What diseases are transmitted from cats? to man?

If you keep a domestic cat that doesn’t go outside, then you probably should not worry about the diseases that she can distribute. But if your cat has open access air, then you should take care of this. Cats can not only transmit various diseases to a person, but they can be carriers of various infections and viruses that are in environment.

What diseases are transmitted from cats? to man?

Zoonotic diseases

Most diseases that cats suffer from are not transmitted. humans, and vice versa, cats are not afraid of most human diseases. However, some diseases can also be transmitted from cats to humans, and from humans to cats. These are the so-called zoonotic infections and diseases. Zoonotic infections are generally not pose a danger to humans, however, if you are in at risk, you should follow the precautions.


Toxoplasmosis, one of the most common zoonotic infections, can be transmitted from cats to humans. Cats can get infected toxoplasmosis, if they rummage through garbage or eat infected prey. The infection can also spread through felines. feces, so if your cat looks more like a street cat than home, then you should very carefully dispose of the filler from her tray.

Risk group

Most healthy adults don’t have any symptoms of toxoplasmosis. However, pregnant women especially vulnerable to infection as toxoplasmosis can spread to the fetus, which can lead to serious disorders, including miscarriage. Toxoplasmosis can be fatal for people who suffer from weakened immunity or chemotherapy.


You can prevent toxoplasmosis if you keep the cat exclusively indoors, where she will not have access to trash and dirt. If the cat goes outside, then always wear gloves when changing her toilet tray. Also always wear gloves if you work in the garden or in the country, as the territory may be infected with the feces of infected cats.

Always wash your hands after gardening and when dealing with a toilet tray, even if you were wearing gloves. Also important daily change the filler in the tray, as the parasite needs one to five days to become contagious in cat feces. If you are at high risk then ask someone so that he changes the tray for your cat’s toilet.

Parasitic infection

Helminthiasis – diseases caused by migration in the skin or various internal organs of a person helminths of animals that do not reach the human body puberty. Cats can become infected with helminths from the soil, polluted by them. A person becomes infected with parasites like usually through feces, so you should always keep a sandbox for children closed from any animals. To prevent infection helminthiasis, just wash your hands before eating. For prophylaxis parasitic infection, you should also show your cat regularly to the vet.

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