Why do cats dream?

Not a single animal has so many legends, myths, fairy tales, sayings like about a cat. Which is not surprising, because it’s hard to name at least one other creature in which so many were present grace, pride, independence. Cat faithfully loving her host, able to penetrate human pain, always remains itself, never humbles itself, never forgives insults and betrayals. It is not surprising that the cat is considered the most ambiguous and unsolved animals, unknown to the end. When the image of a cat is in dreams, it can be interpreted in different ways. TO For example, to explain a dream about a cat by the fact that a person is constantly It occurs in everyday life with cats both at home and on the street. But what if we consider such a dream as a symbol, a harbinger any events?

Interpretation of dreams about a cat

As a rule, women are more emotional than men. It is the ladies who are more likely to analyze their dreams and wait for what those they will be promised. Which is strange for cat lovers, but dreams like As a rule, dreams are not good. Considering most popular dream books (dream books of Tsvetkov, Miller, Veles and others) can be identified The possible consequences that this dream predicts are: trouble, betrayal, betrayal. If cats dream of a woman, then such a dream may mean that her faithful will spin a romance on side, or a person posing as a friend will be mean and a dodgy trickster. In other words, a woman should not wait good from such a dream, it promises the destruction of hopes and disappointment in close people. For men, a dream about this animal will also not have favorable value. To see a cat in a dream for a young guy – to be deceived in choosing your bride, to get evil, deceitful, aggressive wife who only pretends to be a domestic cat. An older man would foreshadow such a dream that behind him companions and friends weave intrigues, lead dirty gossip. Feline squeals, screams may mean that behind the back of the person to whom it dreamed of being undercover games, imaginary friends in fact will be worse than enemies, washing bones and inventing nonsense. A scratching cat in a dream portends litigation, loss of property, money. On the contrary, a caressing cat dreams of problems that will soon knock on the house. Sick, decrepit cat – a harbinger of the illness of a loved one, but if she is driven away in a dream, then the disease will pass by. Dead cat dreams of a successful exit from a difficult situation, when clouds gather over a person, but in the last moment everything is changing for the better. According to the dream book Meridian, a dead cat, boxed – a symbol of what enemies gather incriminating evidence on a person, trying to tarnish reputation. For lovers to see a dead animal in a dream bodes parting due to deception. Kill a cat yourself – break unnecessary connections, get out of unpleasant affairs a winner. Of course, it’s a shame that a cat is so wise, freedom-loving creature most dream interpreters symbolized with such base qualities as lies, meanness, treason, but it just so happened that the dreaming cat is an enemy, and the dog is a friend.

Dreams of a black cat

What can we say about dreams, when even in the XXI century some people afraid when a black cat crosses their path if all the tales about witches and sorceresses presuppose the obligatory presence of that a huge black cat, from an early age everyone knows the song “They say not lucky if the black cat crosses the road … “. On the subconscious in humans, cats, especially black cats, are associated with troubles. In many dream books a black cat symbolizes the presence of a dangerous and powerful enemy who was planning to launch all the strength to harm his opponent. And then on my own conclusions should be drawn who exactly this enemy is. For a woman, to For example, the enemy may be the husband’s lover (or the one that wanted be it), but for a man – a competitor in business. According to the old French dream book, when a black cat is dreaming – this is a symbol female traitors, but more often than not a bias is made in the dream books on the floor of the enemy.

Dark thoughts of a white cat

Contrary to logic, dreams in which a white cat is still human more unpleasant than those where her black friend appears. Dream Interpretations (French, Ukrainian, etc.) promise that what they saw in a dream is white a cat is a traitor-friend in reality, that is, a loved one, who does nasty things behind his back, a hypocrite, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Pregnant cat and her offspring seen in a dream

Pregnant cat dreaming of a young girl – a harbinger of an ambulance meeting his betrothed, but for family people such a dream is not so good – portends possible diseases of children. But pregnancy it is interpreted differently: a person cultivates resentment, negativity thanks to foes. A giving birth cat almost always means for the dreamer that they want to take revenge on him, chores, meetings with unpleasant people from the past. Kittens seen in a dream promise unexpected, but pleasant surprises to the dreamer (Russian dream book). But if a person holds them in his sleep in his arms, then he can be in life to get into some unpleasant things. Unlike an adult cat, a dream in which kittens dream can portend small troubles and misunderstandings, but often such a dream can carry a positive the promise.


Despite the fact that dreams about a cat promise trouble, it’s not worth it blindly trust dream books. Often a person programs himself on failing or behaving improperly, trying to listen interpreters of dreams, just not your mind. By the way, there are dream books in which a dream about a cat symbolizes happiness, luck, profit, wise patron (Assyrian dream book). In chinese the dream book says that a cat who caught a dream mouse, symbolizes profit, career success. In a word how many dream books, so many opinions. It makes sense, perhaps, to draw attention to such a dream (a cat is a tricky animal), be alert, but not suspect in every oncoming potential enemy.

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