What dog is Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse is a famous American film actor who has become popular at an early age. He himself and his brother Dylan a few dogs that they madly love, but determine which pet favorite is quite difficult.

The Sprouse family owns three dogs, for each of which are characterized by their own disposition and unique temperament. Most the old one is the father’s favorite named Pinky.

Dylan Sprouse and the Bubba and Curry DogsCole with a pug in his arms

Unlike the dog Pinky, whose life is not advertised at all at present, other four-legged pets often enough appear in photos.

Cole with a sleeping puppy in his arms

Cole with a dogDylan and the Bubba PuppyCole with a puppy Bubba

The youngest representative of family pets was French bulldog with an original and funny nickname Curry. Father also presented to his sons for Valentine’s Day English Bulldog nicknamed Bubba. Today this four-legged jolly – the owner of his own blog.

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Cole with a dog in the snowy mountains

The twin brothers often take their four-legged friends on set, as well as travel, which are then described in detail in Bubba’s special blog.

Brothers simply adore all their pets, so with undisguised pleasure talk about them to fans and to the fans. Among other things, Cole with his favorites can often meet on the pages of popular glossy magazines.

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