When I wanted the best – a parrot scolds the owner for a broken cell

Cockatoo – large and beautiful birds, they have a recognizable bent beak and colored tuft on the head. They are smart, easy are trained, and therefore often become favorite pets for families. But if the bird is really smart, how far can drop by a conversation with her? Thanks to the video where the cockatoo swears with the owner for a broken cage, it becomes obvious that with such a bird you can argue emotionally.

Usually cockatoos do not have great ability to talk, but in their power to learn a few dozen words and short phrases that make standard conversations with the host possible. In conjunction with emotional movements and touchy character sometimes turns even enter into an argument with a pet. And a vivid example of this is the video where a parrot swears for a broken cage.

A joke movie called “How to subordinate a cage to a parrot” came out in English and has a full story. Master walks up to his pet named Pebble and informs that round cells are dangerous for the psyche of large birds, since they have no angles, and it means – nowhere to hide. Therefore, he proposes to subjugate the home cockatoo inviting a bird to lead the process. More events heat up – the man just crushes the cage with his feet, and the parrot starts swearing loudly at him. And the bird uses absolutely unflattering obscene expressions and actively moving, flapping wings. Pebble’s frustration and despair is hard to put into words, this is necessary see.

Video: a parrot swears for a broken cage (original)

Video: cockatoo scolds the owner for a broken cage (with Russian subtitled)

Video where a cockatoo parrot scolds the owner for a broken cage – a good example that birds can be no less emotional and touchy than people. Pebble Cockatoo is sincerely upset at the host “subdued” his home.

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