Why do cats like boxes?

For you, empty boxes can be just rubbish, but not for your cat. What is the attraction of pussies for these cardboard locks? There are several reasons cats love boxes, but the main one is that they give the animal a feeling safety and security.

Protective gear

Each animal has different protective mechanisms. This way helps cats cope with stress. If they feel in danger or anxiety, they hide in a safe, a place closed from prying eyes where they can watch what is happening, но остаются при этом невидимыми.Why do cats like boxes?В журнале “Applied Animal BehaviourScience “recently published research by scientists, proving the fact that boxes help cats lower levels the stress they are in. A group of just got into the kittens’ shelter at random was partially provided by the box. By the passage of several days, the researchers found that the cats that were provided with the boxes recovered faster and adapted to the environment than those without boxes was. Based on this, when a kitten appears in your house, pick up an empty seat for him and leave him some boxes. It will help him feel that he is in control. situation and is in a safe place where you can feel sheltered and calm.

The box is warm

Another reason your pet may love boxes, is warm. The normal temperature of the cat’s body is approximately 38 – 39 degrees Celsius, which is slightly higher than body temperature person. This means that they are more comfortable with 30 – 36 degrees of the environment. But the average temperature in our house is usually 22 degrees, so a cardboard box serves as a way to retain heat.

Association with mom

To understand why cats like to sit in boxes, first it’s good to remember how their relatives behave, living in natural conditions. When a cat is about to give birth, she takes refuge in a small, enclosed place, protected from predators. Domestic cats do the same. If you ever have there was a pregnant cat, you probably noticed that she managed hide somewhere in a pantry or other hard-to-reach location. When kittens are born, they feel very snugly curled up and pressed tightly against each other to a friend. Hugs are not just a manifestation of feelings – it is also instinct that is induced by morphine-like substances in the brain, which are also called endorphins. Many animals experience equal pleasure from a gentle hug. In 1989, scientists proved that the use of “hugging pressure” on the example piglets, when they were slightly pressed to a soft pillow, it helped animals relax faster. But when another group of piglets administered a drug blocking endorphin production, and used the same “hugging pressure” they needed almost twice as much time to calm down. Therefore cozy shelter borders or boxes contribute to increased production endorphin in a cat.

Predator instinct

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how they manage to catch a paw. a spider that we can’t catch up with, and the thing is that cats, – predators who know how to wait for a prey. The box is for cats are an excellent refuge from which they watch their prey before suddenly attacking it, and into which come back when work is finished.

Cats are Introverts

Cats can not always be attributed to friendly creatures. there is certain reasons why people can’t get interested of their cats with toys, as well as with dogs. Cats not show a tendency to participate in conflicts, they try to circumvent them, avoiding others or minimizing their activity. 1999, a study was conducted, which resulted in found that in families in which two or more cats live, these animals spend half of all time ignore each other even if they are sitting at a distance of 3 meters one from the other. The reason for this behavior can be revealed by the phrase: “if I don’t see you, you don’t see me.” That’s why no it’s not surprising that a cat becomes much happier when you give her shelter in the form of a box. For example, when the person who is an introvert gets into the company strangers to him, he needs free space in which he will feel comfortable. About the same thing is necessary and cats, so they hide in boxes.

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