Why cats don’t smell

Watch the cat and you will see how long it is devotes to his toilet. It is no coincidence that cats were called neat cats. They are can actually sit still for hours, clean their soft fluffy coat, wash your face. And do it quite carefully and skillfully. Here the cat licks its left foot and rubs its cheeks and behind the ear. By making a few circular movements, she again licks the same foot and again rubs it in the same places. And so many times. Wash off wet saliva with a paw is better – rather, dust and dirt that the cat clears immediately licks from the paw. Then the same procedure is repeated with right foot. But now it’s over with his head. The cat changes position pulls up the hind leg and licks the hair on it. Bent over – licks the stomach, side, back of the sacrum. Her tongue is hot pink thin, but rather rough – cleans a fur coat better than any brush. Having washed, the cat lies down, curls up, nose to tail, closes his eyes and sleeps or just dozes.

Due to the careful care of the cat’s body, almost nothing smell. This is very important during the hunt, when the cat is watching mice: if the cat smells, the mouse would smell it from afar and did not crawl out of the hole. Cleanliness of cats is expressed in the fact that they learn to leave their bowel movements in a specific place. A then be sure to rake the paw left. Such is their behavior program: do not leave behind any traces by which the enemy could find them.

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