Why cats are afraid of cucumbers

Video jokes about cats with cucumbers for several years cause laughter in children and adults. The essence of these videos is unexpected purr reactions to a vegetable planted slowly. Usually the owner carefully puts the cucumber behind the animal when it is carried away eating food. After the meal, a happy cat unfolds, to leave the place of a snack, but then it caught his eye a long incomprehensible object that came from nowhere. IN as a result, the pet jumps in horror almost to the ceiling and quickly runs away, and behind the scenes a joyful laugh sounds To watch a video on YouTube how cats are afraid of cucumbers, – follow the link! Similar videos are gaining a lot likes, but it’s really funny to watch such videos only those who do not suspect that the cat is experiencing at the time of the collision with safe green vegetable. Let’s see why cats afraid of cucumber? And what will happen if the animal sees, for example, zucchini or melon?

Cucumber – Thunderstorm of cats

The reason for the cat’s fear is not at all in the cucumbers as such. Them can be replaced with any other vegetable or even fruit. And if the cat turning around, he will notice, for example, a carrot laid secretly, then will certainly react, like a cucumber. A clue why cats scared of cucumbers, simple. The fact is that a vegetable (usually impressive sizes for added fun) lined with meals when the pet does not see that the cucumber is planted by the owner. But the place of reception food in the understanding of the animal is the safest, not without reason It is recommended to set the bed and pet bowls in a secluded a corner away from the front door, household appliances. So, sitting cat, enjoying a delicious dinner in complete calm, when suddenly sees a strange object, that is, a cucumber. Pet shocked after all, a couple of moments ago there was nothing in the place of the vegetable. More Moreover, the cat can not immediately understand whether the “exhibit” will harm: bite, pounce? Naturally, the animal begins to behave inadequate: bounces, flies off, hisses. If the pet relatively brave, he can come up and sniff after some time cucumber, but only after observing the motionless предметом.Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?Иными словами, кошки противcucumbers due to their sudden appearance. So unexpected the reaction in other words is called a start reflex – a nervous response systems for a sudden irritant. That is a harmless green fruit, appearing behind the cat’s back causes an adrenaline rush, as a result of which pressure rises, fulminant develops heart palpitations, tinnitus, dizzy. Running away the pet is seriously trying to save his life, because he it is not known that the cucumber is absolutely safe. By the way, the master a joke sometimes turns into a tragedy in the form of a cat falling out of windows, hitting a door jamb. It is noteworthy that cats are afraid of cucumbers only when the vegetable appears suddenly. If a cat, for example, will see a salad of cucumbers standing on the master table, no reaction there will be exactly none. Growing cucumbers do not scare the pet beds or lying in the refrigerator. The main thing in the “joke” – the unexpected appearance of a green elongated little thing. By the way, videos with cats and cucumbers are similar to those where a person is suddenly scared something unpleasant. A vivid example is the “cast” in the elevator, turned out to be a regular make-up girl. To better understand our smaller brothers, it is enough to put ourselves in their place. Imagine a situation when you are relaxed, busy with something pleasant (for example, reading a book), and then suddenly you suddenly see something incomprehensible, crept up behind. Well, if everything goes well banal fright. And if a person who was played has a sick person heart? Agree, not at all funny. So with cats: fun only to the one who jokes, but not to the animal.

Are all cats equally afraid of cucumbers

It should be noted that not all pets are afraid of garden vegetables. Some cats, having noticed a cucumber lying behind their back, are phlegmatic sniff it or simply do not pay attention. Why is that going on? First, perhaps the animal has heard or seen that the owner came up behind and put something on the floor. Secondly, everyone cats have a different disposition: what scares one cat to death can do not touch the other.

Are cucumbers dangerous for cats?

If for some reason you still want to play your cat, consider whether the minute fun of such victims is worth it:

  • Stress – a trifle cucumber can lead the body pet to a nervous breakdown;
  • Heart problems – if a cat is present any malfunctioning of this important organ (for example, heart disease, arrhythmia, etc.), not far from trouble, that is, it is possible even death;
  • Possible injuries – unsuccessful joke and open wide open window – things are incompatible. Who knows where the scared cat;
  • Fear of being in one corner – is there any certainty that the cat will feel safe after the rally – a riddle.

Cucumbers are best used for their intended purpose, and not as a awesome irritant. Even a small amount of this vegetable replenish potassium reserves – an element that has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart. There is phosphorus in cucumbers (strengthens bones, improves muscle function), chlorine (removes salts and fluids from the body), calcium (makes teeth strong, improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, normalizes sleep), magnesium (normalizes pressure, strengthens immunity, positively affects the condition of the bones). Moreover, green vegetable from the garden contains vitamins A, group B, C, E. If at least several times a week in the diet of the cat will be present cucumbers, significantly improve the condition of the heart of the animal, liver, thyroid gland. True, not all cats like vegetables, but the video where the animal crunches with cucumbers can also be found without difficulty.

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