Ceylon cat: sociable beauty

Today we get acquainted with another breed of cats, while uncommon in Russia, but well-proven in many countries of the world.

This is the only cat breed bred in Italy, but its roots go from the Buddhist temples of Ceylon (currently Sri Lanka). It was first registered in 1980, and on Today has gained worldwide recognition.

Ceylon Cat

Its features are small, high-ranking ears, muscular paws and tail, this gives the impression that the cat is constantly tense. In fact, she is very good muscles are developed.

Ceylon Cat

The weight of Ceylon cats is from 2 to 4 kg, and the life expectancy is from 15 to 18 years old.

Ceylon breed cat

Eyes can range from yellow to dark green; they large, slightly oblique to the nose and wide open.

Eyes of a Ceylon catEyes of a Ceylon cat

Very large and high-ranking ears look unusual.

The coat is very soft, thick and silky, almost no requires care.

Kitten Ceylon breed

The color of the wool is golden, and the background pattern may be black, red, tortie or cream.

Ceylon tortoise catCeylon Cat

The abdomen and the inside of the paws are usually lighter. shade.

ceylon cat

Moreover, the color of the coat is uneven, and forms a smooth and blurry overflows from light to dark, this gives the cat a special Charm.

Ceylon Cat

The breed standard includes:

  • small rounded head with a flat forehead and protruding cheekbones;
  • muscular and short neck;
  • thin skeleton;
  • compact body;
  • large, rounded ears;
  • almond-shaped yellow-green eyes, slightly slanted to the nose;
  • the tail is small, wide at the base and thin at the end;
  • short, close-fitting coat with almost no hair undercoat;
  • the hind legs are thinner and longer than the front.

Ceylon Cat

This is a very active and agile cat. He likes to play, prefers company, but at the same time, it is balanced, peaceful and adores affectionate, and with children is patient and accurate.

Ceylon kitty

It easily transfers the change of scenery, so it’s suitable for people, loving to travel.

Ceylon Cat

Busy people, this breed is not recommended to start, as Ceylon cats cannot stand loneliness. To their master they show dog loyalty, and belong to a stranger without alertness – calmly approach and begin to caress.

Ceylon Cat

Ceylon cats are one of the most unpretentious breeds: they are almost Do not get sick and require little care. The only condition is proper, balanced diet and owner attention.

Ceylon kitty

Ceylon cats seem to have only one drawback – their practically not in Russia, or Italians are in no hurry to share “treasure”, or in Russia have not yet made out and appreciated this the breed.

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