatives are similar to regdolls, exotics, burmese and Russian blue cats. Cat or cat experiencing an acute need for attention, very much become attached to their master.

A pet of this breed is ready to help in all household chores, and at any opportunity, I’ll be glad to sit on my knees. poorly suffers loneliness. When the owner appears at the door, he runs to him towards and enthusiastically meets.

Important! It is recommended to start Devon Rex people who have already kept cats and know how to handle them.

Extraordinary playfulness


Devon rex kittens love toys

The friendliness and playfulness of these cats, qualities, which persist throughout life. A toy for the animal any trifle left unattended by the owner can become.

You can find out how to make toys for cats with your own hands. of articleshttps: //

The kitten will drag it in its teeth and protect it from everyone who will try to take the “prey”. Several individuals may simultaneously kneel down on the owner – even on top of each other, but without fights for free space.


Devon rex kittens are playful and active.

Sometimes Devon Rex owners say their cat or cat resembles a little monkey. Strong paws let the cat to jump to the highest points in the house.

The Devon Rex breed is known for quick wits. Animal is learning respond to your name and respond to simple commands. Adapting to cramped spaces. Prefer heat and presence near the host.



Devon Rex for Real Cat Lovers

Devon Rex loves being in society and fondling the lap of the owner. Given their sociability and description of the breed, we can say that they are for real cat lovers.

They have gained a reputation as pets for allergy sufferers. IN in most cases, salivary and skin gland secretion particles spread around the house along with wool. Devon Rex practically does not fade, so a kitten in the house does not cause allergies people prone to such reactions.

Other hypoallergenic cat breeds can be found. here: https: //

Important! Breed studies have shown that about half of people with cat hair allergies do not experiencing such a reaction in contact with the Devon Rex.

How to choose a kitten


Kittens come in a variety of colors, the shade varies eye

When choosing kittens, you should pay attention not only to colors, but also at such moments:

  • compliance with breed standards;
  • lack of viral infections and fungal diseases;
  • lack of fleas and worms;
  • registration with a felinological organization.

An important point – where to get a kitten, the price here should not be a determining factor. It is preferable to contact professional nurseries. Even if the kitten’s price is higher, it’s means that he was kept in good conditions, was vaccinated and brought up.

Specialists breeding to improve quality breed, not for maximum benefit. They replenish their knowledge in the field of genetics and share it with others breeders.

The price of Devon Rex is from 15 to 30 thousand rubles. Important the role is played by the kitten class, pedigree, breed quality. Price less adult. However, the Devon Rex breed is known for its playfulness throughout life. Also an adult animal already brought up and adapted to people.

Care Features

The Devon Rex care schedule should include procedures:

  • regular washing;
  • combing (with a special brush, do not host);
  • clipping of claws;
  • cleaning the auricles.

If you want to learn more about how to cut cat’s claws in at home, we recommend reading articlehttps: //

Why regular swimming is required


Devon Rex has thin, curly hair

Devon Rex has different colors and not a thick coat, but for this reason they need to be regularly bathed. On the skin of the animal a secret is being developed. Rare wool cannot absorb these discharge, so it gradually becomes greasy and unkempt. At inadequate care, kittens may develop skin diseases.

It is important to consider the individual characteristics of the cat when determining bathing frequencies. For some animals, washing from time. Other individuals require water procedures at least once every a week. You will need to purchase special shampoos and lotions for hair care.

The subtleties of cleaning the auricles

A lot of secretions and dirt can accumulate in the large ear Devon Rex shells. To care for them, use a cotton pad or cotton swab. Can not be used to clean the ears of a cat alcohol and other irritating compounds. They can cause swelling. soft tissue and pain. Kittens are not happy with cleaning the ears, the procedure must be performed very carefully.


Regarding combing, this procedure is carried out. periodically. For short thick wool, Devon Rex may be daily stroking in the direction of growth is enough hairs.


Devon Rex is easy to adapt to a cramped space. Due to such an easy adaptation, they can be kept in an ordinary apartment. But keep in mind that kittens will be happy to master the most hard to reach places.


When feeding high-quality prepared feeds, a cat or cat does not need supplements. An exception may be fresh grass.

Cat Owner Mistakes

One of the mistakes owners cats – the combination of industrial feed and food from the human table. Specially designed dry cat food (its price is slightly higher) is balanced diet.

With constant feed intake, the digestive system Adapts to digest it. To maintain a good metabolism in the body and optimal fluid balance is important stable diet. The kitten should always have fresh water for drinking.

Important! Caution should be observed when inclusion in the diet of the animal of milk and fish.

Milk and fish in the diet – the pros and cons

Many kittens love milk. However, with age, the body the animal processes lactose worse. Therefore private use Milk causes digestive problems.

Despite the fact that cats are happy to eat fish, such diet is not good for their body. In tuna and some other species fish contains a lot of magnesium, which can provoke pathologies in animals. In cats, a fish diet can cause muscle diseases.

Not only the price, but also the good appetite of the Devon Rex is noted. To prevent obesity, you need to monitor the volume feed intake. Excessive gluttony of a pet sometimes explain by an attempt to compensate for insufficient thermal protection.


In general, Devon Rex are distinguished by good health. Cats are good bear births, bringing 3-4 kittens in one litter.


Four kittens devon rex cat

However, when breeding, it is worth considering the type of blood – A, B or AB. On health, this indicator is not reflected. But when knitting it must be taken into account necessarily. The rule works here: cat with type A cannot be crossed with a cat with type B. That is, a cat with type B should not be kittens with type A.

Otherwise, with milk, the kitten will receive antibodies, directed against the cells of his blood. As a result, some kittens do not live more than a week.

Other individuals less sensitive to antibodies survive without serious consequences. In the first or second week of their life the tip of the tail may fall off. To prevent negative consequences, newborn kittens are not allowed to the mother in the first two of the day. In this period, the antibody content reaches the highest concentration.

Characteristic diseases

Of the diseases that are found in Devon Rex, you can note the following:

  1. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is hereditary heart a disease that some birth lines are susceptible to. It occurs at any age, but is more common in adults individuals.
  2. Airway obstruction. Insidious disease possible fatal outcome. Measures are being taken to combat it.
  3. Hereditary myopathy. This disease leads to muscle dystrophy. At first, the pathology captures the muscles of the neck, with age goes to other muscles.
  4. Dislocation of the patella. Often found in Devon Rex, hereditary disease. It can progress and move into osteoarthritis.
  5. Dysplasia. Hip pathology.


Before vaccination, make sure that the animal is great. This is a certain burden on the body, therefore vaccination should be decided only after consultation with a breeder.


Vaccinations do only healthy animals

For cats, annual vaccinations against calicivirosis are mandatory, pancreatic leukemia, rhinotracheitis. Additionally required regular use of anti-flea and worming agents. To give such drugs should be used at least once every 3 months.

Rabies vaccine is given only if there really is a chance of infection. Grab his pet maybe after contact with a sick animal – a dog, a mouse. If a there is no risk of infection, you do not need to be vaccinated against rabies.

Important! If you plan to leave from Devon Rex to the country, vaccination is recommended every three years. For show animals vaccinations annual.


In males, puberty occurs at 7-8 months. Term pregnancy in cats is 65-66 days. Breeders Interested breed Devon Rex, special attention should be paid to the pedigree individuals. The following points are important:

  • the exception of cats and cats having serious pathologies (especially if inherited);
  • the exclusion of close family ties.


Breeders are interested in the pedigree of an individual

Since the Devon Rex breed is relatively recent, the pedigree of some cats survived until the very first representative. Professional nurseries are ready to provide information on the kitten’s pedigree.

To independently find information about an individual of interest and breed description, you can use online resources.

Important! The main point to be pay attention when choosing an animal for breeding – group blood.

The breed Devon Rex is unique in appearance and character, kittens have different colors. Their large eyes and auricles, slightly protruding beyond the line of the head, give them a special charm. In Russia they are not so widespread yet, their price is quite high.

Devon Rex is a sociable and loving pet that will accompany his master everywhere. Throughout life he remains playful, as in childhood.

Devon Rex Cat: Playful Pet and Faithful Friend

Devon Rex is known for its large ears, almond-shaped eyes and with curly hair, the animal is sociable and playful.

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