Snow shu cat breed (photo): Feline aristocracy in walnut tones



Origin: was bred in the 60s of the last century in the USA (state of Pennsylvania)

Grade: not classified

Color: obligatory white “socks” on the legs, primary colors are walnut (silpoint), but blue is also allowed option (bluepoint), the percentage of white on the body is not higher 65-70%.

Sizes: medium, males slightly larger than females, weight from 2.5 to 5.5 kg

Life expectancy: 9 to 15 years, in average 12 years

Snow shu is a cat you can only dream of. Spectacular graceful, aristocratic restraint. Today we will tell how to care for a nutty beauty.

The snow shu in the photo immediately amazes with its aristocracy. Amazing cat, everything is proportional in it, there is nothing too much.

Noticeably great resemblance to the Siamese. This is not without reason: snow shu – a direct relative of the Siamese cat.

The breeds are very closely related, but vary in exterior and character. Let’s get acquainted with the “white feet” closer.


  • 1 Breed History
  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a kitten
  • 5 Care features
  • 6 combing
  • 7 Walk
  • 8 Power
  • 9 Health
  • 10 characteristic diseases
  • 11 Vaccinations
  • 12 Knit

Breed history

The history of the breed began in the 60s of the last century in the distant Philadelphia.

Famous at that time breeder of Siamese cats Dorothy Hinds Dougherty is one of the female females by chance walked with a short-haired spotted cat.

As a result, three lovely babies, similar to Siamese, but shod in charming white “shoes”.

The offspring came out so beautiful and livable in nature that the hostess purposefully decided to bring out the same ones.

As a result, a new breed appeared, still considered experimental, the standard was drawn up in 1980.

Its name “snow shu” translates as “white shoe” and immediately recalls something fabulous and magical.

The animal is the same: it combines wonderfully soft grace, power, aristocracy.

The snow shu breed is fascinating at first sight, but unfortunately not particularly popular. Most often it is turned on in England.


Different color variations of snow shu

Interesting! The unpopularity of the snow white the strictest color requirements. Since here recessive genes, breeding pets is similar to Russian roulette: very difficult guess what will happen in the end.


Snow shu kittens are distinguished by their cheerful, perky character.

They become very attached to a person. Have high intelligence, capable of training.

In these cats, you can notice the features of Siamese relatives and dogs: like Japanese chins and Pekingese, there is a high devotion to the owner, understanding of his psychological state and mood.


Snow shu kittens

Calm, friendly. Loneliness is very bad for cats snow shu. In the photo you can see how the animal likes Attention.

In general, they refuse to be alone and prefer constantly to be near a person.

Ideal in families with children: they easily find a common language and together frolic with kids.

If the owners leave somewhere, leaving the pet alone, then they must be ready to listen to the sad “story” of the animal about how he was bad.

But, unlike, for example, Burmese and Abyssinian cats, centipedes possess a pleasant, in a low voice.


Snow shu love to be photographed

Interesting! Surprisingly, many kittens snow shu, and then adults, just love to swim. They are, like the Turkish van, completely not afraid of water and they can swim in a bath or pond, getting a huge pleasure.

Cats and cats of this breed have a cheerful, playful disposition.

Unlike many other feline representatives, not vindictive.

Don’t be afraid: slippers will remain dry, because your favorite just will not settle accounts with you.

Affectionate, outwardly very beautiful animal, in everyday life it’s completely not whimsical. And, although he loves to be stroked, to pester and will not be imposed.


Funny baby snow shu

Interesting! Snow White – Curious, Unbelievable quick-witted animals. They easily climb to the highest places as well as scottish fold cats and Scottish Straights, no problem master the techniques of opening heck and simple locks.

Therefore, barriers in the form of closed doors for them most often do not exists. In addition, they like to steal things they like and hide them.

In general, the ideal breed for keeping at home, the price of which is quite high, but worth it.

The animal is not only attractive in appearance, but also beautiful manifests itself in terms of character and intelligence.

You can find out about other smart cat breeds. here: https: //


Snow shu is a typical resident, it is best to keep it in city ​​apartments.

Well trained, so you can educate understanding animal, executing commands and doing it with pleasure.

But to breed beauties is recommended only by experienced to the “cat-lovers”.

The fact is that getting the right color is far from possible to everyone.

Such strict requirements are imposed on him that many kittens are rejected.


Beauty with bright blue eyes

The snow shu cat in the photo is a real beauty, restrained and at the same time at the same time, at any moment, ready to break into an exciting game.

Having her at home, you will get a real friend, affectionate and direct.

Many professionals advise purchasing at least a couple of these pets, then pets will be better off experiencing loneliness.

How to choose a kitten

Snow shu kittens fall in love at first sight. They are charming, cute, very beautiful.

But here it is important not to get carried away and not to miss an explicit marriage. To this did not happen, carefully inspect the color.

Centipedes are close relatives of the Siamese cat.

At the same time, their pedigree is always present american shorthair breed.

The withdrawal was based on recessive symptoms, which is why here the correct and clear color is so important. View your favorite a kitten.


Ideal representative of snow shu, seal point coloring

The main color is similar to the traditional Siamese, and also 2 variations are allowed – walnut (“seal skin”) or blue.

Moreover, if the animal turned out two-color, white should be no more than two-thirds of the entire body.

Now the main signs. At high quality cats and cats snow shu the photo clearly shows a white triangle on its face, having the shape of the inverted letter V.

Another important feature is the white socks on the legs, the same “shoes”.

The ideal option is the same on all four limbs. Eyes are always pronounced blue.

The color of the nose and pads is either pink or spotted to match the coat.

The color of the tail is monophonic, in the same color scheme with the body, but much darker.

The snow shu cat in the photo is the ideal representative of the breed, in which harmoniously combines all the described features.

When choosing a kitten, consider all 4 signs of quality breeds:

  1. White socks;
  2. White mark on the face in the form of an inverted V;
  3. Color typical of a Siamese cat;
  4. Proper physique (massive, but elongated, graceful).

A really high-quality kitten will be considered snow-shu only one that combines all of the above signs.

That is why it is better to take an already grown individual, aged 2-3 months.

Focus on your character. Although absolutely all representatives This breed is sociable and friendly, their activity can to be different, it’s worth taking into account.

Important! Snow shu is a fairly rare breed, therefore, you can easily make a mistake and take the wrong kitten at all. Be sure to study the pedigree. The best option is to get to know parents of the future pet, assess the compliance of adult cats and cat snow shu standards.

Care Features

The breed of snow shu is good because some very difficult care is not requires.

The main thing is not to leave your pet for a long time alone, communicate with him.

In addition, you should regularly comb the hair of a beautiful woman.

The animal does not particularly need grooming, but if you wish, you can treat a cat or cat to a specialist.

Little white squirrels molt a little, practically bringing no problems in this plan. Keeping them, you will not collect shreds throughout the house fallen wool.

But still, the hairline is quite dense, thick, and requires let not daily, but regular care.

Bathe an animal, many individuals like these very much procedures.

You can learn more about how to properly wash a cat. here: https: //

Important! If the cat committed an offense to find him, just open the water. Representatives of the breed snow shu they just love to watch it flow. And to reduce cases theft to a minimum, give the furry criminal a few toys. The cat will gratefully play them, like a dog, bringing over and over so you throw.


A characteristic white triangle is clearly visible on the face of the snow shu

In addition to wool, claws require care. Shear them regularly. Is worth purchase or make a claw-claw for an animal – it can also be an element of a house for cats.

Watch your teeth. Specialists recommend cleaning them, but not every owner dares to such a procedure.

We advise you to visit the veterinarian: he will not only produce the right cleaning, but it will also determine if there are any other problems with the pet.


In combing with a furminator, as in haircuts, Snow shu cats, as seen from the photo, do not need.

However, they are very fond of such procedures, quickly to them get used to it.

So from time to time you can pamper your kitty, scratching her or leading to the groomer.


The pet can be taught to walk with the owner, while against a special cat collar furry handsome not mind.

On the street, he behaves curiously, sniffs everything, quickly gets used to and ceases to be afraid.

To avoid tick bites, wear it on Pet’s protective collar.

Since the animal is a contact, you should never lower it from leash.

And one more condition: do not let the pet go for a walk with children. You can easily lose a rare pussy.


Curious cats

A more convenient option is to let the cat or cat out into the wild if there is a summer house.

The animal will actively explore the world, completely unafraid his.

But keep an eye out: it can easily run away.


To make a snow-shu cat look healthy, as in the photo, it is important feed properly.

A balanced diet is the key to a long life and active animal behavior.


Healthy, beautiful snow white

Get special food, and dry can sometimes be varied wet.

We also recommend adding other foods: fresh green grass, boiled eggs (rarely), meat, fish.

If you do not trust store food and prefer to regale your pet is only natural, then be sure to include in ration:

  1. Egg yolk (it is advisable to mix it with milk);
  2. Dairy products (exclude cream and sour cream, instead of them better kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt);
  3. Raw oatmeal added to the main meal;
  4. Fruits and vegetables (raw or boiled);
  5. Sprouts of oats, wheat (sow in a pot, the cat herself will eat, when necessary, this will help her clean her stomach from hair);
  6. Special feline vitamins, in strict doses;
  7. Fresh meat, sea fish (cooked compulsory).

Nutrition for the animal is very important, it helps to preserve health and vitality.

Watch your drink carefully: the water should always be fresh and clean.

Important! Feeding a kitten is different than which is necessary for adults. The baby should be given small servings but often. As it grows, the volume is worth increasing, and number of feedings – reduce. And by the year an animal can be given I go once a day, but so that is enough for a day.

The price of food varies, and it is better to prefer not expensive, but qualitative.

We do not recommend giving only dry, it can ruin the cat digestion.

Combine with wet options, and even better – with natural food.

Also pay attention to the condition of your pet: there are special animal feed during pregnancy, neutered and elderly cats.



The snow shu cat looks healthy and cheerful – it’s all about proper pet care

The breed is good in that it has practically no associated diseases.

It is believed that with proper care, the centipedes live fully up to old age, almost without any diseases.

If you are interested in looking at the scariest cat in the world, We recommend that you familiarize yourself with articlehttps: //

And yet, you should show the pet to the veterinarian so that immediately identify possible or existing problems.

In general, we can say that they are healthy, strong, active. animals.

Characteristic diseases

The breed of snow shu has almost no characteristic diseases.

If any problems can arise, then only related with heredity.

There are not many of them, and they are not as scary as others breeds:

  1. Strabismus. Usually congenital, inherited by the Siamese relatives, kittens rarely detected;
  2. Kink of the tail. This is more of an external flaw than a serious one. disease. Also inherited from the Siamese.

No other health problems were observed in snow shu.

Experts advise once a year to take the animal to the veterinarian, so as not to miss any diseases, but individuals older than 8 years – semiannually.


The breed of snow shu needs regular vaccinations for animals, according to standard schedule.

The kitten should be vaccinated for the first time comprehensively at the age of three months.

Then the procedure is repeated every year.

In rare cases, the animal may be individually vaccination schedule.

Naturally, 10 days before the proposed vaccination, the animal it should be proglistagonit.

Important! Kittens cannot be vaccinated during the shift teeth (this is a period of 4 to 6-8 months), pregnant cats, individuals with immunocompromised.

Carefully monitor the health of your pet.

At the slightest suspicion of a disease, it’s best consult a specialist immediately.


Reproduction of snow shu is no different from a similar procedure in other breeds.

The only thing: high-quality kittens are rarely born, as a rule, two individuals from offspring are necessarily rejected, and more often – more.


Playful kitten snow shu

A snow shu cat should not be mated during the first estrus, ideal – the second or even third.

Usually an animal brings from 3 to 7 kittens, the characteristics of which estimated after about a month, but the main breed match seen immediately.

Read more about pregnancy cats in articlehttps: //

You can get kids in one of three classes:

  1. “Pet” is a “pet”, suitable for home maintenance, but as a manufacturer is not good.
  2. “Breed” – representative of the breed, which is suitable for breeding breeding;
  3. “Show class” – an animal of perfect color, participating in various exhibitions.

Remember that initially light kittens may darken later, therefore, at an early age, assessing their compliance with the breed is not worth it.

The price, by the way, will vary precisely from the class of the baby: starting from 15,000 rubles and up to 50,000. Cats usually cost more expensive.


Various options for painting snow shu (not all according to the standard)

The snow shu breed is fabulous. Whatever your beauty, he will give a lot of pleasant emotions, affection, friendliness.

This is an ideal animal for the whole family.

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