What dog is Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander Ovechkin gets along well with a variety of animals, and recently, fans of the famous striker “Washington” were able find out which dog lives at Ovechkin’s house.

Despite the fact that Alexander is very good at different breeds of our smaller brothers, the famous as his pet hockey player chose a thoroughbred and quite expensive puppy.

Alexander Ovechkin with dogsOvechkin with dogs

In many photographs, the athlete is posing with tetrapods, but in at home he remained faithful to his beloved breed – Labrador.

Ovechkin with a LabradorLabrador OvechkinLabrador

Young spouses chose the puppy the most peaceful and family Breeds – Labrador.

Anastasia Ovechkina with a LabradorLabrador in the snow

The couple presented the acquired puppy on Halloween, which hockey player and his wife celebrated with their friends.

Ovechkin and Labrador puppyOvechkin with friends and dogs

The puppy was given the sonorous nickname Blake, corresponding to his appearance and black coat color.

Alexander, Anastasia and their LabradorOvechkina with a Labrador

Before marriage with a hockey player, Anastasia had a chihuahua dog named Fanya, who now also lives in this large and friendly family.

Chihuahua OvechkinChihuahua breed dog

Both breeds get along well with others, unpretentious in care and well suited to young families.

Labrador and Chihuahua OvechkinOvechkin dogs

Until recently, Ovechkin was a happy owner right away five German shepherds, a hockey player acquired them at the World Cup in Germany. Now the Stanley Cup winner and his wife are happy on Instagram share photos of a Labrador and a chihuahua.

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