Where is better to buy a healthy kitten?

Where to buy a cat, cat, kitten? Very often a disease beloved creature takes the owner out of a rut, makes you search the causes of the disease in poor animal care, not the best feed, inattention on the part of households. Sometimes a person is preoccupied your pet’s health even more than your own (in part, it’s fair, because the animal cannot say how bad it is and what it hurts). In a word, a cat’s disease for the owner is his own illness. And it is worth remembering that often the problems of the animal can begin at a very young age, therefore already at When buying a kitten, you need to know about the disturbing symptoms in its external form and behavior that can talk about serious illnesses. Of course, it’s also important whether the kid will like the potential to the owner, whether the heart beeps at the sight of naive and gullible eyes little lump.

When buying a kitten, you need to pay attention to:

Appearance of a kitten:

  • The eyes of the animal must be healthy and shiny – inflamed eyelids, secreted tears or pus indicate possible diseases.
  • The baby’s nose should be slightly moistened, copious discharge from the nostrils they talk about possible infectious diseases.
  • The gums of a kitten with mature milk teeth should be light pink color (pale mucous membranes indicate diseases blood, but too bright – about inflammation).
  • The hair of a kitten is shiny, without areas not covered with hair, without fleas and lichen. You should pay attention to the lack of fallen shreds of wool (especially in fluffy animals).
  • The skin of the animal should not have ulcers, roughness (such problems can be with allergies, flea and tick bites, with infection).
  • A clean and pink kitten tongue and palate is an indicator of health. A bad breath signals various diseases (e.g. stomach problems).
  • Kitten’s auricles should be free of strong sulfur emissions and brown dried masses (this may indicate an ear tick, otitis media or other inflammatory processes).
  • The animal’s anus must be dry, without mucous membranes discharge
  • The baby’s stomach should not be swollen (which indicates constipation, parasites, rickets – the diagnosis should be made by the veterinarian).
  • The animal should not be too thin in appearance. Exhaustion and bulging excessively bones do not speak about animal health.
  • The kitten should confidently stand on its paws, be in moderation curious and active according to age.

The psychological state of the kitten:

  • The kid should not behave aggressively – scratch, bite, hiss at people. Often unfriendly behavior speaks of psychological trauma, sometimes growing up brings only more hostility to the owner and other animals.
  • Excessive shyness and incredulity of a kitten will also be require friendship efforts from the owner (often unsuccessful efforts).
  • Nervousness and inappropriate behavior of a kitten may lead to many diseases in the future. In addition, such the animal is unlikely to get along in families with children, or in people who love to travel, receive guests, lead an active and noisy image of life.

Where is better to get a kitten, cat, cat?

Depending on the financial capabilities of the future owner, and also the choice of a particular breed of kitten, you can be advised to find out as much information on the web as possible, from acquaintances or friends about nursery or breeder. In the case of the acquisition of an animal “with hands” on street or market, ask the seller as many questions as possible about the nutrition of a kitten, his character, habits, health.

Most often, you can buy a healthy cat, cat, kitten:

  • In clubs of breeders and cattery. Such clubs are focused on any one or many breeds. Kitten can be purchased from the breeder (see photos of Maine Coon kittens) with veterinary passport, which will contain full information about animal (nickname, description of the breed, date of birth, number of kittens in the litter, etc.), its owner, as well as notes on necessary vaccinations. Experienced breeders-felinologists (felinology – science of domestic cats) will answer any questions from customers kitten, they will talk about the intricacies of the selected breed, provide Required documents.
  • At the cat show, as all animals there have excellent pedigree, and their breeders are breeding animals professionally. The future owner will be provided with a passport a kitten, and if necessary it will be possible to purchase a kitten from future litters of the cat you liked. In addition, at the exhibition you can choose a perfectly healthy outbred kitten.
  • It is also possible to purchase outbred kittens at pet stores. (often for nothing) and thoroughbred with the necessary documents. Sometimes such sale of animals is criticized by experienced breeders, and not always the seller is aware of all questions about the life and pedigree of the baby. But buying a cat at a pet store gives you more chances to buy it is a healthy animal, in comparison with purchased in the market.
  • A healthy kitten, contrary to the opinion of many professionals, can pick up on the street or take on acquaintance (with relatives, neighbors). Just in this case, it’s worth showing special care: show the animal to the veterinarian, hand over necessary tests prescribed by a doctor, observe a kitten. Even the simplest kid who does not have documents and does not know his relationship, can be healthy and delight the owner throughout for long years. Just to kittens from the street you need to show maximum attention.


So, buying a four-legged friend is an important moment in the life of any person. It is necessary to learn about the breed in a short period of time kitten (features, the most common diseases in cats selected breed), his character, health, vaccinations (or not done if the kitten is not purchased from the breeder). IN when the future owner has doubts about health problems, you should consult a doctor and find out for sure whether the baby is healthy. Better to know in advance about possible problems of the animal, than subsequently observe his torment and constantly stuffed with drugs, which may not be affordable to the owner. The right choice of a healthy kitten is the key to a long and faithful friendship between animal and man.

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