Hissing and aggression in cats – why a cat growls and hisses?

If you love cats, but don’t quite understand their “language,” then you don’t alone. The mysterious behavior of cats often stupids even experienced owners, but the growls and hisses are definitely not signs of happiness and satisfaction.

Hissing and aggression in cats - why a cat growls and hisses?


Growls are often accompanied by an offensive stance in animals. from the cat family. When a cat or cat behaves aggressively, he is essentially trying to look like a tough guy. He threatens and wants to intimidate everyone and everyone who stands in his way. If the cat growls at the owner, this is usually a sign that he should “fail”.


Hissing is not only a warning to someone – for person or other animal – to leave. It can also be prerequisite for a subsequent physical attack. If you notice that the cat growls, it is not surprising that it will also strike, scratch, hiss and bite. These are quite dangerous situations, therefore An aggressive and hissing cat is important not to provoke. If the cat acts in an aggressive manner, then it should be left alone as possible faster.


If you notice that the cat growls in a low position, practically lying on his stomach, then this is probably not a sign of aggression, either aggression is not for you. In these cases, the cat may warn you about the possible danger she felt in the distance. If the growl is especially long, then you should probably be on the alert.


A growl is often just a sign of fear. The cat can and Do not be aggressive. She may just be horrified by anyone the situation in which to be. A growl may also indicate irritation. If the cat is just not in the mood to play with you, then she may begin to growl and hiss as a way of telling you that “I am not in the spirit of doing it now. “Meowing and growling may not contain no signs of aggression at all.


You need to be careful around a growling cat, especially if around are children or other animals. This is especially important if the cat is stray or wild. Remove children and other household animals out of the situation as soon as possible. If the cat is trying to attack, in any case, seek medical attention immediately. Cat scratches and bites can be very dangerous and cause infections and other diseases, so do not take risks.

Cat growls and hisses – video

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