Why do cats have a wet nose?

Since childhood, we know that a cat’s wet nose is a sign of health. Is it really so, can there be a wet nose unhealthy animal, is a dry nose always bad? Let’s try Find out the answers to the questions in this article.

How the cat’s nose works

If we could look at the nose of the animal from the inside, we would see two strokes separated by cartilaginous tissue through which it enters oxygen to the body. Inside the nasal cavity is “wrapped” in the mucosa a sheath that consists of nerve endings and blood vessels. The purpose of the mucosa is to protect the cat from bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted, for example, in contact with infected individual. The mucous tissue is in turn lined with epithelium consisting of olfactory receptors allowing the cat pick up the finest aromas that cannot be felt man. During inhalation, oxygen enters the person immediately into the lungs, while the cat using special shells and pores located inside the nasal passages, traps trapped air so that epithelial receptors were able to give the brain a signal: is there nearby prey, an individual of the opposite sex, food. That is, during inspiration cat nose does a much harder job than nose human. It is believed that the cat’s sense of smell is more powerful than human at least 15 times. Because a light and almost elusive aroma can seem cat too sharp and unpleasant.

Why does a cat usually have a wet nose

Now consider why cats have a wet nose. Moisture in the nose due to secretion of nasal secretions or normal wetting saliva. However, a dry nose is also not always a symbol. ill health. It is considered normal when the animal has a dry lobe in sleep or nap time, and also within half an hour after waking up. A wet nose should not cause concern if the cat is actively plays, as a result of which her body temperature rises, and mucous membranes are dried. Also, the nose may be dry if the room is too stuffy or hot outside. In addition, the effect dry nose may be present if the cat has experienced stress, overeaten or hungry. It is also noticed that more often than usual dry representatives of some breeds have a lobe (for example, Bengal cats). In other cases, a healthy pussy has a nose should be moist and cool. If the cat has a dry nose, unpleasant symptoms (lethargy, reluctance to eat, blanching of the mucous membranes, behavior change, fever, gastrointestinal tract disorders, dull hair, pathological discharge from the eyes etc.), you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Dry can to have a nose, for example, with dehydration, heart problems, some infections.

When a cat’s wet nose is not good

As we found out, a cat’s cold wet nose is a sign of good well-being. But there are also exceptions to the rules when moistening of the nose is present in sick animals. Consider some ailments in which cats have a wet nose:

  1. In a cat, hot ears and a cold nose are considered normal. However if there is abundant discharge from the nose, and the ears burn directly, it may an infection is present (e.g., panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis, or other);
  2. A cat’s very wet nose, combined with sneezing, giving up food, fever may indicate that the animal caught a cold;
  3. Sometimes the moist is especially moistened if in the nasal passages the animal got a foreign object. Moreover, the allocation may not be only transparent, but also bloody, and purulent;
  4. Often flows from the nose of a cat due to allergies. Pet may not tolerate, for example, the smell of cigarette smoke, aromas cleaning products. Allergic rhinitis may develop due to rejection of plant pollen, the introduction of certain medications, dust
  5. If the pet sniffs heavily, its nose is too wet and he breathes through his mouth, the case may be the presence of a polyp on nasal mucosa;
  6. The cause of too wet nose and constant discharge from it may be benign or malignant tumors;
  7. A wet and too pale nose may be a sign of cardiovascular disease;
  8. If the nose of the animal is not only constantly too wet, but also cold, hypothermia (hypothermia) may be suspected or poisoning.

How to care for a cat’s nose

For the most part, cats are lovers of exemplary purity, therefore about they can take care of the beauty of their fur coat, eyes and nose by yourself. However, if the purr neglects hygiene, it is permissible to clean the nose dirty with cotton swabs (you can with limiter) soaked in warm water. If from the nose of an animal flowing like a faucet, cleaning will not succeed. In this case you need to watch the animal. The cat is clearly behaving badly feels? Heat, apathy, dull look, refusal favorite treats – an occasion to contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Healthy cat’s nose

So, as it turned out above, a cat’s nose can be like both dry and wet. If nothing threatens the animal’s health, her nose may be:

  • Warm and dry – during sleep, immediately after active hanging out or when it’s too hot;
  • Slightly wet, smooth and shiny – most of the day.

If the discharge from the nose is too profuse, not transparent, but bloody or purulent, on the nose there is a dried crust, cat every now and then sneezes or shakes its face, then his health in danger. To accurately state the condition of the pet, it’s not enough just to feel his nose. After all, as we found out, the lobe is not may be wet all the time. It is necessary to pay attention to the presence or absence of symptoms of malaise.

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