White cockatoo dances near Desposito: video

Pets know how to please and surprise us, and sometimes they give people an example of a correct, positive attitude to life. how This funny parrot from a popular video on the Internet.

The big white cockatoo is important pacing on the boards of countertops, like across the stage. And the audience is right there: tired at the table in the cafe men sipping drinks with detachment. Everyone is hot and bored. And here the barista turns on the music.

On the first note, the parrot freezes, listening, but instantly recognizes a favorite melody – and starts dancing! Hard to hold on and Don’t dance when the incendiary Despacito sounds.

Despacito song from Vida Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi album is 2017 world hit lasting four months at its peak music ratings and still having many fans. Interestingly, this single was banned in Malaysia because shocked local Muslims with foul language. But it is precisely Malaysia is the historical homeland of the hero of our story – white-cocked cockatoo.

The bird is dancing, and the faces of the audience are blooming with smiles: life is Beautiful and amazing! Men cheer the dancer and even try to repeat his movements – great power art.

By the way, there are so many stories with dancer parrots on the network that they don’t it turns out to perceive such talents as an exceptional phenomenon. The phenomenon of dancing cockatoos was specially studied by American biologists from Harvard University by the example of a famous parrot named Snowball

Scientists say: cockatoos are very musical and artistic in their nature. These parrots do not dance for profit – not for to beg people for a treat, as many others do animals and birds. Cocktails are not like that: they are able to receive the true pleasure of dancing, inventing new steps, repeating them and work out to perfection. Well isn’t that wonderful?

Video: this is not a table – this is a dance floor

Everything good from life must be taken to the maximum – and received from of this pleasure. Even the bird understands this – admire yourself.

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